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There is one thing I always need more of… worksheets. And because I know I’m not the only one, I wanted to provide our customers with an easy place to get the Insanity Fit Test Worksheets. If you want the best results, if you want to maximize your results, not just in the Insanity Workout, but any fitness program, you MUST track your progress. You simply cannot get to where you want to be, unless you know where you’ve been, and that’s why you need the worksheets, and extra copies. Not to mention, Insanity has been out long enough now, that I’m starting to get requests for a second set. You only get one set of Insanity worksheets when you purchase the program. People are finishing their 60 days, and are ready for round 2! Download the Insanity Fit Test Worksheets here.Insanity Workout Fit Test Worksheets

Another popular request is the Insanity Workout Calendar. No problem. Download the Insanity Calendar here. Iget the occasional question about how to add int he deluxe workouts. Pay particular attention to the statement at the bottom of this Insanity calendar download. It gives you a couple of ideas on how to use the deluxe DVDs. The last item of interest, and then you can get back to your workouts…. the Insanity Food Journal – download.

That should take care of you on the downloads. I want to wish you luck with Insanity. I loved the program, and I think you will too! When you finish Insanity, tell me what you think! If you need any help along the way, contact me and find out how you can get free coach support.

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  1. Dan

    Thanks for the write-ups and the sheets. The link for the Insanity calendar is not working anymore.

  2. Robert Harden

    Thanks Dan, I have the link fixed. Visit us again sometime.

  3. Iesha

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful tools. I have a question about the workout. I noticed that there are a lot of push-ups involved and I think I will have a problem conquering them. Am I able to do the “gilie” pushups? Will I have the same results you think?

  4. Robert Harden

    You’re still going to get results. I would do as many regular pushups as you can, then finish on your knees. I even went to my knees here and there. :) As long as you are pushing yourself, you’ll get results. That’s my opinion. :)

  5. Gibby

    What is the calendare only for 45 days?

  6. Robert Harden

    It’s 9 weeks total for 63 days, which includes the rest days too.

  7. Charli

    Thanks!!! This helped so much!

  8. Idania

    Thank you for the information. This really helps. I am a bit nervous about my pushups. I tend to drop my hips and do not notice, until I have someone point it out to me, otherwise, i am unaware and think I am doing them correctly. Do you recommend anything I can do to help my posture stay in place? Btw,. I do not have access to a mirror in my living room or bedroom :-|

  9. Robert Harden

    You’ll have to just do your best, focus on your abs, and flex. I would look into one of those door mirrors, pretty inexpensive, and just prop it up on the floor next to your workout area, that way you can see your reflection. :)

  10. Anne

    Yay! Thanks your awesome!
    I was confused on how to do the workouts at first because Im borrowing my friends DVD then I looked up online that there was a calendar to follow. Definitely gonna start this program on Monday so i can keep up wiht the calendar!

  11. Robert Harden


    You’re very welcome. Come back and let us know how you are doing, and if you need any products, please visit our store as well. Good luck!!

  12. Shernika

    Thanks so much for the downloads and information! I ordered the Insanity program last night and can’t wait for it to get here!!! I was wondering if you had any advice as far as nutrition. Do you have a shopping list? Does the program include recipes? I have a really hard time with my eating habits because I’m a junk food addict!!! (My reason for having to purchase the Insanity’s program!) LOL!!! I’m really worried about the meal plan. What should I do as I anxiously await the arrival of the program? (exercise and nutrition) I’m sooo excited! My husband plans to join me on this journey to a healthier life. Hopefully this program will work well for us so that we can work on starting a family! :) Fingers crossed!!!

    Thanks again!

  13. Robert Harden


    I sure hope you purchased Insanity from us! If not, please visit us again when you need supplements or more programs. :) Insanity has a GREAT food and nutrition guide. Once it arrives, you can figure out your calories, and select your meals. It’s a very detailed guide. In the meantime, start cardio, lots of cardio. :) Come back and let us know how you both are doing! If you have any questions once it arrives, just let me know!

  14. Juliet


    Silly question, but is there a program to maintain the work you have done for the 60 days? I would hate to do all this work and then go back to flab.



  15. Robert Harden


    No sill questions here. :) After you complete Insanity, you can opt for another round, or select another program. We have lots to choose from in our store. Depending on what you may like, I can help you select one. Just let me know.

  16. Nicci

    I have had arthroscopic surgeries on both of my knees for torn miniscus and a major on one for torn ACL, I have not had issues with my knees for years, but am nervous about all the jumping, would you recommend this workout for me? And are there alterior suggestions for some of the moves for those of us with issues? Also, can you give me an estimate as to how long the workouts are, just an average is good!

  17. Robert Harden


    There is a lot of plyometric type exercises in Insanity. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable telling you if this would be a problem for you and your specific condition and previous injuries. I could say others have had no problems, but that doesn’t mean you will have the same result. The first month routines are about 45 minutes. The second month is about an hour. Hope this helps. There are are some other other programs that are not as demanding. Chalean Extreme is a prgram based on weights and cardio, and my sister uses that program and really likes it. Due to her knee injuries and Chalene Johnson’s (trainer) instructions and variations, she is able to modify the program and get great results. You can look at that program here, or just browse our store to see if there is something else that interests you. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

  18. Cindy Bee

    im borrowing my insanity program from my friend as well, i have to say i am 22yrs young with a 4, 3, and 2 yr old. my weight is 216 and im 5’10 its very hard for me to be motivated after awhile and i was hoping you would have some advice for me. i would appreciate it very much!

  19. joanne

    Love love love Insanity. I find it hard on the knees, though, so on the days when I can’t take all the bouncing and jumping, I just substitute one of my lower-impact, isometrics-based workouts. I find it’s actually a great way to still strengthen up, while keeping on track with the Insanity program. I still follow the sequence of DVDs – and while it may take me longer than 60 days to get through the entire program, the results are evident. I’m a little nervous about what happens once I’m finished! haha…

    I have the dig deeper, and the weight training DVDs as well (I think I got the deluxe package?)

  20. Robert Harden


    Thank you for your comments. It sounds like you have found a great way to keep using the program, and keep your knees happy! :) I didn’t have much in the way of knee problems, but I just use a joint support formula that seems to really help. Keep us posted. :)

  21. Robert Harden


    Insanity is every bit a mental workout as it is a physical one! I printed the calendar above and marked off each day that I completed. I despised seeing a missed day, so I forced myself to push through. Stay strong, you can do it!

