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insanity-pure-cardio-smAs promised, here is another Insanity Review. I have previously reviewed Plyo Cardio Circuit, and Pure Cardio (like Plyo Cardio) is a monster. I just completed this workout this morning, so the workout is fresh on my mind. My Insanity Review will be based on my personal thoughts, and break down the workout for you to see. I promise you this, you can not fully appreciate this program, unless you try it. I can tell you about it, it is hard…. but until you try it for yourself, you can never fully appreciate the hard work. When starting the Insanity Workout: Pure Cardio workout dvd, the disclaimer states plainly…its an intense program, that you should take breaks, get your doctors approval, and that its an advanced program. There might be some other items in there too, but I admit, I paid little attention. What’s a workout without a little pain and suffering. :)

So the overall workout length is 38 minutes, 16 seconds. I know there might be some die hard P90X fans out there saying, “WHAT, only 38 minutes?” I can relate, we’re used to longer workouts pushing 60 minutes. However, after 38 minutes of Insanity, you’re thankful for the cool down and stretch.

The Insanity Pure Cardio workout begins with a warm up (cough cough), if you call that a warm up. It’s just over 10 minutes, but if you started the warm up, and someone walked into the room, they would swear you were right in the middle of the cardio portion. Don’t think you’re going to take a nice walk, or a little jog, maybe throw your arms around a little. By the time you finish the warm up, you’re already sweating like crazy, or at least I was. So the warm up is 3 rounds of about 3 minutes and 30 seconds each. There is no break between the rounds. Each round is slightly faster than the last, and the last round is “as fast as you can go” pace. I know, Insane. The warm up is very similar to the one in Plyo Cardio. Each round you move from a Jog, Jumping jacks, Heisman (jumping side to side), 123 Heisman (moving side to side with 3 fast small steps), Butt Kicks, High Knees (running in place, with high knees), and Mummy Kicks. When that’s over, you get your first water break, a whole 20 seconds, of which each second is precious and dear. Then the stretch. Which leads me to another thought. In what other workout program or cardio dvd have you actually worked so hard during the warm up, that you NEEDED a water break after it was over? This fitness program is being stated to be the hardest fitness program on dvd. And I think they mean it!

The stretch is more like a “Power” stretch. A lot of times when you stretch, you use your hands on the floor as you stretch your legs. Spread your feet apart, rest your hands on the floor. Runner stretch, hands on the floor, etc. With Insanity, you stretch your legs and lower body, while your hands are straight out or up. Which means your legs are working, and your upper body is not taking any of the weight. So Power stretch seems to work for me. However, I really like the stretch, it’s thorough, and does what its supposed to do, gets you ready for the workout. The stretch lasts about 5 minutes and 50 seconds. Nice. Then guess what. A water break. I felt like I needed it. If nothing else, I needed to get myself prepped for the rest of the workout, and if the warm up is an indication, I know its going to be intense.

So 21 minutes are left on the clock. Now if I hadn’t already seen what Shaun T can do to a man or woman in that span of time, I might of thought, NO PROBLEM, PIECE OF CAKE. Don’t be fooled. The main part of the workout is 15 minutes. 15 moves, 1 minute each.

Sounds easy. The hard part is, you’ve seen your last water break until all 15 moves are completed. The moves are not easy either, they require plenty of effort, and once completed, you’re completely exhausted. Even Shaun T rolls out on the floor! The 15 moves are:

  • Suicide (side to side touching the floor)
  • Switch kicks (exhausting)
  • Wide football sprints
  • Stance Jacks
  • Pedal (two lunges, then sprint, followed by 2 more lunges, etc)
  • Hooks and Jump rope (8 hook punches, several high jumps, 8 punches etc)
  • Power jacks (like jumping jacks, but you go deep in a wide lunge)
  • Level 2 drills (these get me every time. 8 push ups followed by 8 run lunges, repeat)
  • Frog Jumps
  • Power Knees (switch every 30 seconds)
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Ski Down (jump side to side as if skiing)
  • Scissor Runs
  • Suicide Jumps (squat down, jump back to a push up, stand up again)
  • Push up jacks (push ups with wide feet)

Some of those may be hard to imagine, and are a little difficult to explain. But my hope is not that you can get through the workout on what I write, but get an idea of the workout itself.

Throughout the 15 drills, many of the cast members are taking breaks. I took breaks. It’s tough, mentally challenging, physically challenging. Shaun T would walk around the room, and often tell a cast member to take a break. It’s ok. But my personal goal is to complete each workout from start to finish and take breaks at the designated break times. Like I said, at the end, everyone is exhausted. Many are on their knees, and some just roll out on the floor. I got the biggest kick from the little text prompts that says “Never stop moving”. Shaun T is lying on the floor, and then you see “Never stop moving”. It’s comical. :)

You finish with a 1 minute water break, then you take about 4 minutes or so to cool down and stretch.

From reading this Insanity Review, you might think… Sounds too tough for me. It may be. It’s an advanced program. As said by Beachbody. Insanity is to cardio training, like P90X is to resistance training. But if you have done P90X or Chalean Extreme, I think Insanity is within your reach, and can push you into another level of fitness. As always, I’m here to help you, answer your questions, etc, just drop me a line. Feel free to comment and post your thoughts. Until the next Insanity Review…

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  1. Mark

    I have three questions which I want to figure out before ordering the product; regard to your experience with Insanity.

    1. Could you tell us when should we start the workout? morning is better? night? afternoon?!

    2. Please give us information about having these moves before meals or after?

    3. Do I need to have Mat because my floor all covered by carpet (what do you suggest).

    This is crucial I think especially for Insanity. I might add something the reason I really interested in Insanity is you don’t need to but weights, bands and etc. Therefore, please answer these questions in details kindly and with your passion.


  2. Robert Harden

    Hi Mark. I’ve only had the opportunity to do Insanity a few times. But I’ll answer your questions based on my opinion so far.

    1. THis is going to be personal preference. I work out first thing in the morning. Some people like this, others do not. It might be a little more challenging in the morning because you body is sitting on “empty” first thing. You might want to have a snack before working out for fuel. I would prefer afternoons, but my schedule does not allow this option.

    2. I would eat 1-3 hours before your workout. Depending on the length of time for how much. 3 hours before, you could probably get in a regular meal. 2 hours a snack. 1 hour maybe something like protein. After the workout, I really enjoy the P90X Recovery Forumula between 15-45 minutes after the workout. And then another meal about 30 minutes or so after that.

    3. I’m currently working out on carpet, in my living room. A mat might be a good addition for some extra padding, and also to keep the sweat (lots of it) off your carpet. Have a good pair of shoes for comfort.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Lilia

    Hi Robert. Thank you for your reviews. They are very thorough. I am definitely interested but scared! I’ve been active for most of my life and I’m coordinated so I don’t find exercises confusing to follow. Just scared of the hard work. Haven’t tried the p90x for the same reason and I didn’t even know about Chalean Extreme but have enjoyed Turbo Jams. Are these workouts planned out? Does it tell you which exercises to do for, let’s say, the first week? Or does one just do what they want? Thanks.

  4. Robert Harden

    Hi Lilia, Chalean Extreme is EXCELLENT. I really enjoyed the program. The entire program is planned out for you. You know exactly what to eat, when to workout, which workout to do. Very professionally done! Here’s a link to an article I wrote about which Chalean Extreme program to choose:

    I have also thoroughly reviewed Chalean, you can find the categories top right. Let me know if I can help you further! Keep me posted on how you are doing!

  5. Misty Moreno

    I need to know if you need a lot of space for the Insanity workouts. I have a small living room and that is where I complete my DVD workouts.
    Please advise.

  6. Robert Harden

    I used a 6′ x 6′ area for the first three workouts with NO problems. A small place will be fine. :)

  7. Jess


    Just wanted to say thanks for posting these reviews. I just started Insanity (Today is day 5) and it really helps to read these reviews before-hand. I liked to be a little mentally prepared as if that’s even possible with this workout.

    To explain how I feel about this INTENSE and INSANE workout, I’d have to quote Tony. I HATE IT BUT I LOVE IT.

    Thanks again,

    Jess- a fellow Insanity addict

  8. Niki

    I have to agree with Jess and her quoting Tony, I hate it but I love it! It is INTENSE!! My husband and I are doing the Hybrid schedule and now P90 almost feels like a break…almost :) Between the two workouts, I feel like I am in the best shape I have ever been in. My whole family and all my friends are noticing the changes.
    Thanks for the reviews…it helps to know what to expect when I am doing Insanity that night.
    I’m Hooked!!

  9. Robert Harden

    Jess & Niki. Thank you for the comments. I appreciate you both stopping by. Please come back again. And if I can help along the way, please let me know!

  10. Jamie V

    Hey i am waiting for my insanity workout to come in the mail and i am reading all of these reviews…Is it going to be hard for my to start insanity first without going through p90x because i kinda wanted to start with insanity since it is only 2 months and then after use p90x…thx for doing a review it really convinced me to buy it!

  11. Robert Harden

    No problem Jamie. If you need any help or have questions, let me know. We appreciate your business as well. Good luck!!

  12. Jess

    Jamie V,
    I have never done P90x and I still jumped right into Insanity and got results.

  13. jamie v

    okay thx for ur help!

  14. Jess


    I think you will be fine. I did the Insanity workout and I haven’t done the P90X workout. Good luck!

  15. Bob

    I just started insanity this week, and I did pure cardio today. I used to run 5-6 miles a day before my ankle was injured and went through a round of p90x this summer(I’m 19 ~160 5’11).

    Not only did I rest 3-4 times, but at the end of the workout I sprawled out on the floor like everyone in the video. The level 2 drill was insanely difficult while my heart was going ~160, and pushup jacks were pretty much impossible to do the whole way through.

    Anyway, my question is, according to the equation I should be consuming ~3100 cal a day(~2000 BMR x 1.7 multiplier or something) but I think that’s insane! I’m in college and it’s hard enough to eat healthy as it is, but how am I supposed to stack on 3100 cal a day? Is the equation accurate? I’m currently eating 2200-2500 and I don’t feel fatigued due to hunger or lack of carbs during the workouts.

