Focus T25 Review: Speed 1.0 (Alpha Phase)

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Focus T25 Review for Speed 1.0

Focus T25 Review: Speed 1.0 (Alpha Phase).

This Focus T25 Review is for Speed 1.0.  The idea of this Focus T25 review series is not to give you a detailed, long drawn out review. The idea is to give you a quick, effective overview of each workout.  Just like the T25 program. You are probably just like me…. BUSY.  I don’t have the time to write an exhaustive, drawn out review, and you don’t have the time to read one.  lol. So to help us both….this will be a quick read and a quick review for each workout.  Skip the sections you don’t care about or that don’t apply to you. Let’s get to it.

I started the workout and paused the DVD with 25 minutes on the clock.  I did a quick warmup and stretch, maybe 2 minutes.  I hit play was off and running, almost literally, as the DVD starts with a jog.

Shaun T works you through various exercise moves, none of them were over complicated. No equipment is necessary, or has the DVD says: “Equipment Needed – NADA”.

What I enjoyed T25 Speed 1.0:

After performing a few exercises, Shaun slowed you down for a quick stretch.  Then you would again do some exercises, followed by another stretch.  This was repeated several times.  So not only were you burning calories, but your recovery time was spent stretching.  Ingenious! In my personal opinion, my next time I do Speed 1.0, I’ll likely skip my “own warmup”, as its sorta built in already.

Word of caution: You know your own body, do as you need to do.  If you need more of a stretch, simple… add it in before you start.

I noticed that towards the middle/end of the workout, Shaun repeated some of the first exercise moves.  PERFECT. 

If you are a Focus T25 Beginner:

Watch Tania. If you’re not familiar with Shaun’s workouts, or who Tania is…. she’s on the right side of the screen as you are looking at your TV, wearing a gray t-shirt.  Modify like she does, low impact.  As you progress through the program, add more intensity.

If you are a Insanity/Asylum graduate:

You should be at full speed with the rest of the cast through the entire workout.  Don’t hold back, and don’t try to reserve “some gas in the tank for later”. I promise this workout will deliver, if you come in and GO for it from the beginning to end.  I also noticed several opportunities for even more advanced modification moves.  For this workout in particular, I was doing full power jumps at every opportunity, and when the burpees started, you can go as fast as you like.  You know how to do burpees if you are a Insanity/Aslyum graduate.  🙂  Worried that you aren’t burning enough calories?

  • Option 1: Lower your total daily calorie intake a couple hundred to offset.
  • Option 2: Trust Shaun, follow the guide and nutrition program, and just do it!
  • Option 3: Add in a Fast & Furious, Over Time, Pure Contact etc at the end.  Or do you own…. Add in XX number of squat jumps or whatever.  You know enough of Shaun’s moves to give you the extra intensity you want personally.

Last thing about Focus T25 Speed 1.0:

There is a 2 minute cool down at the end.  So 27 total minutes.  My recommendation…. Do the cool down, your body needs it!

Bonus tips and tricks to get the most out of Focus T25:

All of my customers at have the option to join my exclusive “secret” Facebook Challenge group.  What do you need do to join?  Either buy Focus T25 at the link below, or if you have T25 already, become a customer… visit the store, buy some Shakeology…. you need this stuff anyway. Or whatever… support is free for customers.  Nutrition is 75-80% of RESULTS.

As a side note, you only need to buy the product once, the T25 Challenge group does not have hidden fees, or sales pitches…. its about helping you get results PERIOD! Visit this page and ask for an invite to the T25 Challenge group after you buy T25 of another product from the store.

That’s it for this Focus T25 Review. See you next time!

focus t25 review
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  1. maria

    I did Core Speed today…soaked, I love this program so far

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