  22. Lara

    I have been on the verge of buying this program but I have one hesitation. I am a mother of 6 (if you dont count my husband lol) a few with alergies that require special diets of their own and in the past it has been absolutley impossible to stick to a seperate diet for myself. My husband and I both work full time and between all the kids sports ect there is no time to make seperate meals. My family eats healthy in general but definately not to the degree laid out in this plan. Is it worth it for me to stick to the excesize routines even if I cant do the diet?

  23. Robert Harden

    Lara, The old saying, “You can’t out exercise a bad diet” comes to mind. BUT… if you are eating a fairly clean diet, this will definitely improve you fitness goals. I would think that you could still figure out your calories per day, and then be mindful of that when you eat. You might also find some meals in the nutrition guide that the family will eat. They have several healthy meals in the book to choose from. I wouldn’t let your concerns slow you down. :) We include an extra DVD too when you purchase from this link:

    Good luck, and come back and tell us how you’re doing if you decide to get started!

  24. Vanessa

    Although I am a fat loss coach, I also recommend your dvd’s for toning up not just losing fat to my clients, do you recommend additional cardio (running) on some days of certain workouts or are the dvd’s enough?

  25. Robert Harden

    Personally, I believe the workout DVDs are enough. I like to give 100% effort in the workout, and then let the body recover, then go hard again on the following day etc. I think too many people think that multiple workouts are the key to more weight loss, and that’s not necessarily the case. Although I’m sure there are varying opinions, that’s mine. Besides Insanity is tough just as it is. :)

  26. vanessa

    Calorie question???
    I will be starting today, I feel like I’m pretty fit but I guess ill find out how true that is. 1 question for everyone, about calorie intake, I did the equation provided and for me a person of 124lbs and 5’3″ trying to lose.. It says to have 2900 calories, that seems waay to much, any thoughts???

    Does anyone have a copy of the meal plan and recipes?? I’m taking over a friends dvd collection who never uses it she lost the booklets :(

  27. Robert Harden

    Definitely sounds too high. What is your age, and I can try to run some numbers and see what I come up with. I don’t have any extra books personally. Sorry.

  28. Vanessa

    Robert, I am 29, but I guess since Insanity burns so many calories that maybe that calculation is right. Let me know if you find anything different before i start shoveling 2900 calories into my body. Thanks

  29. Robert Harden

    Vanessa, I’m getting 1600 – 1800. If I factor at the moderately active, I get 1600 calories to lose weight. If I use the multiplier for active, I get 1800.

  30. Vanessa

    ok thanks, i guess i did the “very active” since i’ll be doing Insanity, ill stick with 1800 that sounds more accurate

  31. Lexie

    Hey Rob, I started the program on Saturday. I did the fit test saturday, then did Plyometric Cardio Circuit on Sunday. By Monday I could barely walk(lol). Literally it was hard for me to even roll out of bed. As much as I wanted to do the third workout I just couldnt physically do it. I plan on continuing with the regime today(Tuesday) as my muscles have recovered tremendously in the past 24 hours. Is that okay? Will it hurt the results of the program if I take a day off when I am not supposed to. I didnt want to miss being able to put an X on my calendar as well but I did not want to hurt something in the process, My mom said ‘No pain no Gain’. But I dont want to be laid up for weeks because of a pulled or torn muscle! What are your suggestions. I have just recently been cleared for exercise as I was hit by a truck and undergoing physical and massage therapy for 2 years. I am back to my full potential of exercise I am just WEAK. I need your advice!!!! (I have checked with the doc and she says I am fine to go ahead with the program) :)

  32. Robert Harden

    Lexie, Only you know your body well enough to decide when you need to take time off. Prevent injury at all costs. However, I can clearly recall many times, where I have been sore, very sore. I’m currently going through Insanity Asylum, and this was a recent problem for me as well. I posted a blog about it too, you need to read this. I work out if at all possible, I stretch often. i find that even though I may be moving slower than I’d like, starting a workout often warms my muscles to a point where I do get some benefit. So check the article, and I hope you find something helpful!

  33. Nat_Mac11

    I got the Insanity set from a friend and I didn’t know there was a calendar to follow so I have 2 weeks going strong and I have tried almost all of the workouts. Should I just start over with a fit test on Monday? I am super excited to continue to see results, since I am already feeling stronger and more agile!!! I also want to know what schedule I should follow for continued use of the DVD’s? I love the circuits mixed with the great stretching. Thanks for the help!!!!!

  34. Faisal

    Just ordered my Insanity…whohoo!! Can’t wait to get started…

  35. Robert Harden

    That’s awesome! Thank you for ordering from us too. Let us know if we can help you along the way! :)

  36. Robert Harden

    That’s always the bad part about getting a set from friends, ebay, etc. You don’t always get the manuals, that are so important. Especially the nutrition guides. Eacting a clean diet is HUGE for great results. I would start over, you have time, and this way you can do the program from start to finish as Shaun T intended. Let us know if you need help, or visit our store if you need supplements etc. Thanks!

  37. TASIA

    i can’t do push-ups at all what can i do to get good results

  38. Robert Harden

    Tasia, That’s okay, if you work at it, in time you WILL! Start on your knees, and try doing that. If you can’t go all the way to the floor, go as low as you can go until you get to that point, where you don’t feel like you can push back up again. Then only go down that far. Soon you can go lower and lower, than after time, you can do one or two off your knees, then put your knees back down to finish up. Just be consistent and you will improve. Let me know when you can do 1-2 on your feet, I’d be happy to hear about your success!

  39. Alyssa

    I was reading through and noticed someone’s calorie question. I just started Insanity today with the fit test. Now, I went from working out 4 days a week to absolutely nothing for a couple months so it was definitely a shock to my body. Now, I’m curious of how many calories I should be aiming for. I am 19, 4’10” and roughly 85-90lbs (yes, I know I’m petite). I am cursed with the issue of also taking on someone else’s DVDs so lacking some of the paper materials. And being a college student, this whole eating healthy thing is going to be an issue so I at least want to be getting my calories right!
    Thanks for any help :)

  40. Robert Harden

    Alyssa, Are you still wanting to lose weight? I can help you figure up your calories, but need to know if you are goals are. I’m assuming since you said you are in college, that you are living a sedentary lifestyle? If I can get this information, we can figure something up for you. :)

  41. Alyssa

    I don’t want to lose any, just maintain what I have. And no, not necessarily. I used to be a dancer (danced 4 days a week plus conditioning) but I’ve stopped a couple month ago and I am still somewhat active, but not nearly what I used to be. I will do yoga here and there, but nothing intense or ‘insane’.