    Also, I’m afraid I’ll lose muscle mass from doing this(I’m around 9-10% body fat). Although it’s supposed to tone your muscles, I really don’t feel much of a pec/bicep/tricep burn(my shoulders are sore as I speak). I’m still intaking ~100g of protein a day, so should I be worried at all about losing muscle? Will I simply get more toned from this?

    In addition, I use(or try to) my core throughout the workouts as instructed, but right now I feel more sore in my lower back. Is that expected due to the large number of lunges/squats/suicides?

    Finally, I just wanted to comment on this amazing program in general. The fact that even shaun rests throughout this workout is a little more encouraging than p90x(I remember in p90 when I was doing those forward/back lunges in the leg/back routine and Tony started taking a nap while I was shaking uncontrollably and literally on the verge of tears due to the burn). Everyone in the workout has insane(haha) core muscles, and I can’t wait to see results!

  16. Robert Harden

    Bob, Thanks for commenting, I’m going to send you an email. :)

  17. Jessica

    my baby is turning one soon and i feel like i have not got rid of my pregnancy weight..and i haven’t been active since back in 03 since hs…do u think this a good routine for me?? for me to lose weight and build nice muscle?

  18. Robert Harden

    Hi Jessica, Thanks for visiting. Insanity would be too difficult starting out. I would choose a beginner program such as Power 90, Turbo Jam, or Hip Hop Abs to start off. Here is a link to compare some programs.

  19. Marc

    I’m wondering if you’d say the same thing for me as you did Jessica on the 30th? I’ve dropped from 225 last winter to 200 lbs now, and I’m 5″9″. I’m naturally athletic, having played college level baseball, and still play softball 2-3 doublle headers per week, but I’m sore. I ski once every 2.5 weekends in the winter, as hard as I can. I have to take breaks on the side of the hill here and there, but I go hard. I love the idea of being fit in 60 days, but haven’t done a serious workout since college and I’m 30. What do you suggest?

  20. Robert Harden

    Tough to say Marc, it sounds as though you have been active. I know Insanity is extreme and challenging. You might benefit more from something like P90X first, it’s a 90 day program. P90X is an advanced program as well, but I have known several people to start with it and do well. After P90X go for Insanity. This of course is only my opinion. :)

  21. gloria

    hi i was wondering if it would be okay to sart another round of insanity right after i complete my 60 days on it? i only got about 2 weeks left of insanity and wanted to know whats next? i really like doing insanity but would it be too hard on my body if i did another 60 days after i complete it?

  22. Robert Harden

    Hi Gloria, I sent you an email response as well, but in short for other readers that may come through…. I think it’s fine to do a 2nd round of Insanity. Eventually I would like to see a 3rd round with some sort of mix Insanity and another program. Email me when the time comes, and I can help out. Good luck and keep me posted!

  23. Anne

    Thank you for the review. I am in the first week of Insanity and I absolutely love it (though I hate it at times, usually the warm up). I agree that this really is the toughest program I have utilized. Folks who have not seen the videos (or info on TV) think I am lying when I tell them about the warm ups, then their jaws fall when they hear about the rest of the moves. I def agree that folks who have not participated in a consistent (and fairly vigorous) work out routine would get no benefit from this system (and would probably end up getting hurt). Again, thank you and I enjoyed the review.

  24. Jen

    Hi! I have a quick question. I’m on day 6 of Insanity & I have to agree with you it’s INSANE! I feel like I take too many breaks (1-2 per move) but when i’m not make no mistake i’m putting in 110% effort. Also, i’m young still in my teens so I find the nutrition guide difficult to stick to at times especially when i’m out hanging with my friends. However, i’m trying to abide by the ‘concept’ of eating 5-6 small meals a day to keep the metabolism going. My question is will I see results? I plan on doing 2 rounds of Insanity before Summer gets here & obviously continuing on from there. So by Summer should I be somewhat toned? I hope so lol. Thanks in advance!

  25. Robert Harden

    Jen, your amount of breaks will diminish in time. As you continue, you’ll get better and better. Keep going 110%! As far as results. I think being a younger age, helps, but if you are not seeing the results you want, and you are still going 110%, then it’s without a doubt your DIET. So, with that in mind, diet will make and break your results. Eat clean as OFTEN as possible, stick to the 5-6 times per day. Even with your friends, you can usually find a healthier alternative when out and about. Pack a shake or a protein bar to take a long with you, eat the grilled chicken at fast food with no mayo. Skip the fries, get a salad with low fat dressing (sparingly). There are ways to get around the diet when out and about, be creative. Let me know how your results are going!

  26. John

    Hello, I’m considering getting Insanity but I have a few questions. First, how much space is required? I saw in an earlier post that you work out in a 6×6 area. I live in a college house with a basement that has an area that size, but the ceilings are pretty low (approx. 8 feet). Will that be a problem? Also, is it alright to lift weights in addition to doing Insanity?

  27. Robert Harden

    Hi John, you can modify to make this work. There are a few moves that you jump in the air, and reach upwards. I modified this where I jumped up, but left my hands lower or at my sides to make it work. You can also lift weights with Insanity. I would start with just Insanity and see how you feel, then add weights in of you are feeling good. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to come back and let us know how you are doing!

  28. Amy

    I am on my 3rd week of Insanity…I absolutely love it!!! I get up every morning about 4am and do it, normally after a few days of working out in the morning I start to loathe it, but I am so addicted to the adrenaline high that I am ready every day. This workout challenges you mentally and physically and leaves you with tons of energy throughout the day! I cant wait to start the “MAX” workouts!

  29. Matt

    I am on my fifth day of Insanity. The name fits it perfectly! It is a great workout, and I am already feeling and seeing results! It is amazing!

  30. Bianca

    i have 3 letters for this workout: O.M.G…haha..Insanity is the correct title for this workout. Im on my 5th day and i feel the soreness. Question though: i know with a diet and everything, when do you actually start seeing results? I have a buddy who does this workout with me, and we motivate eachother to keep going. The first day i took alot of mini breaks, but i noticed since that day my breaks have been diminishing. I feel my back tighter, and my calves, but i dont feel anything in my core area? what do you suggest on this?

  31. Robert Harden

    Bianca, I don’t think the cardio abs starts getting added into the rotation until later, however, you could probably add it in now, once or twice a week. Another thing is to start focusing on your core. Now that your breaks are starting to diminish, start contracting the core during plank movements etc. See if this helps.

  32. Mariah

    Hi there, thanks for this review!
    I just finished my 3rd day of Insanity. I noticed that you told a girl earlier that she probably won’t see results from this workout becuase she hasn’t worked out in a while, and I was wondering if you would say the same thing for me.
    I am in my Freshman year of college and I haven’t really worked out since my Sophomore year of high school, but this past December I got a gym membership and went multiple times a day, working on cardio and some weight training. It was hard because I hadn’t really worked out in a while but it felt good. Also, this semester I’m doing a Yoga class for stretching, balance, and flexibility.
    Anyway, I started Insanity on Monday and after the Fit Test I felt like I was going to puke. I didn’t (haha), but I got a huge adrenaline rush and I loved every second. Yesterday I did the Plyo Cardio Circuit with my Aunt and I took a few breaks between but I kept up good. Today I did the Cardio Power and Resistance and I took less breaks than yesterday. I feel great, I can feel my muscles tense up and I feel like I’m really going to get results from this.

    I’m just afraid because I don’t want to put all this effort in if you guys think it won’t do me any good. I know I haven’t worked out in a while but I feel like this is at least giving me something.

    Sorry its so long, but I’m really curious. I don’t want to waste my time. Haha.

  33. Mariah

    Sorry, I meant that I went to the gym multiple times a week in my last post! I didn’t notice that until I submitted it!

  34. Robert Harden


    I think anyone can get results from this program, or any program. It depends on two things. Working out hard everyday (which you will do with Insanity), and what your diet is like. If you calculate your calories in the nutrition guide, and follow the diet it recommends, then I think you have every reason to believe you will get results! Just keep working out, have patience, and eat right! Good luck and post or email anytime with questions.

  35. Steve

    Hello Robert,

    I read in a previous post about modifying the workout because of having a low ceiling. I’m 6′3, I have a 7 foot 1 inch ceiling. Will I still be able to get full results?

  36. Robert Harden

    There are places in the workout where you squat and jump straight up. In the video, they jump and reach upwards. I modified and jumped up, but kept my hands to my sides. So the question would be, how high can you jump straight up from a squat. I think you can still modify and do this program with great results, even if you did have to modify the exercise with the squat jump.

  37. kirsten

    I love a good workout but I was sidelined by an injury for about six months. Then I started working full time and attending college. Long story short, I have not worked out for about eight months. I really want to get back in shape and look amazing. I have already purchased Insanity but should I start out small and work up to Insanity or will I be able to power through it??

  38. Robert Harden

    Kirsten, If you had not purchased Insanity, I might have said, consider doing a program like Power 90 first, and then Insanity. Power 90 is a great basic program focused on weight loss, and is perfect to getting back into working out, or starting out. But since you have it, I would try it. You will know right away once you start, whether you should consider another program. I have customers that have really dedicated themselves and pushed themselves and got through it, others who thought it was too much too soon. You will have to take breaks with Insanity, even more advanced people have to take breaks, its an extreme program. Try the Fit Test DVD, first. See what you feel like at the end of that. The Fit Test DVD is about half of a regular workout. Let me know how I can help.

  39. Kirsten

    Thanks Robert! I am definitely going to be dedicated. I have the type of personality that doesn’t like to give up on anything. I am excited to start Insanity. I happened to catch the infomercial and I was interested. A friend of mine has recently started the program and he told me it was the hardest workout he has ever had. I will keep in touch as I progress through the program. I will definitely let you know if I have any questions. Your comments were much appreciated.

  40. Kirk

    I finished Insanity and am starting again. I only lost a few pounds overall (I didn’t follow any of the diet stuff), but I lost 8 inches total between chest and waist. My core is way more firm and the cardio is great.

    Be ready to sweat and pant. The absolute worst day is the first day of week 6 when you do a fit test and start with the Max workouts – Brutal!!!!

    In going back to the first month workouts, I can now pretty much make it through without big breaks. The warm-ups actually feel like warm-ups and not full workouts in themselves – which feels good.

    This program demands a healthy level of fitness before starting and is certainly not for everybody. If you have joint troubles (especially hip, knee, or back) I’d suggest major modification to the workout or find a different program. The plyometrics are likely to cause injury unless care is taken.

  41. Robert Harden

    Congrats on finishing Insanity. And starting again! Thanks for the feedback. Let us know how the second round goes.

  42. jd

    hi thanks for the review it scared and excited me .yes both . cpuple of questions before i start ( although i’m guessing you’d answer after i’m well into day 3 lol). i too am wondering if this exercise is a fit for me i love to be challenged and this may be my saving grace. i have tried and failed to keep up with other programs because its so repetitive and boring. you know what to expect every time jump here lift here . this intrigues me well because it differs. i am a vegetarian,22yr old, male and moderately active. weights i have not so the idea of jus tusing my body is fantastic. do you think with all these hurdles i will still see results?

  43. Robert Harden

    JD, I think you will still receive results, but it might take longer depending on your fitness level. Just follow the DVDs, take breaks as needed. Your fitness should be a lifestyle change, so if it takes longer that’s OK. Insanity has a great nutrition guide, and the workouts are INTENSE. So you have room to grow with the program. If you find the program too difficult, you might want to step back and do something like Power 90. It’s a great program for weight loss, and getting in overall better fitness.

  44. Greg

    Hey Robert,

    So I am contemplating purchasing INSANITY. Based on the price I really want to make sure that it lives up to the promises at the end of the workout that it guarantees. I run at least a mile a day and do 50 push-ups and sit-ups. Would this be the right workout for me? I am looking to get this done just before my birthday. Which is in about 75 days or so, and just when summer will be getting into full swing. Is this right for me or too much? I am thoroughly motivated and ready to lose those last couple pounds that are killing me. The “love handles” that nobody loves haha

  45. Robert Harden

    Hi Greg, The Insanity workout does not disappoint. It is INTENSE. It’s as the information states, and 60 day total body workout with no weights. Lots of cardio. It will be hard for sure. You’ll want to/have to take plenty of breaks, and rest as needed, which in the beginning may be often. It is made to challenge you, push you beyond your comfort zones. It also has a detailed nutrition guide. It promises a total body transformation, but that all requires your 100% effort. Clean diet, and hard work on the workouts. It’s not meant for beginners, maybe not even intermediate, but I have to give the beginners that have tried it and finished it proper credit. So it’s possible. I like to recommend Power 90 for beginners. Let me know how you do if you decide to take on Insanity, even if you decide on another program, I’m here to support you either way. Keep us posted. Good luck!

  46. Gabriel


    im interest in this program since i need to be on shape exacly in 2 months and 3 weeks!!!!!. Besides doing the workout ( as soon as i have it ) I am doing exercise with the ROTC in the mornins tru monday-thursday, besides that im doing a 4 mile run everyday in the afternoon. do u think ill be able to do the insanity program as well?

  47. Robert Harden

    Honestly, I think that would be too much. The Insanity program is INTENSE. In all reality, Insanity by itself is enough. In my opinion. You can try the ROTC in the AM, and Insanity in the afternoon. At the end of 60 days with Insanity by itself, providing you give 100%, you’ll be in the best cardiovascular shape of your life.

  48. Gabriel

    thanks for the respond Robert. One mroe question, How does insanity provide you with what ur body needs so it wont crash down during training, I do know it give u a book with recepies but besides that does the book tell u what to cook per day or give u only ideas?

  49. Robert Harden

    We have a two part series on the Insanity Nutrition Guide. You can read the first part at this link. Then beneath that article in the “Related Articles” you can get the second part. Thanks!

  50. Mark Dykes

    I just want to put out there that doing the Insanity (I am in week 2) has worked even better for me when someone know and trust is in the room. Shaun T. is a great motivator, but having a live person in the room adds greatly to the motivation factor. Also, I think I have a few new people interested in starting the Insanity. If you’re reading these reviews and have doubts about the effectiveness of this program, then believe me when I say IT WORKS. But always, as Robert said, keep in mind your personal limits. You don’t have to go as fast and as hard as the cast. Take breaks as needed, and push for as much as YOU can. I’m nowhere near the cast members’ abilities, but am working to get there and to surpass that point. Thanks for your reviews Robert. I’m looking forward to starting the Ab workouts later this week.

  51. jd

    Hi Robert,
    I am in my recovery week of Insanity. I was tired. I was happy. The pounds have not been shedding however the body fat percentage has. I also felt better. Maybe this next month will be better weight wise but regardless I’m still doing it.

  52. Robert Harden

    jd… congrats on just “doing it”, Insanity is tough. Nicely done so far. Lost inches and added cardiovascular endurance is a great thing too. Make sure you are eating the right number of calories per day, as stated in the Elite nutrition guide, and eat as clean as possible this second month to help meet your goals. Keep up the great work!

  53. jd

    Thanks for the bout of confidence. I may be annoying you further and comming back here for added inspiration or when I get overtly excited and just need to share. So be prepared. I do have a question though I’m a bit worried that at the end of Insanity I haven’t reched my fitness goals and although my Plan B is to simply just start over, I would love another plan where I need no weights just my body, willpower and space. As I’ve said before this is the best setup for me. Do you know any Martial arts program that I can do when I’m finished with Insanity? If my math is correct I’ll be finished in June. After I’m going on vacation, so my next consitent excercise routine will more than likely start in September. Any suggestions on my new challenge for this time?

  54. Mark Dykes

    jd, if you want to try one that’s really fun, and where you don’t really need the weights, go for turbo jam

    I’m thinking that will be my next step, as it keeps you moving, but not as hard as Insanity. I might use Turbo Jam as a recovery before starting a second bout of Insanity.

  55. jd

    That sounds like a plan Mark. I might just use that as a transition workout. Take my computer with me and dvds and exercise in the morning or evening during the Summer. I’m still looking for Martial Arts though but I’ll research Turbo Jams and tell you if I’ll follow you.

  56. David Cromie


    Thanks for all your info. Its very informative and I am definitely interested. However I have a few questions.

    1. Do you need any additional equipment for the Insanity Work Out e.g. Resistance Bands, free weights etc?
    2. I travel extensively for work and feel this would be perfect for hotel room work outs? Anybody else find this?
    3. What if I miss a day due to work and travel? Do I just continue on to the next scheduled day on the calendar or do I skip that particular day?




  57. Robert Harden

    Hi David, Let me answer your questions:
    1. Nothing else is needed, just you and the DVD.
    2. Definitely, I did the entire program in a 6×8 space.
    3. I think you could do either. If you miss a day you could work out on your next scheduled rest day. You could just skip that day, if your missed workouts were few. If you were missing quite a bit, you could make them up. It’s really all up to you. The important thing is that you do your best, and workout as often as possible.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  58. Robert Harden

    Turbo Jam is fun, kickboxing type style, and upbeat music. It’s not as hard as Insanity, but a great program. You could always mix TJ with Insanity. Alternating the workouts. Just an idea.

  59. Lynn Pasia

    Hi Robert,

    I’m really thankful and grateful for all the information I’ve read in your site. They seem to be quite sincere and realistic compared to other review sites I’ve visited :).

    I just wanted to ask you something. I’m 30 years old and just had my second baby 2 months ago and for years I have been having this clicking on both of my shoulders (left worse than right). Do you think I would injure it even more if I do the insanity?

  60. Robert Harden

    Hi Lynn,

    Honestly, I would be hesitant to give my opinion on your shoulders. Is this something, you have talked to your family doctor about? I know that you will spend time in the push up or plank position, which will be using the shoulders. How this would affect you, I couldn’t be sure. But let’s talk about Insanity. It’s an intense program. One I do not generally recommend for beginners. You did not specify your level of physical conditioning, so I’m not sure if this program would or would not be for you. For beginners, I like to recommend Power 90. You will find reviews on here from beginners that started with Insanity, and finished. You’ll find others that state they agree with me, that it is not for beginners. Only you can decide this. You may be more than ready for it. Ont he shoulder issue, I would talk with your doctor. If he approves, I would start out slowly, and carefully, and test the shoulder and be careful as to not make it any worse. The gradual strengthening of your shoulders may improve. If I can assist you further, feel free to email, and keep me posted on what you decide and how you are doing! Good luck.

  61. Richard

    Hi Robert,

    I am obese and just finished week 1 of the insanity. Obviously I took a lot more breaks than I am happy with, but I’m curious to know whether the recommendation for beginners not to start insanity is because it’s so hard that people will lose motivation, or is it because you don’t think we will get the results we expect from it?

  62. Robert Harden

    Hi Richard, I generally recommend that Insanity not be for beginners for a couple of reasons. The first is exactly as you stated, it’s hard. And those that have not worked out in a while find it overwhelming, and too much too soon. Whether beginners are obese or not, they need to be careful to watch their heart rate, take as many breaks as necessary, and accept that its going to take longer than 60 days. With any exercise program, you run the risk of injury, and that’s exactly why the disclaimer at the start of the program, says to stop immediately when you feel you should. The other reason is as you stated as well, its mentally challenging. Its mentally challenging to start any exercise program, but when you start with an advanced program, its even more challenging. I have stated on my posts, that I recommend beginners start with something like Power 90, but I have also stated that I have known beginners, that have survived Insanity, and emailed to tell me about it. And under the conditions I stated above, if a beginner decides to take the leap, then I say go for it. Just be careful. I’ll support anyone in any exercise program as long as they understand I have their best interest at heart, that they exercise caution and not try to do too much too soon. I’m always proud of anyone that takes the first steps towards fitness. Also with any exercise program, diet and nutrition is important too. Insanity has a great nutrition manual too. Good luck, and I would enjoy hearing back from you, let me know how you are doing, and I can always use testimonials. Email me with questions if you like too. Good luck!

  63. Pat Tribbet

    Robert –

    Because I didn’t believe I would receive the motivation needed, I’ve always steered away from DVD exercise programs. The Insanity infomercial sold me, and I’m so glad it did. Fantastic camera work, because just when I need it Shaun makes eye contact and tells me to stay with it :)

    I’ve been making use of your reviews and you do an excellent job of clueing me in on what to expect. I’m on Day 5 of Insanity and LOVING EVERY MINUTE!! I’ve never worked this hard.

  64. Robert Harden

    Pat, I’m so glad you find the reviews helpful. Come back and give us an update!