  42. Claudia

    Thanks a bunch!!! I am excited to start the program!

  43. Amy

    Is there any way you can help me figure out the calorie intake in order to reach my goal. I borrowed the program from a friend and I don’t have the nutrition guide. I’m 29 yrs old, 5’4”, I currently weigh 130 lbs. Moderately active. My goal is to lose at least 10 lbs. Thanks!! I’m excited to begin Insanity!

  44. Robert Harden

    Amy, I would start around 1900 calories. Then evaluate in a week or so. If you are not losing weight as you would like, take off an extra 100-200 calories per day. Don’t go too low, otherwise your body will go into a “starvation mode” and you won’t lose weight. So start out around 1900, then adjust slowly downwards. Ideally, you would like to see 1-2 lbs per week. I would also check out Beachbody’s Meal Planner since you don’t have the guides for nutrition. Check out the link to my review. Then go check it out. If you want results, this is the way to do it. :) We coach for free to our customers, so please come back and visit our store if you need supplements, vitamins, etc. Thanks! :)

  45. Lynn

    Hey Robert,
    Just like most people I got the disks for someone else-Sorry I couldn’t afford the program. I just started the program today I didn’t know until after I downloaded the calender that Plyometric Cardio Circuit was the 2nd disk. I wasn’t giving the fit test. Is that fine? Or should just wait until I get and do the fit test. I did almost everything but at a slower pace. I did have to stop a few times. I wasalso disappointed in my girly push-up. Other than that I feel that I can eventually do all the exercises without stopping if I pace myself. I will continue doing the disks until I hear from you.

  46. Timothy S Coen

    I just finished Insanity and loved it. It rocked and kicked my butt literally. I started the program at 211 lbs and finished it around 190 lbs. Will begin Round 2 after I let my cousin borrow it. If not i’ll be beginning P90X to build some muscle…

  47. Robert Harden

    Congrats on finishing Insanity!!

  48. Robert Harden

    Lynn, The fit test is a 25-30 minute disk that takes you through a series of drills, where you count the reps. Then when you repeat the fit test every two weeks, you can see how you are improving. Since we offer free fitness coaching to our customers, be sure to come back to our site when you need supplements, nutrition, dvds etc. This helps us pay the bills for our free coaching. ;) Good luck.

  49. Jesus Mejia

    Workout Calendar — dual circuit days–Do you separate the circuits on two seperate times or perform them sequentially?

  50. Robert Harden

    Jesus, This is personal preference. My preference is to split themup, morning and night. But several go back to back too. Whichever works for you!

  51. Anne-Marie

    Hey Robert on Recovery week what are your feeling on doing pure cardio maybe three days that week. Im in my 3rd week and i have lost 20lbs i just want to keep my progress up

  52. Robert Harden

    Anne-Marie, I can understand not wanting to slow down, but at the same time, the training experts that put Insanity together, feel the recovery week is necessary. You want/need recovery, otherwise you risk stopping your results all around. BTW…… 20 POUNDS!!! Fantastic!

  53. Marissa

    If I decide to do a second round of just insanity workouts, do i start back at month one, or just do month two since i have made progress?

  54. Robert Harden

    Marissa, I would start back at Month 1. You should see that you can push harder, and workout harder, so the workout will still be intense. Let me know what you think!

  55. ado

    Hi,my name is Ado.I am 41 y old and weight 195 with 5′ 11″ .This is my first week doing Insanity and it is INSANE. I try to keep up 100% with the group on the DVD and it’s hard,I am on 90-95%. First 2-3 days was VERY hard ,burning. But after first recovery I am reborn. I do 30 min+weight lift and then Insanity HARD but I LOVE IT. I did most of these excersizes while I was playing soccer …NOT THIS TEMPO and I can say all the best about this work out.
    my belly is my problem ,I like to concetrate more on abs,obliques. After 60 days workout what would be the best solution for me to hit ABS?

  56. Robert Harden

    Ado, The best way to target those abs is your NUTRITION. Make sure you are locked in to clean eating and the right calorie deficit. You need to continue to reduce your body fat so that your abs can appear. I would continue to do Insanity, or switch to P90X to continue to work on your abs. You need ab exercises too, of course, but you need a lower bodyfat to show off your abs.

  57. Lala

    I’m 23 weight 132 lbs and I’m thinking about insanity. I want to get fit and tone up. My biggest problem is my stomach and I want tiller the fat and show up my abs. And I’m wondering is insanity is right for me

  58. Robert Harden

    Lala, Insanity is a tough program, and will require determination and commitment. If you have those, you’ll do fine. If you want your abs to show, you have to combine the exercise with a healthy, clean diet, that is at a calorie deficit. Meaning you burn more calories in a day than you consume. That way you’ll lose weight and body fat, and your abs will start to show.

  59. Lupita

    I am 48 years old… i used to be a long distance runner and always fit… but i retired out of the Army… had bad injury to my knees & shoulders.. but i have been cleared to proceed and get stronger… i have been jogging and doing ok …. don’t laugh the biggerst loser cardio workout… i’ve been doing those easily … so i think i’m ready to push myself… i have bought the videos .. so any suggestions. Oh and my weight is 146 which is too much for me… i’m 5’2!

  60. Robert Harden

    Lupita, Follow the workouts and nutrition guide carefully. Your nutrition is going to be a big part in your weight loss, so you have to lock that in. Good luck!

  61. stacey

    Hi, I started insanity on Monday. Since I teach Zumba on Tuesday and Thursday I decided to take my free day on Thursday instead of Sunday. We are doing all the discs in order, but end up with our free day in the middle of the week of workouts. Do u recommend to start with day 1 on Friday so there are no mid week breaks or can we still get the same results by having our break mid week? Also I gained 5 pounds this week and have been doing meal plan. Is this just muscle swelling and I will then lose weight?

  62. Noelani

    I had a baby almost 3 months ago and before getting pregnant I did the p90x + 3mile run 5x/week but I havent worked out since then (almost a year ago) would I be able to start insanity now or do I need to get into shape first? I am 27, 5’4″ and weigh 150 now.

  63. Robert Harden

    Stacey, I don’t think starting on Friday will be any problem. The most important thing is that you get a schedule that works great for you! It’s too early to tell on the weight gain. A lot of times you do get some water retention and muscle swelling. I would just make sure you are eating a clean meal plan, and the right number of calories. Give it a little time, let’s see what happens.

  64. Robert Harden

    Noelani. Insanity is a tough program. I’ve known beginners to make it through it, but they were very determined. YOu have to get your mind set about doing a challenging program, and sticking with it. If you want to start off with a program designed for beginners, have a look at Power 90. I loved this program, and lost 30 lbs with it in 90 days.

  65. heather

    My name is heather,I am 28 years old. Insanity has been on my mind for a couple of weeks now. I have not purchased it yet, because I am 5’6 and only 110 pounds. I do not want to lose any weight, I just want to tone up. I want a challenge and a hoby. Can u give me some advise, thanks!!!”

  66. miss culinary

    Sooo… I am 5’4 and 285lbd the heaviest I have even ever been and I am looking at this program but am not sure cuz I tend to start and not finish but I do need to do something cuz my weight is getting ridiculous .. or what are some things I can do to start out slowly

  67. Haroon Awan

    Hi Robert,

    I’m on month two of Insanity and am not seeing that great results! My endurance is great now and my chest and upper abs look pretty good but my lower abs and oblique muscles (and my butt to be honest) are still quite flabby!

    I’m almost 20 years old, weigh about 150-155lbs (haven’t checked since I started) and 68 inches tall. So according to the caloric calculator, I need just under 2500 (2491) calories to LOSE weight. I’ve been pushing hard (I was a pretty decent runner and general gym user before) and try and follow the nutrition guide as close as I can when I am at work or college.

    I plateaued at the end of month 1 and had to take a week off after recovery week because it was raining every day (I work out in the back garden) but I workout out a bit but nothing close to Insanity).

    I tried taking fat loss tablets too for a month but stopped now because I am trusting the program. I’ve been taking alternative to BeachBody products (R&R forumla, shakeology and P90X bar) because BeachBody don’t ship to the UK.

    Sorry for the long email. Any recommendations?

  68. Saravanan

    Is there a particular time to take the 5 meals ??

  69. Robert Harden

    Eating every 2-3 hours is ideal.

  70. Yari

    When should I start the Deluxe Package? During the first or second month?

    Thank You

  71. Casey

    Hello I am 31, female, and already running 3 miles everyday. I am going to add in Insanity in the evenings. I am wanting to lose about 30 pounds, but was wondering how you decide how many calories one should consume a day. I am worried about sending me body into starvation mode by consuming too few calories.

  72. Robert Harden

    Casey, the nutrition guide walks you through the proper calculation of calories. As a general rule, you would not want to drop too low, not just for starvation mode, but also because it’s unhealthy, and causes more problems than anything else. Look towards the very front of the guide.

  73. Robert Harden

    I think you can start the deluxe workouts in the first or second month. It’s more personal preference than anything, however, second month would probably be the best. You could also do the deluxe workouts on your second rotation of insanity, if you plan on doing it a second time. You can find the workouts in our store we would certainly appreciate your business. Good luck!

  74. Robert Harden

    Have you taken measurements? Too often people rely on the scale as a way or determine whether or not a program is working, when in reality they are losing inches and gaining muscle tone. We all want results from our programs but we also have to give them time to work. You stated that you’re seeing results but still have some problem areas, the problem areas will take more time, and are usually the last to go. Continue to be consistent, persistent, and maintain a clean diet, these problem areas will get better with more time. I also think that you could subtract another 4 to 500 calories from your daily diet. Keep me posted. Good luck.

  75. Miguel

    I have completed p90x and am going to start insanity in a couple of days, do you reccomend still ifting(or doing p90x) and insanity? i dont wanna lose weight im 145 5’7. and if so should I lift first then insanity, or vice versa?

  76. Robert Harden

    Miguel, If you are not wanting to lose weight, you’ll need to make sure to eat extra calories to prevent a negative calorie balance. Insanity burns a lot of calories, so you’ll need to eat more. Another idea would be to use this P90X and insanity hybrid. That way you still have some weights, and not as much cardio. Good luck!

  77. Brett

    I am 5’11” and 240. What if I can’t seem to eat a whole meal? I am eating the 5 meals a day but have trouble eating the whole meal that the guide gives to me.

  78. Robert Harden

    I wouldn’t force down a meal, eat until your full, and if you have leftovers, save them for later.

  79. Jen

    I haven’t done insanity before, but i have a copy of the discs. I am assuming phase 1 and 2 are the 1st and 2nd months. do you just continue back to the first month after you complete the seoncd?

  80. Robert Harden

    Jen, That’s correct.

  81. Adi

    I’m 200lbs 29 years old feel lazy as ever. Haven’t worked out in forever. I want to have my body back tell me I made the right dissuasion getting this program. How early can I expect to see some real results?

  82. Rebecca

    I know insanity is for getting in shape/toned, but is it also good for losing weight? I’m 5′-7″ and 280 lbs. This is my deciding factor if i’m going to buy it or not. I just really haven’t seen anybody as big as me using it and wanted to know if its good for weight loss.

  83. Giselle

    I just started insanity and I wondered if it’s ok to skip a day? Because my legs are so sore I dont think I can do another workout tonight.

  84. Lydia

    I am not fat. I am 28 years old, 4’9 and weigh 98 pounds. I just have a pop out belly that drives me insane.. I do not want a six pak, but I want my stomach to be nice and flat, when I was in my early 20’s and I want the rest of my body to be toned, but I do not want to lose weight and be too skinny. I’ve never really worked out, but started insanity last week, it was intense, but after a few days of dedication, your body gets used to it. I begin my second week today. What would you recommend? Eating healthy is ok, but not a strict, strict diet, will that be ok? Please help :)

  85. Danny

    My son brought home Insanity and him and my stepson who are both 17 were doing the fit test. I was playing with them and making fun of them while they did the first 15 mins and then I left them alone. Later in the evening I wanted to see just how hard it was, so I tried it. I made it through the first 10 mins. and could not finish. I am 38 and 194 lbs. @ 5′ 8″. My question is if I start the program, should I do as much of the workout as possible and hope to get better or should I look for something else?