  65. Jennifer Holman

    Thanks for your review. I was all set to order Insanity and then I read your review. I am just starting out and want to lose 20 pounds. I haven’t worked out in a long time. I have decided to go with the Power 90. Thanks for your advice!

  66. jd

    Week 2 day 2 of the Max part of Insanity complete! ( Did you follow that?) I must say before I was worried comming to the ending but your advice to another person made me a little comfortable. I did give myself the 60 days to get in shape but neglected to remind myself that it took me years to get this way in the first place. Yes my weight loss has been slow but I prefer to lose it slowly that fast ( makes me think I’ll be able to keep it off longer. ) The 2nd month however is kicking my behind! I use to get up at 5 to workout each morning now when I see 1hr and 3 mins on Interval I’m comming up with soo many excuses to do it later. I still do it regardless but now the motivation has moved from ” 1 more month to lose this yes I can do it” to “2 more weeks, 2 more weeks hury up and just end already” I think I have to thinking about the duration so much but no matter how much I whine I am determined to finish this!

  67. Robert Harden

    Hang in there JD, the MAX workouts are mentally and physically challenging. Don’t give in to either! Keep us posted!

  68. JJ


    With respect to your posts about “beginners,” I started Insanity in what I will describe as “sort of okay” or “not-really-terrible” shape. From that point, I found the 60 days very — highly — challenging, but not impossible. The parts that tended to be the hardest for me when starting from that point were the various “suicide” drills, which push up the heart rate. I also found that I had to resist resist cheating in any exercise where it’s important to get the knees up high. I appreciated your reviews along the way, which give a good perspective on what to expect. So, thanks for the reviews — including about nutrition, as things for me accelerated once I got more focused on the intake too. Which brings me to this question: Can you give a little more on the benefits of post-workout drinks? Aren’t they sometimes calorie-loaded? Would like to consider your perspective. Anyway, appreciate the posts and encourage you to continue with them.

  69. Robert Harden

    JJ. Excellent!! There are always exceptions, and I’m glad you’re one of them!! Good job. :)

    As far as recovery drinks post workout. With Insanity, I usually had the P90X Recovery Formula after my workouts. Once I entered the MAX workouts, I switched it up some. I started having half of my recovery formula during my workout, watered down to last the entire workout. Then immediately afterward, I would have the second half. Here is an article on the benefits of the post workout recovery drink. I’m glad you enjoyed the reviews. Come back anytime.

  70. jd.

    I usually complain inwardly ( cause a straight guy isn’t supposed to outwardly !) about not feeling that i’ve worked out my triceps. Its really embarassing when you raise your hands up to wave at someone and every part of your arms want to wave hello. Today I woke up with the most beautiful pain in my triceps. granted it was only on the left and a more eh pain on the right. Amazingly enough that’s what motivated me for this mornings workout. What is it about muscle pain that makes a man wants more but any other pain we’ve got issues?! Can’t wait till tomorrow. ( insane abs for the first time. and double Max dvd ..yikes!)

  71. Erin


    I am a freshman in college, and I am looking to shed some weight over the summer. I am only 5’3 and 135, but I have some unwanted fat. I played competitive fast pitch softball for years, and got recruited by some smaller college to play. I run about 4 miles a day, so I would consider myself to be in pretty good shape. Will I get better results by doing Insanity over running 4 miles every day?

  72. Marc C.

    Hi Rob,
    Thanks again for all your tips. You have been a big help to me and others at your expense, and you should know it is truly appreciated.

    I have posted before about starting Insanity, and you suggested I try something a bit easier and come back to it. I did, and lost 35 lbs doing a combination of workouts and diets, but still have another 20 to lose, but more importantly, to tighten up the flab and feel great. Since then, I have decided to start w/ P90X, and then move on to Insanity, and I am happily planning to start P90X Saturday.

    My Question: I play competitive softball on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. The games aren’t a great work out, but I typically feel pretty sore afterwards and a day or two later, in the areas I’m using for the sport. Since these programs are 7 days per week, I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how to best manage this. Should I work out anyway? Should I skip the day and pick up where I left off the next day? I want to get in shape, but I don’t want to get hurt, but I am man of routine. Any thoughts/experiences would be truly appreciated.


  73. Robert Harden

    You’re welcome! And congrats on the weight loss! I’m here to help any way that I can. What some people don’t always realize, we have a store too, and items purchased here help fund my coaching efforts, and allows me the opportunity to continue as well. I always enjoy customers coming back and giving us updates. hard work, dedication, and persistence always pays off, and I love hearing about it. Keep up the great work!

    P90X is a 6 day a week program. If you did the typical Monday through Saturday, then your Sunday morning game would not fall on a workout day, but would not give you a traditional day off from working out. You could trade a workout day or two for softball. Instead of doing the 2 cardio days included in P90X, you could skip them (for now) and do softball instead. Later as you feel more up to doing more, you might add 1 or both back in. That’s how I would approach it anyway. See what you think about that approach, and email me as you go along and I’d be happy to help further.

  74. Robert Harden

    Erin, I think you would see more results from doing Insanity then the running. Don’t get me wrong, running is a great means of exercise… however, Insanity is just a great program. Once finished with the 60 days, you will see an improvement in your running as well. No guarantees, but I really think you will. Also to lose those unwanted lbs, diet and nutrition will play a big part. Insanity comes with a great nutrition guide. You can figure up the number of needed calories daily, and get some meal plan ideas etc. If you decide to stick with running, you will still want to look at your calories per day, adjust if needed, and get a meal plan together. Hope this helps, and if youdecide to make a purchase, we would certainly appreciate your business. Good luck and keep me posted!

  75. Holli Palmer

    I have done many workout programs over they years – and absolutely nothing works like Insanity. I am at the midway point, and can really see results. I especially like the fact that it doesn’t require any equipment, just determination. I am 49 years old, and was very hesitant about purchasing the system because I was afraid that I couldn’t handle it – but I am really, really glad that I went ahead. If you’re up for a challenge, and want something different – GO FOT IT!

  76. Robert Harden

    Holli, Thanks for stopping by with your testimonial, come back and let us know when you finished. Good luck!

  77. Samantha

    Today is Day 5 for me. I checked out your blog to mentally prepare for the Pure Cardio DVD. I like your succint write-ups of what to expect, so thanks for that! I just turned 30 last month and used to dance 30-40 hours a week (the good old days). I retired at 23 due to injury and began a career of sitting at a desk for 60+ hours a week. I never had a workout plan before. Dance was never a workout for me, it was fun. So going to a gym was a foreign concept. I quit smoking cold turkey in December (after 14 pack years). By March, I made the decision to get the rest of my health back in order and the Insanity infomercials kept taunting me.

    I’m finding the program well suited to my natural competitive drive – a drive (physically, at least) not nurtured since I entered the corporate world. I chose the program not because I wanted to lose weight (I’ve given up on that strategy), but because I wanted to FEEL the best I could. Weight loss will inevitably accompany this, but I think it’s a better goal to have. I decided I wasn’t going to let a little intimidation from the infomercials stop me from conquering the program. :D

    The only criticism I have so far is the omission of decent calf and foot stretching. So much running in place and jumping require a focus on more than just the hip flexors and hamstrings. So, if people are aware of this and stretch out these bits beforehand (and afterward), they should have a better experience with the program.

  78. Robert Harden

    Samantha, Thank you very much for your comments. I am pleased to hear that you are tackling Insanity, and that you look forward to the challenges it will bring. Please visit us again, and let us know how you are doing. I also appreciate the tip about the additional stretching. Good luck, talk to you soon!

  79. Jaymie

    Hey everyone, I just started Insanity and I am on day 6. I am 29 years old, female, 210 pounds. I was an all out athlete in high school/college and found myself in a depression rut after my grandparents passed away and started packing on the pounds. I have had 3 kids since then and could never get the weight down. I have decided now that instead of worrying about weight, I would worry about health. I quit smoking 3 months ago and decided to get my cardio back. I walk everyday and do other exercises but wanted to challenge myself. This was a GREAT way so far of doing that. I didn’t think I could do it when I started to be honest – but Shaun T says take a break if you need to and I do. When I feel I can’t go anymore I take a 10 second break and then try to do as many more as I can the last 5-10 seconds. I set a goal for myself in the time allowed to do at least 10 per exercise and more if possible. So if you are scared to start – it’s okay! I think once you do you will be addicted like I am and really excited to see what results you will find. Good luck to everyone!!!

  80. Robert Harden

    Jaymie, thank you for your motivating words and encouragement to our readers. I think you are on the right track! I hope you will come back and tell us how you are doing later as well. Good luck!!

  81. Rob

    Hello Robert,

    I just started “Insanity” and I’m quite impressed. Years ago I had a grade 5 teacher who shared his love of fitness with me and all his other students. This gift he shared never left me. (I’m now in my early 50’s and going strong).

    About 5 years ago I became a “pseudo” vegetarian. (“Psuedo” as I do eat fish and shell fish). In regards to Insanities “Elite Nutrition’ book, have you or any of your readers modified the meat based recipes for vegetarians and if so would you care to share them with other readers that may also be vegetarians?


  82. Robert Harden

    Hi Rob,

    I would highly recommend you check this review of the Beachbody Meal Planner. It has a Vegetarian option, and I think you will find it works well with Insanity. Keep us posted on your progress! Here’s the link: Beachbody Meal Planner.

  83. Jaymie

    OK, so let me ask – how long was it before anyone started seeing results? Pant sizes going down, scale going down, etc. because I’m on week 3 and I haven’t seen any results. I haven’t lost any inches that I know of and I have stayed at the exact same weight. How in the world is that possible???? I am sweating my butt off everyday!! I did the fit test today for the 2nd time and my #’s all went up so I was really excited about that. I feel more fit but nothing physically to show for it yet. Thanks guys!!!

  84. Mark Dykes

    Jaymie, it was a while before I saw any results too. the first one I picked up on was the abundance of energy. Not sure when I really started noticing big changes, i.e. weight and inches lost, but I kept at it. I am so glad I did, too, as I started seeing changes myself and got compliments from others. It was great motivation to keep on it. don’t get frustrated, and keep digging.

  85. Robert Harden

    I agree with Mark, it takes some time for your body to adjust and get used to the program you’re doing. A lot of time, the differences are noticeable more to others than ourselves. (We are the worst critics of ourselves). The added muscle tone, and loss of bodyfat sometimes makes the weight scale balance out. Take measurements, and photos, that’s where you will really see the difference over time.

  86. chris handy

    Robert, I am a 62 yr. old female enjoying good health. I read the comments and don’t see anyone my age doing Insanity. Am I too old? Why can’t I try it and maybe just take more breaks and do more as I am able? Thank you for any advice you can give me.

  87. Robert Harden

    Chris, I would say everything depends on your fitness level, and current physical condition. The only person that can answer that would be you and your doctor. It’s an extremely challenging program, and not for beginners. Although I have always said, I have had beginners tell me that they made it. Although none age 62. I would say make sure your doctor agrees with you and what you want to try. I would consider a heart rate monitor that will consistently monitor your heart rate, nd break as often as needed, as long as needed, to keep your heart rate in the proper safe level. Consult with your doctor and keep us posted on what you decide. But if you are not in an advanced level of fitness, I would consider a different program first. Good luck in whatever you decide. :)

  88. jake

    hey i work long hours, i end up doing insanity right after i get off work at 11pm. as soon as i get done i take 1 scoop of whey protein and then go to bed. i really have no other time to work out other than late at night. should i not take the protein right before bed? this is my first time EVER taking this stuff and don’t want to abuse or use it in the wrong manner. also don’t want to be headed to bed for it to turn into a nice lump of fat ha. thanks for reading

  89. Robert Harden

    Hey Jake, This could actually be looked at one or two ways. Some people may think that if you are trying to lose weight, this might slow the process, others think that protein, a good quality protein with little fat, won’t hurt. I tend to agree with the second. I would make sure its a good protein, little to no fat, and drink it with water. I think this would be fine. With Insanity, this is likely to get consumed by the body very quickly, and I feel like the chance of gaining weight is zero. Hope this helps, good luck!

  90. Jaymie

    So, here is my update. I have already lost an inch & a half in BOTH arms!!!!!! Definition has started in my biceps and my calves and I can tell a difference in my abs…it is INSANE!!! ha I have more indurance. When I first started I couldn’t even do the last set of exercises, I just fast fwd’d to the stretch, now I can do all of the exercises, even if it’s just a few in the minute allowed. I sprained my ankle 8 weeks ago and was advised not to do any of this but I just stood flat footed while doing high knees or something but I’m getting to the point now where I can jump a little. I can’t do a lot of push up jacks so I do girlie push ups instead but I at least TRY every exercise and go until I just can’t anymore. so there is my update. If any of you are in the same boat my advise is to keep going. I’m glad that I am and I’m almost halfway there!!! My goal is a bikini in the next 7 weeks before vacation to Myrtle Beach!

  91. Robert Harden

    Awesome! Thanks for the update! Great job so far. :)

  92. Tom

    Hey, I have a question about if this is right for me. I did p90x about a year ago and had to stop because I got injured at work and I’m finally released from the doctors after 2 surgery’s and they say i am fine to work out and don’t have any restrictions from anything. But since i had the first surgery i was on bed rest and no physical exercises, i was 5’9 205, i wasn’t fat but i was able to bench 305, now I’m 5’9 235 and can only bench 225(max rep) because of my injury not letting me lift weights, will insanity help me cut the weight i gained from being injured? or is there another program that will help me achieve that soon(like in 4 months) cause I’m getting married and I don’t think lifting will cut the fat I’ve gained. Thanks

    by the way I am 21.

    Tom T.

  93. Elly Crome

    HI! am currently doing the workouts and i really like them!! they are such a challenge, i have five kids, and i am 27, my little baby is only 4 months but i have started to exercise 2 months ago and i feel great, the Insanity is just what i need right now! i love it!
    but am nursing i wonder if the nutriotion guide will be enough for me or if i should eat a little more, any advice?
    tks alot!!

  94. Monica


    I’d just like to say, I’m 5’4, 24 yrs old and before starting Insanity I weighted 222 lbs. The only other workout I did before starting Insanity was Jillian Micheal’s 30 day shred, each workout was 20 minutes long. I wanted to start slow and move my way up. I had the Insanity program long before starting 30 day shred and did not want to start Insanity until I lost a considerate amount of weight, I did not want to injure myself.

    I just decided to start Insanity and its the best decision I’ve ever made. I am currently on week 3 day 5. The last time I weighted myself was June 1st and I was already 6 lbs less from where I started and that was after the 1st week of Insanity. I don’t have a scale at home but I can say that I definitely see the changes in my body. I can last longer without breaks, my thighs are looking a little more toned, my belly is going down and my arms are getting some definition. I just love it!

    If you’re a beginner I don’t think that you should shy away from the program, you could get started with Insanity but go at your own pace. You don’t have to keep up with them the whole time but as long as you keep moving you will begin to see improvements. You will begin to get better each day, there is usually some move I can’t do the first time but CAN do it the second or third time, just listen to your body.

  95. Robert Harden

    Elly, I would consider adding approximately 500 calories extra to what the nutrition guide recommends. Nursing mothers burn some calories! :) Congrats on doing so well with Insanity!

  96. Robert Harden

    Tom, Most people tend to believe that cardio is the best way to get lean. This is not necessarily true. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so adding muscle causes the body to burn more calories to maintain that muscle. So adding muscle is always a PLUS. You still need cardio too. My recommendation is to get back on P90X. I wear a heart rate monitor, and if you are lifting in your rep range, 8-10 to add muscle and 12-15 to tone and get lean, AND your last 3 reps are hard reps, then you are going to get results. Wearing my heart rate monitor, I can burn just as many calories lifting weights with P90X as I do on cardio days. On Legs and Back day I burn more! But P90X DVDs will not get you to your goal by themselves. The P90X diet is JUST as IMPORTANT.

    Now I recommend P90X because that’s the program you have, and that’s the most cost effective option. As you can read from the comments posted here, if you are prepared for the INSANE workouts of Insanity, you can most certainly lose weight. You can’t go wrong there. But I will say, nutrition is just as important in either program. Insanity is tough, its cardio based, but also incorporates muscle by doing some exercises that require you to work your muscles while doing cardio. This is going to tone you muscle, so the muscle burns fat still applies, since Insanity incorporates muscle use too! Hope this helps!

  97. Kristin

    Hey I am a 19 year old girl and I really want to try Insanity. I started really getting into working out my Sophomore year of high school and i would work out for hours a day. i dont work out near that much anymore but i still work out. i am really into jogging. i go five miles a few days a week and i have all the turbo jams. i used to do them a few times a day and worked my way up to being able to run 12 miles last year but now i only do turbo jams every once in a while and i run 5 miles a few days a week and go on walks with my sister. Think i’m ready for it? i think i could push myself to do it but im nervous. I want my body to be more toned and look better.

  98. Kristin

    Oh and i forgot i also want to be able to run most days of the week too. will i be able to do both? im running a half marathon in november i need to get ready for so i want to be able to run too.

  99. Robert Harden

    Hi Kristin,

    I think you can do Insanity, it’s INTENSE, but I think you can do it. :) I think you could add in a run or two if you wanted to, but let me say from a “non-runner” perspective… doing Insanity will improve your running, even if you DON’T run. :) I never timed myself on a run after Insanity, but after I finished a round of P90X, I went for a timed run, and ran a 9:28 mile and a half, with never setting foot on pavement or a track. And it was a 6:30 mile run. Insanity cardio is every bit as tough as P90X if not tougher. So I would personally get Insanity, do only Insanity for the first couple weeks, see how you feel, then decide about the runs. Great program!

  100. Kristin

    Ok thanks fot the advice!!

  101. amanda

    hey umm i have this exercise video insanity it is intense and you can feel ur first workout . i almost felt that i was going to die doing the fitness test.but i did as much as i could today and need encouragement.

  102. Robert Harden

    Amanda, Insanity is a tough program. Your choices for the remainder of the program are to either do as much as you can each day, and stick with it, or possibly try another program that’s a bit easier. I started with Power 90, lost 30 lbs, and then jumped into an advanced program. I don’t know what your current fitness level or perhaps determination level is. If you are willing to push through Insanity, I give you all my encouragement, and will help any way I can! Just start each day, take breaks as you need to, push yourself as much as possible (and safely), and each week, you will get better and better. It may take longer than 60 days to reach all your fitness goals, but a lifetime of health and fitness should be a goal for everyone. If you are a beginner and just feel like Insanity is TOO MUCH, and its a TOUGH program, than there is nothing saying you can’t do an easier program, and then moving back to Insanity. When I say easier, it doesn’t mean its easy, eating right and working out takes some time to develop into a lifestyle change. We’re here to help, good luck and keep us posted!

  103. Jason

    I have been doing insanity workouts now since mid march and I must say it is the best purchase I ever made. Before doing the program I was sluggish and out of shape and consumed lots of sugar and energy drinks to keep going. After about 2 weeks my metabolism really kicked in and i have cut energy drinks out of my diet completely, and have extremely cut back on pop and sugar. Other than that I still eat like I did before only I find myself needing more small meals throughout the day because I am so starving. I am 33 and the program has transformed me tremendously inside and out. I don’t do the fit tests because just feeling better is more than enough result for me plus I am stronger and more toned which is fun too. One negative thing I have found though is that the program has been really hard on my joints. Since beginning I have tweaked both shoulders, a knee and both elbows. I contribute it to my age mostly but am still very happy with the results. I never checked my heart rate once and rested when needed and drank water when I was thirsty. As long as you are working hard you will get the results you don’t have to do everything they do in the video as much as they do. If you are sweating and wore out after you are doing great.

  104. Robert Harden

    Jason, We are always impressed when someone completes the toughest cardio program on DVD! Great job and Keep up the good work! Thanks for being a positive influence to others. We appreciate the feedback!

  105. caesar


    From your experience and past commentaries from others, how many times can the program INSANITY be done. The max I have read is 3 times….do you recommend more than that?

    Thank you for your time!