  86. Sarah

    Robert, I have to compliment you on your reviews. They are straightforward, to-the-point, and honest. No hype, no angle, just a good, straight review. I read them before I do a new disc for the first time, so I’m at least a little familiar with the workouts.

    I have seen amazing results in just two weeks, and am excited to keep pushing through.

    Thanks for a great site and the honest feedback.

  87. Robert Harden

    Adi, Insanity might not have been the best choice for you. It’s an advanced workout, not meant for beginners. However, I have known beginners to make it through the program. But those were the ones that were determined to make it through. From your statements, I’m not sure you have reached that level yet. You either have to get your mind right to make this happen, or decide on another program like Power 90. It’s still a great program, but designed for beginners. I lost 30 lbs with it back when I went through it.

  88. Robert Harden

    Giselle, I wouldn’t skip a day, personally. You may not be able to give the workout 100% but moving some is better than nothing, and you may find that you loosen up when you get some blood pumping. If you think you are just too sore to workout, do a light workout, maybe the Cardio Recovery workout, it’s not as hard. But in the end, you are the only one that can decide when you are just too sore. This blog post will help!

  89. Robert Harden

    Danny, That depends completely on you! :)

    If you want to tackle this program, you can do your best, take breaks, and stay on it day after day. Eventually you will get better and better. I’m not going to lie. It’s not easy, but if you are dedicated and work hard, you can make it. If you want a easier program, geared more for beginners, I recommend Power 90.

  90. Keisha

    Hey Robert, I am 5″6 and 150 lbs. I am satisfied with the rest of my body but want a flatter stomach.I am interested in the program but I don’t want to lost an anormous amount of weight. Is it certain DVDs that I can work on that pertain to my abs only without doing the entirety workout.

  91. Francisco

    Hi Robert, I’m a triathlete, it was amazing how i worked some muscles i’ve never worked out in my regular tranings. Hahaha and i did the 60 days and a didn’t lose a pound but i got really ripped. Thx!!!!

  92. Robert Harden

    Keisha, Unfortunately, you can’t target a specific body part to lose weight. Doing an ab workout will build/tone your abs, but it won’t flatten your stomach. The only way to do that is to burn calories, and reduce your calorie/food intake. This is often called a “calorie deficit”, and will allow you to burn fat, and that fat will be from your stomach and other areas that are holding on to fat. My advice would be to grab Insanity, and follow the program, it will definitely help you get a flatter stomach.

  93. Linda

    My name is Linda & I am 16 years old. I weigh 161 lbs. I want to get fit for summer time. My main problem areas are my stomach and thighs. I’m wondering if Insanity would work well for me.

  94. Robert Harden

    Linda, Insanity will burn the calories for sure, its intense cardio. But you will really need to focus in on the nutrition guide that comes with the program as well. I offer a free bonus workout in the store. Its a short workout for days you are pressed for time. Check it out. :)

  95. Amy

    I’m 28 year old, 5’7 and 138lbs. I was thinking about trying insanity but I don’t know if it is right for me. I ran track in college and now I’m noticing that my body is not as tone as it use to be. I don’t want to lose weight, instead I wantto gain about 10lbs. Do you think that insainty is right for me? Going to Cancun for vacation in Aug. and I want my body from college to go with me.

  96. Jenna

    Hi! I just started Insanity. Tomorrow is day 5 for me and I love it so far! I am 5’8 and 140lbs, about 22% body fat. I’ve plateaued because I used to be about 220, and ever since I hit 140 I can’t seem to budge. I eat healthy, I work out.. And I’m hoping Insanity will help me get over that hump. Any suggestions? I’d just like to lose 10lbs.

  97. Robert Harden

    Jenna, Congrats on the weight loss from 220 to 140, AMAZING! Insanity is a great program and if you really dial in your nutrition, and eat clean, you’ll get rid of that last 10 lbs. It will be the hardest 10 lbs to lose, but its possible. You have to be super strict on your nutrition, and you need to make sure you have your calories right. I have a free 5 day course, that will help you make sure you have the calories right on day 1. It’s free, this is the link to sign up.

  98. Robert Harden

    Amy, If you are wanting to gain weight with Insanity, you’re going to have to eat more calories than you burn in a day. And you will burn a lot of calories with the Insanity workouts. Have you considered something like P90X? This has some weight routines in it that will help you add muscle tone.

  99. Danny

    Robert, I asked about starting Insanity or look for something else after not being able to finish the fit test. You said it was not easy and man you are right. I decided to do it and again I got through the first three tests and got sick and could not finish. I decided to try it anyway. I am now on my third week and finished the fit test! I improved on the three exercises that I was able to do on the first try and feel I did ok on the others. Today I had the best workout so far. I take breaks when needed and find myself pushing harder every day. Today I did the complete warm up without stopping. I know that sounds wimpy, but its a huge improvement from day one. I also am able to get back in it sooner after taking a break. The weight is starting to come now. Started at 194 and now 188. I feel great!

  100. Robert Harden

    Danny, This is FANTASTIC! Consistency pays off! Stay after it, and you’ll be amazed at your progress. Keep me posted!!

  101. Richard

    hi im not sure if insanity is right for me im 21 5″8 i dont know my weight i think its almost 300 last i checked a year ago i was 260 i used to play high school football and walk 12 miles a day but i never lost weight i have no idea about nutritions or anything im unemployed so i cant just go work out or hire help my wake up call was a year ago when i collapsed from being so over weight i couldnt move or breath for the longest time but being unemplyed has kept me from doing anything about it i need to change that

  102. Robert Harden

    Richard, I think Insanity would be too much to start with, I think you would see much better results, and faster results with something like Power 90. I lost 30 lbs with this program in 90 days. After a couple rounds, then think about Insanity. LMK, I’d love to keep up with you on your journey. We offer free coach support to our customers.