  106. Robert Harden

    I think after two solid rounds of Insanity, your results will start to slow,and you will begin to adapt. If it were me, I would do Insanity twice, then move to another program such as P90X. Then you could either do a P90X round, or a hybrid program of P90X and Insanity combined. This will keep the momentum going nicely. :)

  107. Chris

    I recently purchased Insanity and have just started. It is Insane! I am a 51 year old female and not in super shape. My exercise routine up till now has consisted of running 2 miles daily and working out with weights at least five days a week. I am 5’5″ and weigh 120 lbs. I purchased Insanity hoping to lose some body fat and tighten up all over. I’m no longer comfortable in short sleeves, t-backs, and definitely not a bathing suit. Anyway, this workout is way beyond my ability, but here is my question: If I stick with the dvds and keep up to the best of my ability will I still get results or am I wasting my time. I’ve already made the monetary investment and don’t want to put out more money on an easier workout. I am hoping I can just work towards this level if I constantly push myself. What are your thoughts?

  108. Robert Harden

    Hi Chris. I think you will still get results with Insanity, even if you are not able to complete them to the best of your ability. Insanity is tough, and will always be tough. The reason being, you can always work harder, jump higher, move faster. So always push forward, do your best, and push yourself, challenge yourself. It may not be perfect at first, you may have to take breaks, you may not be able to finish. Just do your best, that’s all anyone can ever ask. The other part is your nutrition. Nothing can keep you from doing your absolute best on your nutrition. If you really want to maximize your results, you will read that Insanity guide, follow it and use it as it was written. You’ll do great, and check back with us soon. The most important thing in this whole experience is to be smart, and not hurt or injury yourself. Keep us posted, we’re with you!

  109. bb

    hi! i started day 1 of insanity today and boy was it insane! anyway, i have a 1 yr 8 month old baby. i started working out after 6 mos of giving birth and i have used turbo jam and hiphop abs. my diet consists mainly of veggies and fish (and chips urgh!!). though i must admit that i am a yoyo dieter, i have lost a total of 20 lbs in 6 mos. but then i lost track and gained back 10 again. i still workout atleast 3 times a week, and i dont seem to lose weight anymore. thats when i decided to try insanity, i hope to lose atleast 20 more lbs. would that be possible with insanity? or is my goal unrealistic already? pls help!

  110. Robert Harden

    bb, I think it is a very realistic goal. Work out as often as possible, and use your Insanity Elite Nutrition Guide to figure out your daily calories. If you can get these two working in your favor, 20 lbs will not be a problem. :) On the dieting. Just keep in mind that it’s okay to live a little, but you should try to eat 5 times a day, smaller meals. Of those 35 meals a week, try to make at least 80% or better be meals that are good for you. Live a little on the rest, but in moderation. The higher the percentage, the FASTER the results. If you want, sign up for a free Team Beachbody account, and I can coach you along the way!

  111. bb

    thanks robert! well i’ve tried signing up, but it seems that its only for USA and CANADA.. anyhow, its my 3rd day today and my body is very very sore but i’ll continue and i wanna finish this! im just having a lil problem with the nutritional guide because im not used to eating 5 times a day, but im trying really really hard. can i just ask? can a wheat toast with 1 egg enough for 1 meal? and is it fine to replace the recipes in the nutritional guide as long as what you’re eating has the same calories? thanks in advance!

  112. Robert Harden

    How many calories are you supposed to eat per meal? Once you know that, use a site like to help you determine the number of calories you are eating per meal, and then total for the day. Just make sure you are eating somewhere close to the daily nutrients of the Insanity guide too. I believe it is close to 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% fat.

  113. bb

    i just checked i found it a great help. i am supposed to consume 1600 calories per day according to the computation of the elite nutrition guide thats about 300 plus calories per meal. this day though i only consumed 900 calories!!!! do i have a big problem??! or is that ok since i wanna lose weight? day 3 is more on push ups by the way, i can only do a few i hope i can do better next time. thanks again and again.

  114. Paul

    Hey Robert,

    I just moved off to college and I’m trying to stay in shape. In high school I was a very active muay thai kick boxer, rock climber, mountaineer, etc. but the college I moved to is in a city where none of those activities are available. I want to remove my summer flab and get into great shape, do you think insanity is a good option? I’ve never used those dvd things before, but I’m in good shape. Should I start with insanity or work my way up with that P90X? (also will I have enough room in a small college dorm room?)

  115. MommyKrystal

    Thanks for the review. I just started insanity and I love it! I went and registered at, it is telling me that I have earned an extra 1000 calories with my workout? Quick summary. I have a 13 mo old that I still breastfeed a few times a day, Im walking uphill 20 mins a day, doing insanity, and carrying my baby and chasing her around. Should I really have an intake of 2000+ calories? My goal is to lose 45 lbs and tone up. I feel fine with my 1400 calorie intake, but again I just started insanity. Any words of advice? I dont want to deprive my body of what it needs and I dont want to go into starvation mode!!

  116. Robert Harden

    Hi Paul,

    Insanity is bodyweight only, and no equipment necessary. It will put you in the best shape of your life for sure. After you complete a rotation of Insanity, drop me another line and let’s see what would be a good fit. P90X is awesome but requires some bands or weights. I have completed workouts using P90X in a hotel room, so its possible, just more challenging. Insanity I completed in a 6 x 8 foot area! Keep me posted!

  117. Robert Harden

    I would use the Insanity Guide to determine your level of calories. Use to get your daily calories. I seldom use the calculations they suggest. As long as you are nursing, I would add 500 calories to your total from the Insanity guide. You need the calories, and you burn a lot of calories too! Don’t be afraid to eat more food, just make it clean food! Keep me posted, I want to know how you’re doing!

  118. aimtobefit

    Hi, I am 5’0 and 112. I only need to slim down a little bit since I’m already in a “normal” weight. Do you think Insanity will help me get rid of my belly?

  119. Robert Harden

    Insanity is the ticket. Very challenging, and you will definitely lose some calories! :)

  120. Jude Samillano

    I’m planning to lose a lot of weight and look really good for my college reunion next year and also gain more energy for work. Which should I buy? P90X or Insanity?

  121. Robert Harden

    Jude, What is your level of fitness? If you are just starting out, you should consider doing Power 90 for 3 months, then graduating to either P90X or Insanity. Power 90 is a great “getting started” routine. It is basic, and very effective. Especially if you focus on good nutrition. Of course with all 3, good nutrition will get you much better results. I have known beginners or those that have not worked out much, start with P90X or Insanity, but just know that both routines are advanced routines. And most likely you will will not be able to finish the workouts on either. So if you go in with the attitude that you are going to do the best you can, with the goal to be to improve each time, then you’ll do okay. I never say a person can or can’t start with a particular routine, but they need to know that P90X and Insanity are extreme. Power 90 is made for those just starting out. But don’t take Power 90 lightly, I lost almost 30 lbs with Power 90! Diet and exercise is what you will want to focus on. Now as far as P90X or Insanity, it depends on what you prefer. Insanity is all body weight exercises, and is extreme cardio workouts. No equipment is necessary. P90X, you need bands or weights, and a place to do chinups or modified chinups with bands. Both programs have a great nutrition plan. Both are great programs. P90X is a mix of cardio and weight training. Here is an article on P90X Equipment needed. I made Power 90, P90X, and Insanity links to our store, and we would appreciate your business on whichever you decide. We also offer coach support to our customers. Good luck, and keep us posted!

  122. jd

    Hey I’m officially back. I started the program before and after the 6 week mark If I’m being honest the Max part scared the bajeebus out of me. I decided to start tomorrow and go head on and try to come through this time. Will keep you inform!

  123. Jude Samillano

    Thanx Mr. Harden.

  124. Robert Harden

    Welcome back JD. No problem at all Jude. :)

  125. B

    I’ve done Insanity off and on for about a year now, and my problem is commitment!!
    I notice a difference after two weeks of doing this workout, this was only using it for month one and I didn’t really diet. I eat healthy, and make right food choices constantly, but not necessarily cutting out all the bad stuff out. I don’t use salad dressings, just vinegar and oil, and I always cook chicken and mashed potatoes using all low fat products. When I drink pop, I drink diet (which is not the healthiest, but I am spoiled when it comes to carbon.) I get bored with the same routine and workouts, or once I see a difference in myself; I stop doing it!! I’m lucky enough to see results quickly, but then my motivation deceases and then in one month I’m back to the old me. I’ve always been easy at gaining muscle, and with one Insanity workout… I feel myself instantly tighter which again, is my problem because I then think only having to workout once a week is okay. I guess my main problem is motivation … I have none and no support from anyone which makes me think, why even do it….

  126. Robert Harden

    B, You’re not the only person that struggles with being consistent. Lots of people do. I struggled quite frequently back in 2005 when I got started. Now it’s a part of my lifestyle, I make time for working out like I make time for eating, sleeping, working, family time etc. Once you can get to that point, it gets easier. :) Somethings that might help is getting involved in a fitness community. Join mine, I’m also a Beachbody coach, so I am happy to help. Visit my coach page here to sign up. Once you do that, go to the forums, and find others doing Insanity. Other things help too, find a workout partner, or make your spouse or family member check in on you and your progress. Tell them what your goals are. Like 60 days of Insanity! Then report in weekly. I’m currently half way through my 2nd round of Insanity, I have the calendar on my desk, and I mark off each day. You can do this! But YOU have to ultimately. Be determined and get it done! As Shaun T says, DIG DEEP. Keep me posted, better yet, report back here after your first full week of Insanity, I’ll be waiting for you. :)

  127. John

    I recently moved into a new apartment and the basement, where I work out, has a really slippery floor. It’s so slippery that it makes the workouts nearly impossible since I slide around so much. I was wondering if there was any type of mat I could put down on the floor that won’t slide around. I’ve looked at the Gold’s Gym 6-Piece Puzzle Mat, but the reviews say that it slides a lot. I really like the Insanity program, but I don’t have anywhere to do it now.

  128. Robert Harden


    I have been using a “puzzle piece” type mat from Lowe’s. I don’t know if you have a Lowe’s or something similar. I’ve done all kinds of workouts on this mat, including 2 rounds of Insanity. I’m using a 6×8 area. Here’s a link so that you can get a look at what I use. Also, it provides some cushion for the knees! I found mine in a gray color, but should I want a dash of color, those were available too. :)

  129. John

    Thanks! That should work perfectly!

  130. Carrie

    I just purchased Insanity from your site and am very excited to get started. My husband and I are wanting to have a second child, but I would like to loose about 20lbs before we due to some border line medical issues I had with my first pregnancy. My problem is motivation. I start out good but then after a week or so I quit. As far as my diet I do good during the week when I’m working because I end up packing my lunches and snacks, but come time for the weekend and I completely blow it. This looks like a fun workout that reminds me a lot of a fitness boot camp I went through several years ago. I hope that I can keep up my motivation.