  103. Jessica

    I have been working out at a gym consistently 6 days a week. I am loosing inches but not the weight. I am 27. 5’3 and 188lbs. Hoping this will help me get the weight off. I have 4 little kids and would love to be able to run around with them a little better! Thanks for the downloads.

  104. Robert Harden

    Jessica, Make sure you eat clean, and your results will come even faster. Losing inches is a great thing too. Good luck!

  105. Cristina

    I just started Insanity today and I love it. I manage to get trough the fit test stoping only a few times. I’m 27 years old, 5’4 and 160lb I really hope to get fit and would not mind loosing a few pounds while I do it!

  106. Robert Harden

    Cristina, You can do this!! I’m with you all the way, if I can help, let me know!

  107. Maurice

    I’m 37& 160 lbs. I completed two rounds of P90X and now thinking of insanity. My wife completed 1 round of P90X but had difficulty with the weight portion of it. She had diastasis recti and had abdominal surgery about a month and a half ago. Could she do insanity without damaging her mid section or would insanity be too much?

  108. Robert Harden

    Maurice, After two round of P90X, I would think you’d be a great candidate for Insanity. For your wife, I’m afraid i wouldn’t be qualified to answer that question. I’m sorry. She might consider asking her physician. Insanity is all body weight type exercise and cardio. If you want to check it out further, or to get a bonus DVD with your purchase, purchase from here: I’m also available to help my customers as a free coach too when buying from that link. Good luck!

  109. tommy q.

    Just received my DVDs am hoping to lose alot of pounds am 5’7 and super overweight I weigh 243lbs! Tomorrow is day one ill post again in two weeks :)

  110. Tretha

    Insanity is insane my knees were hurting now it’s better I need to loose 50 pds I wanna eat right stick to the plan and stay focused any advice

  111. Robert Harden

    Tretha, Follow the nutrition plan closely. make sure you are consuming the right amount of calories to lose weight. I take the Joint Formula for help in keeping my knees in good shape, be sure to have the right surface for your jumps etc. Good shoes too. Use good form. Be consistent, keep pushing play. Good luck and keep us posted!

  112. John


    I’m 52 yrs. old and started with Power 90 back in April of 2011. Have never been a big guy but was definitely feeling overweight. Am only 5’4″ but was up around 160 lbs when I started. Had great success with the weight loss, and by August, had moved on to Power 90 Masters. Had dabbled in P90X and finally decided to try to go a full round beginning in April of this year. After 2 months at that, I can honestly say that I continue to be in the best cardio shape of my life. Here’s my question. While I’ve certainly improved with strength, I don’t seem to be really seeing the gains in muscle (at least visibly). Don’t get me wrong — I feel stronger. But the weights I’m doing aren’t going up in any appreciable way and while I certainly look 100% better than when I started more than a year ago (now down to a “scrawny” 132-135 lbs range), I’m trying to decide whether I should be looking for a different plan that will help me to get a least some bulk/muscle. I’m assuming that Insanity would really just be a continuation of what I’ve been very good at in P90X — lots of cardio conditioning, but probably not much in terms of muscular gain? At 52, I definitely can feel the beginnings of age in the hips and knees, and often wonder if I’m doing more long-term damage than good with the Plyo aspects of P90X. Long-winded way of asking — is Insanity for me?

  113. Robert Harden

    John, Insanity is cardio intense, and if you are wanting to add some size, Insanity may not fit your goal. It is also fairly intense in terms of Plyo, and if your knees are starting to show signs from P90X Plyo, then Insanity will continue to wear on them. Just yesterday, Beachbody released Body Beast, which by design is specific in adding size. I think you should look at the options at this link, and consider that one as your next program. Let me know if I can help!

  114. Callie

    Robert, I’m 22, 5’6 and 222lbs. I don’t have trouble working out and I am good at pushing myself. I haven’t worked out in about a month and I am losing my muscle mass plus I have gained weight. I really need to learn nutrition and also lose weight. I’m tired of being the bigger girl so I need to know if insanity would be the right choice for me. Thanks so much!

  115. mandy

    Hi, I’m 21 and have no motivation. I last weighed in at 220 which is huge for me just 3 years ago I weighed 130. I’m wondering if insanity would be a good choice for me and my husband who is also over weight. I feeler could both stick it out. But everyone on TV looks already skinny. :)

  116. Shade

    I am starting the Insanity workout. I just got it. I am going to do the Fit Test just to get a feel of what I am like. I am very active regularly, but it’s food that has always kept me down. I am looking to revamp my entire nutritional lifestyle–this workout is a new step for me.
    I am 5’10” and 210lbs. Does Insanity help you get “some” muscle? Or just tighten everything up?
    I heard Insanity is perfect for cardio and conditioning. I feel I want to get my conditioning up before I do any more strength training.

    And how many times should you do the Fit Test before moving on?

  117. Carmen

    Am thinking of trying Insanity am 170 lbs and I really want to loose weight I read everyone review and it seems that Insanity is great, but my questions is why does it says that this work outs are not for beginners is that true?

  118. Denise

    I am almost 40 yrs old and my 18 yr old dtr want to start insanity because using wts and equipment intimidates her and she can take the video’s with her to college in August. My husband and I run a local outdoor bootcamp so I thought insanity would be a great way to mix up my routine. I just thought I was in shape…. We completed the fit test 2 weeks ago and we am very excited to re-test today and see how we have improved. I did learn to not eat dinner prior to the workout!!! Very intense, exciting & loving the program.

  119. Robert Harden

    Callie, The nutrition plan in Insanity is very cut and dried. You eat 5 times per day. Three main meals and two snacks. The guide lists several meals to choose from for each of the 5 meals. It also tells you how many calories to eat as well, but I can help you zone in on that number too. The proper number of calories per day is important. When you order from this link, you get a bonus workout and free coach support from me. Talk to you soon!

  120. Robert Harden

    Shade, with Insanity you get a workout calendar and nutrition guide. The calendar shows you exactly which workouts to do when. The nutrition guide also details the food. Follow the guides and you can’t go wrong!

  121. Dora

    Hi, I’m planning on trying insanity. I’m just wondering if its right for me. I used to be really athletic but I’ve gained 94 pounds within the past 4 years. I would love to lose the weight so I can be healthy once again.

  122. Robert Harden

    Mandy, I’m not sure Insanity would be the best choice for you. Insanity is challenging physically and mentally. If motivation is a problem now, the workouts will be even harder than they already are. My favorite program for individuals needing to lose weight and just starting out, or trying to start again is Power 90 or Les Mills Pump.

  123. Robert Harden

    Carmen, I have known beginners to start Insanity, and finish to the end. On the other hand, I have known others (beginners and otherwise) that start Insanity and then quit. Insanity is a tough cardio workout. If you have the right mindset, and are determined, you’ll make it. Just take breaks as needed, rest as needed, watch your heart rate, and then just have the attitude that even if you take a lot of breaks, you’ll get better. If you are not prepared to work hard, and have the mind set that you WILL finish no matter what, then it’s probably not the right program. Here are some links. If you decide to tackle insanity, buy it from my store and I’ll give you a free bonus DVD and coach you till the end. If you think you need a more beginner type program, I recommend Power 90 or Les Mills Pump. Don’t think for a moment that the two last programs won’t help you lose weight. I lost 30 lbs with Power 90 in 90 days. And Les Mills Pump is my current program, and I love it.

  124. Robert Harden

    Hi Dora, I just answered a post on Insanity, and weight loss, and if it’s right for you. Here is what I posted, LMK if I can help!

    I have known beginners to start Insanity, and finish to the end. On the other hand, I have known others (beginners and otherwise) that start Insanity and then quit. Insanity is a tough cardio workout. If you have the right mindset, and are determined, you’ll make it. Just take breaks as needed, rest as needed, watch your heart rate, and then just have the attitude that even if you take a lot of breaks, you’ll get better. If you are not prepared to work hard, and have the mind set that you WILL finish no matter what, then it’s probably not the right program. If you decide to tackle insanity, buy it from my store and I’ll give you a free bonus DVD and coach you till the end. If you think you need a more beginner type program, I recommend Power 90 or Les Mills Pump. Don’t think for a moment that the two last programs won’t help you lose

  125. Kay

    Hello I just started yesterday and I couldn’t complete the fit test. Should I do the fit test again until I can be able to finish it or should I keep going with the program eventough I didnt complete the fit test ( Im 26 and 164 pounds and 5’5) I have never worked out a lot in my life! I hope you answer me fast as I already have my gym clothes on!

  126. Robert Harden

    Kay, The Fit test was designed to get a “Starting point”. As you complete the program, you will get an opportunity to take the fit test again. Then you will see how much you improved. I would continue with the program as its scheduled in the fitness guide. You’ll need to monitor your heart rate and take breaks, but the more you stay consistent, the better you will get over time.

  127. Tammy

    Hi everyone I need some advice Im 33 and weigh 164 and am only 4 ’11. It has been extremely difficult for me to lose weight. I started the insanity work out.
    Today is my 3rd day and im sore. I’ve been eating healthy and working really hard to lose weight my goal is to be 125-128 like I used to be. Any advice?

  128. dawn

    I just got Insanity thanks to a really good friend and I’m about to start my journey with it…. I’m excited yet nervous. I’m 33yrs. old and mother of 3. I was told that I’d never get back to the way I use to be. I never liked being backed into a corner. I’m hoping to show them all that I can and I did what they said was impossible!!!!

  129. Jeannie


    So a group of my friends and I just started Insanity on Monday.
    Originally my friend Angelica and I were going to do it and push and encourage each other to keep moving, but now we have a group 5 counting myself. We all keep each other moving. So things seem to be going alright so far! Today is going to be our 3rd day. I’m having some joint issues. I have a previous knee injury that my doctor said should be okay if I slow down or stop as needed. I woke up this morning having alot of joint pains. I did the cool down, and kept moving for another 5 to 10mins after the workout. I put some Bengay on my calves and knee after my shower last night, but it didn’t seem to help much. I keep hearing about something to help joint when I read your post. Where would I look into buying this and what would be the price range of it. Thanks in advance!

  130. Robert Harden

    Jeannie. First the things you can control. Make sure you have good shoes, and a jump mat or softer surface of some kind. Then make sure you land softly. Protect your knees as much as possible. I use the JOINT FORMULA. Love it!

    If you and your group need any help, let me know. I have free coach support for my customers. I am an authorized retailer for Beachbody, so I carry the exact same items, etc. Thanks!

  131. Robert Harden

    Dawn…. You go! I wanted the impossible too when I started in 2006. It is possible, as long as you don’t stop yourself! :) Good luck!

  132. Robert Harden

    Tammy….. Results will come with consistency with your workouts. Always push play. Take breaks as you need them, but never pause the workout, just keep going. Then the next step is your nutrition. You have to eat as clean as possible. You’ll make mistakes from time to time, but the better your nutrition, the BETTER your results! keep us posted.

  133. Harper

    Im 23 years old, at about 5’11. A year ago i weighed 250 lbs, and for some crazy reason i thought P90X was right for me..After going into a full body cramp and throwing up on day one, I realized maybe going that extreme wasnt the best idea. Well now Im down to 175, and am in better shape than ive ever been…Please encourage me that I wont suffer another full body cramp, followed by the releasing of the contents of my stomach while attempting INSANITY!

  134. Robert Harden

    Harper congrats on getting to 175!! Insanity is a tough program. Take breaks as you need to, and stay consistent. You’ll get tired, everybody does, you’ll get sore, that’s normal too. Just keep showing up, you’ll get great results if you just show up, and push play. Stay on your nutrition too! Good luck!

  135. Toni

    Just started insanity! Completed the fit test, and I was only able to make through 22 min of day two Cardio Circuit. I was curious should I continue with the calendar or should I do Cardio Circuit until I complete it. Commited and Challenged!

  136. Nvysubwf

    Hi, Just wanted to say that I started Insanity yesterday with a friend. I’m 39 and have struggled with my weight all my life. A year ago I found out that I have Candida and no longer can eat foods with gluten in it. It has taken me a year to loose 28 pounds but I’ve kept them off and have learned so much about food. I’m 5’7 and now weigh 246. I felt so good after the workout today. Could I do all things required today? No, but I still kept moving and did what I could. I did some on low impact and when I could did some in high impact. I’m proud of myself because I didn’t think I could do some of the things. Like the Burp’e. The hands up then down into a push up and then up again… That’s what I call them anyway :) Can’t wait to see where I am a month from now and say If I can do this (yes it’s hard) so can you!