  131. Robert Harden

    Carrie, Good LUCK! Just take it one day at a time. I highly recommend printing the workout calendar and marking off the days as you complete them. I’m doing this for my second round and it keeps me focused and moving forwards each day as I see weeks get checked off. Feel free to contact me if you need a kick in the right direction. ;)

  132. Jessica

    Hello, I am 22 years old – 5’0 and 180lbs I have been doing Insanity now for just about 2 weeks and man is it hard! I find that during the videos I am taking breaks when I need and also as much as I am trying to stay with the pace of the DVD, I find myself after the 1st or 2nd set going a little slower than the tape is. I was just wondering if this was ok? At first I was telling myself “hey, as long as I am trying my best, getting through the entire workout and pushing myself as far as I can, its better than not working out at all”. Do you agree? At this point I am just second guessing myself that maybe its too much and I wont get any results by not following the workouts speed and intensity. Do you think I will still see results? I am sweating more than I have ever sweated from a workout and I am consuming 2 bottles of water during each workout. Please give me some words of wisdom and encouragement. I want to get in shape and lose weight so badly! Im so determined and I am willing to push it through all of the workouts and hopefully the growth will come with each time I do them. Thanks so much!

  133. Robert Harden

    Jessica, If you push yourself, like it sounds like you are, than the exercise part is going to be fine! Just keep doing your best. If you take breaks and start again, fine, even if your pace is slower, just keep pushing play. Results WILL come! Now the other BIG factor will be your nutrition. The Insanity Food guide is great! Find your calories needed, and then plan your daily meals. There is an option for figuring up calories to lose weight, so do that and get the amount. Stay at the recommended calories as much as you can. If you push through the workouts, but don’t improve and follow the meal plan, you won’t get the results that you want. Nutrition is important! You can do it! You might also repeat month one too. Month two is a lot harder, so you want to get month one down pretty good before moving on. Come back and let me know how you are doing!

  134. Jaz

    Hey Robert, I’m 20 5’2 and currently close to the 180lbs mark…it’s really embarrassing to talk about since just a few years ago I was only 120lbs and worked out at least 3 times a week for an hour…I wasn’t in perfect shape but I ate good portion sizes and i’ve alway been a fan of vegetables….but now the only excercise I get is walking to my classes in college, cleaning my house, and taking the stairs….I’ve become very sluggish and out of shape and struggle with my body image daily….I’ve been looking into different excercise programs and stumbled upon Insanity and P90x…I’ve heard great reviews about both but I don’t know which would be best for me and my level of fitness…I like insanity because you don’t have to buy any equipment, as i’m low on funds, but I worry that maybe it’s too rigorous for my level of fitness….I’d really like you’re opinion on the matter so I can make an educated decision. thanks.

  135. Robert Harden


    Insanity is a TOUGH workout. And whether its right for you in going to be up to you. With determination, commitment and a no quit attitude, you could do Insanity. But its advanced. If you have weight to lose, and want to start with a beginner workout program, consider Power 90. It’s a basic program, requires a resistance band that comes with it, and is a very solid program. I started with it, and loved it. If you tackle Insanity, take breaks, do your best, and be consistent. P90X requires a chin up bar or a place to do chin ups with a resistance band for modification. You will also need resistance bands or dumbbells. Both are sold separately, unless you buy the deluxe kit. Whatever program you decide, just focus in on your nutrition, eat as clean as possible, and press play every day. Come back and let me know how you are doing.

  136. latorya

    Hello could insanity work for me? I was wondering because I’m 280 and really need some help! I’m willing to do the work

  137. Lynda C


    I just started the Insanity workout ( on day 4) and love it! I have marble floors throwout but do all my workouts on an arae rug .
    1. Is that enough support or should I buy a mat?
    2. I bought excellent cross training shows and also bought the padded inserts for high impact exercising
    3. I also been starving and pretty exhausted is that normal? what are your thoughts?


  138. Robert Harden

    Hi Lynda,

    See how you feel with the shoes and area rug. I work out on a mat, but if it’s working for you, go with it. :) You are burning up the calories with Insanity. Make sure you are getting enough food. Did you figure up your calories in the Elite Nutrition guide? Make sure you get enough food (energy) to get through the program. Double check your numbers and make sure! Keep me posted!

  139. LyndaC

    I’m 5’4″ and 118 lbs . Very active howant calories should I be eating?

  140. Robert Harden


    I would start with Power 90. It’s a great program, designed for weight loss. It also shows you a good starting diet. Get your diet lined out, do Power 90, and you’ll get results. I think Insanity is great, but it’s extremely challenging. Too many people think they have to start with the hardest program, for the fastest results. That’s just not true. I started with Power 90 myself and lost 30 lbs in the first 90 days with a good diet. Then I moved to P90X, later Insanity. Diet and a good basic program like Power 90 will be a great start. I also coach all my customers, that buy from Extremely-Fit, so once you get the program, I can answer some questions and get you started!

  141. Robert Harden

    There is an easy to follow formula in the guide book, you should have gotten a white manual with your program, it also has a fantastic meal plan!

  142. LyndaC


  143. Rin


    I am thinking of starting Insanity. I do however live in an apartment building. I am concerned that my downstairs neighbors may complain about all the noise. Do you believe it will be difficult to perform with this restraints??

  144. Robert Harden


    There is a lot of plyometric moves in this, so it could be hard on the neighbors. But several factors considered…. are you working out in a room that is over their living room or bedrooms? Working out late at night or early in the morning? You are always told to try and land softly, so you may have to try extra hard. :) You get a free workout when you order from us too, here’s the link:

  145. DJ


    I for some reason don’t have the Pure Cardio disc. Do you think I should do a different one in it’s place? Or, take these workouts and just do it myself and time it out as good as I can?

  146. Robert Harden

    DJ, I would contact the place you purchased the set, Pure Cardio is a great workout. If you have to replace it with another you can, but you miss out on the workout itself. If you had purchased from us, we could have helped you with a replacement.

  147. Ieshia

    Hi there! I stumbled upon this page doing research on Insanity and I must say that I am pleased with it. You actually respond to the peoples posts too which I think is really cool. Anyway, I am totally sold. I really would love to invest my money in this program after seeing the commercial. I have been wondering though if this is a program is for “somewhat” of a beginner. I’m 19, 5’6″, and weigh 188. I do have a boxing DVD as well as a in home walking DVD that I use -from time to time-.(I’m not the most in-shape person in the world but I’m nowhere near a slug either.) It’s evident that there are other DVDs for beginners from you guys but I honestly don’t want to start there. I know that this program is reeeeally challenging. I must say that I need a challange and am ready for one. I’m sure that if I work myself hard while using this program and put my mind to it, results will come and so will improvement. Hard work is the key! As well as eating right. I think I can do it and I think that I am ready. What are your thoughts Robert? :)

  148. rachel

    hey, sorry to be a bother but was wondering what effect this would have on a woman? im pretty fit because i play international level squash and am trying to get into even better shape but i dont want to have broad shoulders, bulky thighs and big arms. sorry for troubling you

  149. Robert Harden

    Leshia, I always like to encourage people to do what they really want to do, and I believe that if the mind is strong enough, and you work out to your best ability, which may include plenty of breaks, and rest, that ANYTHING is possible. I have had many beginners report back to me that it was challenging, but that they made it. Yet I have had others start it, and quit due to the difficulty, or I should say too much too soon. I don’t want to discourage anyone wanting to get fit. I do believe that far too many think they need a really hard workout to get in shape. They feel the harder the workout, the faster it works, etc. I generally encourage people to start out with something they can really get into, that’s designed for starting out. I did Power 90, a starter program, that can be as challenging as you want it to be, by simply working harder. But it was manageable to start, and easy to grasp, and started at a pace that wasn’t incredibly challenging. I lost 30 lbs in 90 days. Its a great weight loss program. Consider that as an option too. Let me know what you decide! :)

  150. Robert Harden

    Rachel, All the women I see on the Insanity DVDs look great! I don’t believe you would have any problems with what you describe. Here is the link if you should decide to go for it! We offer a free additional DVD when you shop in our store. Good luck!

  151. Ieshia

    Hello there. I thought about your response, and I’ve decided that I will start out with Power 90 like you suggested. Then I will build up to Insanity. I have been known to start an exercise routine out strong, and then I fall off the bandwagon a week later because it was too much. I think “slowly but surly” is the method I should approach this with. Thank you for your suggestion Robert!

  152. Rian

    Hi Robert,
    I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I was introduced to Insanity program by a friend at the dojo where I train martial arts. The program is hard, but I think it is very good. I really want to have a beach body I am glad I have the privilege to be introduced to such program. However I have a couple of questions to ask you. First, I cannot do the workout as scheduled in the given calendar. Would this become a problem in terms of results? Second, here in Jakarta, our diet is consisted of mainly rice and stir fried vegetables or noodles. Getting the right diet as laid out in the meal plan is possible, but it will come at a cost. Do you think the workout would become a waste if not accompanied by the right diet?

    I am looking forward to hear from you again. Thanks.

  153. Robert Harden

    Rian, I would do the best you can do with what you have readily available. If you can not follow the schedule, just do what you can to stay as close as you can. Same for the nutrition. I would try to stay as close as possible, but don’t get too stressed out if you can not stay perfect to the nutrition schedule. While I’m sure the type of food is important, the biggest thing I would shoot for is your number of calories. Figure out what your calories should be and try to stay in that range as much as possible. Then see what your results are at the end of 60 days. Your results will determine how much cost you want to put in to make the 2nd round even better. Good luck!

  154. Rian

    Cool. That sounds fair enough. Many thanks Robert!

  155. Lance

    Hey Robert I just finished my day 5 right now and its true for these past few days i could hardly move my body and I have no idea what’s really pushing me thru but I love the workout, I honestly would say that my muscles would cry out of pain and stop to let them breath for a couple of seconds then do it again but what really gets me is that on Sunday would you recommend me to rest? Cause I really want to do sonething, i cant stop thinking what kind of results I’ll get

  156. Robert Harden

    Lance, Sometimes all we want to do is Go Go Go, but in all reality, skipping a rest day will actually slow your results. Let your body RECOVER. If you do anything, do a stretch workout. Don’t worry it’s only for one day. ;)

  157. Lance

    So you would reccomend me doing the recovery workout right? Thanks a lot Robert and I wanna get the shirt soon but I didn’t get to measure my self :\ is there anyway? I take pictures everyday before all day and after most of the time. Would it be possible?

  158. Lance

    So you would reccomend me doing the recovery workout right? Thanks a lot Robert and I wanna get the shirt soon but I didn’t get to measure my self, is there anyway? I take pictures everyday before all day and after most of the time. Would it be possible?

  159. Robert Harden

    Yes, definitely do the recovery. To get the shirt, you need to have a photo prior to starting Insanity, and then your after picture.

  160. eElly Crome

    hi!! i got awezome results from insanity i would like to get my tshirt but i dont live in the usa at the moment is there any chanse i could get my tshirt abroad, please please, !!!! can someone tell me????

  161. Lance

    Thank a lot Robert you’ll be hearing from me next week :)

  162. Carmen

    I don’t know if you are still monitoring this. I am thinking of buying this set but not sure I am up to it. I’m a 47 year old in OK shape. Not fabulously fit but I am not a total slug either. Workout is usually on an eliptical trainer each day for 30 mins or so. Dont’ want to waste my money if it is just going to be too much for me. Any comments?

  163. Robert Harden

    Carmen, I believe that anyone can do anything (including Insanity) if they have their mind set. However, doing a intense cardio program is not the only way to get in great shape. I started with a program called Power 90 and did very well starting out. A good diet, and Power 90 set the proper ground work for my fitness lifestyle. After that I tackled P90X and then Insanity. Take a look at P90, I guarantee you’ll get great results if you follow the program and nutrition. Keep me posted!

  164. Carmen

    OK thanks. My main concern is that my knees are a bit shot and it looks pretty high impacts so it isn’t so much my determination as much as physical limitations. Thanks for the info. I may well just give P90 a try first. Got 2 months before my daughter’s wedding so it should put me well on my way! Thanks again. C

  165. Robert Harden

    Carmen, I understand. Insanity is high impact. Jump on P90, and get a good solid nutrition strategy and you’ll do great!

  166. Diane

    Love all the info… It’s great!

  167. Nancy

    I was wondering, does this program suit anyone at any weight who wants to get fit (for example, over 250 lbs), or is it really more geared for people who just want to drop a few pounds/inches?

  168. Krysti

    This is a great workout. Just to note: I am about 60 pounds overweight, and while I sweat, I am able to do everyone of the workouts. (The level 2 drills kick my butt and I am not able to go at the pace they go, but I still do it). I have lost 15 pounds in the month that I have been doing Insanity. If I can do it, anyone can. It takes commitment, focus, and a whole lot of sweat!

  169. Robert Harden

    Krysti… you go! I love it! Thanks for sharing, come back and give us another update!

  170. Robert Harden

    Nancy, This depends on several factors. As a general rule, I refer people that are just starting out to a program like Power 90, Its not necessarily how hard a program is that gets the results of weight loss, its nutrition and workouts. I lost 30 lbs using Power 90 in a 90 day period. But I have also known people to start with Insanity, and have great results too. Insanity is a very challenging program, and can be done by anyone with the right precautions, taking breaks, and determination. However, P90 is a great starter program, designed for those starting out. Good luck. We offer bonus DVDs in our store for Insanity, so be sure to check out our page there if you decide to go that route. Good luck! Keep us posted!

  171. Brent

    Just finished Insanity last week. I thought I was in good shape, but this made me 1000x better. Went from 188 lbs to 176 lbs and lost all that unnecessary fat….and I’m ripped and the 6 pack starting to show up.

    Bottom line, give 100% and it works. Can’t take breaks for more than 5-10 seconds. Push, push, finish and you WILL get results. But it also may take 2, 3, or 4 rounds to get to where you want to be. Don’t make excuses, stay on schedule, eat healthy, and give it your all. Your life will change.

  172. Robert Harden

    Brent, Thanks for the review. Sounds like you’re rockin the workout! Nice job!

  173. Victor

    The part of “never stop moving” did pushed me. But then there is one work out (I think it is the max interval) where Shaun tells one of the cast members “Take a break! Sometimes a break can kick you” which is very much true. Now it is also important that in another work out Shaun yells at this other dude “Don’t take your a break! Push yourself” which is the whole point of “digging deeper”.
    My point here is that while your muscles BURN at several occasions, it is better to just jog it off for a bit, and then push the drill harder. This will get you better results than just stopping completely and telling yourself… this stuff is bananas.

  174. Robert Harden


    Thanks for your comments. I’m certain they’ll help our readers. Most people quit to soon, they have more within themselves, but they don’t dig deep. Great comments, thanks!

  175. Nicole

    Hello! I recently started INSANITY and I love it. I am very excited to see my results after the 60 days. However, I cant help but wonder what I should do once I have completed INSANITY. I am the type of person who loves to challenge myself so I do not think that I will be interested in constantly repeating the program every two months. Do you have any suggestions for me? Thank you!!

  176. Robert Harden

    Nicole. In a word. ASYLUM.

    Asylum is the next workout program by Shaun T. It will give you another program just as intense as Insanity, plus it also has a workout calendar that shows you how to combine the two programs. So its like 3 programs in one. Insanity (which you have already), Asylum, and Insanity and Asylum mixed. :)

  177. Daniel

    Robert, I was wondering if i could participate in one additional exercise on the six insanity days. The additional workouts would include 30 min of jogging and some weightlifting as well. Do you think i will do more harm than good if i do another workout later in the day after my insanity workout? So basically i’m asking: Is one insanity workout a day enough or can/should i do more to speed up my result process?

  178. Robert Harden

    Daniel, I think you can get great results “as is”. If I added anything in, it would be some weight training. Insanity has a deluxe workout package, that has an Insanity Upper Body Workout. You can add that in 2-3 times a week, either as a double day routine, cardio in the morning and upper body weight training in the evening, or simply take out a cardio and do upper body. Only you can determine what is best for you, you just want to make sure you don’t over train, or eat too little for the extra workouts and halt your results due to not enough food. Here’s the Deluxe program with weight training. And if you already have Insanity, and just need the weight training, get this one:

  179. JMKPA

    I started Insanity while on vacation and away from my trainer. So far so good. I have to stop and rest throughout the routines, but I’m not giving up! Can I continue to do weight work with my trainer 2-3 times a week when I return home? I recently lost 30 pounds and I am eager to drop that last 10 and get my body fat % down. Love your reviews!

  180. Robert Harden

    JMKPA, If you want, buy the DELUXE dvds. It comes with a weight workout from Shaun T. Add that in 2-3 times per week, and you can do everything from HOME! Especially if you are paying gym memberships or your trainer, you can save money. unless you just want to. :) Here’s the link:

  181. Dammy


    I live in Suriname (South America)
    I am at day 18 of the INSANITY workout and I am enjoying every workout more and more.

    I was wondering about the Pure Cardio & Cardio abs workouts of day 13, 17, 22 and 26. Up till now I have gone through the first part of the dvd all the way to the cool down and than switched to the abs part. I am not sure if this is the right approach though. Should I wait to do the cooldown of the cardio part untill after the abs? Or am I doing this right?

  182. Robert Harden

    Dammy, I think you can do it either way. I would skip the cool down, do the abs, and then cool down. But in the end, whatever works best for you.

  183. Dammy

    Thanks Robbert, I’ve decided to try out waiting with the cooldown until after the abs.

  184. Stefni


    My friend and I are on the first week. We can usually do 2 of the three reps without losing form. So we usually do something that requires less “watch your form” policies. So till I get that endurance – I want to build it. Will it harm me to also do 45-60 minutes on a treadmill of cardio….some fast walking with 1-2 minute running intervals as to not kill myself? I have been doing insanity in the morning then cardio after work. Will I still have some sort of response to this or not? We just know when we lose form we could get injured or we may just not be working the right areas. Thank you for all your help.


  185. Robert Harden

    I think this is fine. Just make sure you are doing your best with Insanity first, and then just don’t over train. You’re doing fine!

  186. Jack Olero

    Only thing i hate about insanity is they dont have the proper instruction of what the safe and proper form of the exercise are. Insanity workout is a challenge. Pure Cardio comes up after weeks of training.( at least on your 2nd week) you dont have to do it on their pace in the first few weeks but its good if you can cope up to the pace in the future weeks… best advice before doing your day video: do a short stretch before doing the warm up especially the hips, knees and ankles…. first stretch is for your cold muscles and the stretch in the video is when you muscle is all warmed up…safety over form over speed. that is the training formula for developing your balance and that should be your fundamental. if you do the training properly, you will develop your balance, strengthen your core and then tone your muscles…. doing the reps safely and with the correct form over and over again for weeks tones your… its called “Insanity” for a reason… its designed for the work out junkies… you might not build your muscles on the first month but you will develop the energy and balance to cope with the program… all I am saying is this is not for the weak minded people. you should be able to challenge your self everyday. if you dont get ripped in 60+ days, it sure gives you core strength, energy, balance and the motivation to go for the 2nd round or start P90X. keep sweating peeps….

  187. Robert Harden

    Thanks Jack for posting your thoughts, much appreciated!

  188. Jack Olero

    I started doing Insanity workout with a weight of 285… with a diet change (added fruit, less carbs and protein and lots of water) and the will to lose weight, i am now between 235-240 in 5weeks… hoping to be 215-210 after i finish the program… dedication to work out and a healthy diet is all you need…. if you want a slimmer/ripped body… you have to earn it…

  189. mika

    hi there!!you are otally right..insanity is totally INSANE..i have tried to do the whole workout of day 1 since november but tell you what…
    at last i start doing the full workout programme on 5/2/ 1 was tough but i keep on seraching on the internet about insanity and the word ‘insanity is not for a lazy people’ caught my eye.then i thought that maybe i cant finish the workout before bcoz i always say to myself ‘dont push too much ,i’m anemia i cant do just how i do’ since then i keep myself burning up with the spirit to continue the insanity programme and on day 3 i finally can do the 40mins workout ^^ .i love insanity since then :P today i’m in week 2 day 9..hope i still can pushing myself off the limit more!! :D *sorry for writing to long :)

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