  137. Robert Harden

    Toni, Keep going! Take breaks, do your absolute best, and keep going, you’ll get better as you go. :)

  138. Robert Harden

    Nvysubwf, that is awesome, you can do anything you set your mind to! Come back and give us an update later!

  139. Shaa

    I lost 70ibs and ran a half marathon 2 years ago. I have gained most of my weight back. I really enjoy working out and I am thinking about starting the insanity workout. I am 5’6 and currently weigh 250. In the past I was successful with P90, but I am bored with it now. Any suggestions for me? Do you think I should start insanity workout?

  140. Aneta

    I had a baby 7 month ago and I just now decided to lose weight. I gained a lot during pregnancy and don’t feel like myself anymore. I really need to lose about 30 pounds but I’m also breastfeeding and I’m afraid that my milk supply may really diminish. Is insanity right for me at this time? Do you have any advice not so much about nutrition ( it’s pretty clear in the elite nutrition book) but supplements and vitamins that I can safely take while breastfeeding that will help me stay healthy and provide all the necessary nutrients for my little boy.

    Thank you!

  141. Juan

    I’m 19, 5’10 and weigh about 300 and looking to get into shape. I’m thinking about Insanity or P90x but not sure which one is the right one. I’m a little active I play soccer and basketball 3-4 times a week but I need to start doing more than that. I’m also a full time college student and loaded down with school stuff so I just grab anything quick to eat and also need to change that too.

  142. Robert Harden

    Shaa, It’s totally up to you what program you start. Insanity is considerably harder than P90. If you start Insanity and have the right mindset, and are determined, you’ll make it. Just take breaks as needed, rest as needed, watch your heart rate, and then just have the attitude that even if you take a lot of breaks, you’ll get better. If you are not prepared to work hard, and have the mind set that you WILL finish no matter what, then it’s probably not the right program. If you decide to tackle insanity, buy it from my store and I’ll give you a free bonus DVD and coach you till the end. If you think you need a more beginner type program, and one that can easily expand to intermediate and advanced, then I recommend Power 90 or Les Mills Pump.

  143. Robert Harden

    Aneta, It goes without saying that the safest approach would be to consult with your doctor FIRST before anything else. All supplements should really have your doctor’s approval. Here’s an article that might help as well. Good luck, and come back and let us know how you are doing, I think other moms would appreciate your first hand experience.

  144. Robert Harden

    Juan, both are excellent programs. I would just look them both over and decide which one makes the most sense for you. P90X is 50-50 weights and cardio. Insanity is 100% cardio based routines. While it will help with muscle tone etc, there are no weight lifting moves in it. P90X requires some equipment, Insanity does not. Here’s the link to my store where you can look at both programs. P90X and Insanity. I will be a free resource for you if you decide to purchase from our store as a coach to help you. Nutrition will be a BIG part of your success too, so you’ll need to change that as you have already said. Both program come with a fantastic nutrition guide.

  145. Sohail Azam

    Hi how do i add you as a coach on ?

  146. Sohail Azam

    Hi im currently doing insanity whats the right amount of weight i should be losing weekly ? thanks

  147. Dulce R

    I would like to know where can I download the insanity deluxe workout calendar, is it the same that the regular insanity calendar?
    I have this extra dvd but Im not sure how I have to use them:
    – Upper body weight triaing
    – Insane Abs
    – Cardio Abs
    Thank you!

  148. Robert Harden


    Shaun T recommends adding in the Upper Body Weight Training 2-3x per week. You can either replace that days cardio workout with UBX, or you can do a doubles day. As far as the Insane Abs, you can just replace the Cardio Abs, or alternate. Hope this helps!

  149. Robert Harden

    Everyone is different. Follow the nutrition plan, and push play daily. ideally 2 lbs a week is a great goal. But some lose more, and some less. It depends on many factors.

  150. Sohail Azam

    Hi when should i weigh myself on the scale i weigh myself every 4 days is this ok? and its hard for me to not weigh myself everyday but at the moment i have been weighing myself every 4 days

  151. Robert Harden

    I think once every 4 is fine. Once a week or even every two weeks would be fine too. Weighing everyday is hard, because you’ll always fluctuate slightly. Water weight etc. Nice work!

  152. Jordan

    I am about 5 foot 6 1/2 and 130 Ibs. I am also a girl! I am playing AAA hockey this year and I want to be strong! Is insanity right for me? And my other question was… How do I gain muscle?

  153. Jordan

    I am about 5 foot 6 1/2 and 130 Ibs. I am also a girl! I am playing AAA hockey this year and I want to be strong! Is insanity right for me?


    I have been overweight for the past 8 years. I am a woman. Can overweight people do the Insanity workout? Also, What if I can’t keep up? I am new to this whole losing weight. I have been skinny my whole lift up until my last child. :(

  155. Robert Harden


    I have seen many types go through Insanity. Some have made it and some have not. I personally would recommend a less intense program to start with. One of my favorites is Power 90. You could also try Chalean Extreme, or Les Mills Pump. Go to our store, were you can get extra bonuses for your order, and search for those. Remember that your diet is 80% so start cleaning up your food intake and go for it! You can do it!

  156. LUPE

    Hi Robert, im 26, 5’5, and weigh 147. I have had 5 kids and I really want to get my figure back. I want to look good and feel sexy wearing a swim suit again, however sometimes I theres no hope again. I want to tone my body up and lose at least 15 pounds, would insanity be an option for me?

  157. Robert Harden

    Numerous programs would help you reach your fitness goals. Insanity is a great program. Its very challenging, so if you are just starting out, keep that in mind. Nutrition will be one of the key factors to your success! Here’s a great page to look at the various programs and do a quick comparison. Find one that suits your style, and then focus in on your nutrition, and it will work for you. Our customers get free coach support as well. LMK!

  158. Renee

    I just finished insanity! I had my second kid a year ago and was overweight and been out of shape for over 5 years! I have gone 2 sizes down! I am going to redo the insanity again. Will I see more weight loss or more toning the second time around?

  159. Robert Harden

    Absolutely. Just keep improving and increasing your intensity as you are able, stay on top of your nutrition and keep going! Great job so far!

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