Insanity Asylum Review: Speed & Agility

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Insanity Asylum Speed & Agility

Welcome back for another Insanity Asylum Review.

If you are just joining me, this is actually one in a series of reviews.  So make sure to check out my review list for each workout in Asylum!

So today was day 1, but it feels like day 2.  I did the Fit Test yesterday. I also started my 100% clean eating diet yesterday.  I fully intend on completing Asylum with 100% effort in the workouts, and 100% effort in the nutrition.  I will never ask a customer, or friend, or anyone to do something, that I am not willing to do myself.  So if I ask, “How’s your diet?” I’m not sitting around with a piece of cake and ice cream.  it’s because I’m willing to get in the trenches with you.  So anyway (sorry for the side track)….

So when I got up this morning, and wandered out to my workout area, I was feeling pretty good.  Right up until we started the warmup.  Now if you have done Insanity, you know that Shaun T’s idea of a warmup, is some other trainers idea of a full blown workout.  So anyway, the warmup started with jumping rope.  And I immediately thought.  “Wow, my calves are sore from the Fit Test!”  And from that point until the cool down and stretch, it never slowed down!  The cool down and stretch was such a wonderful moment in time.  You pushed yourself, you worked hard, and now it was time to catch your breath, and to feel good about what you just accomplished.

Now, let me add, that I’m sure these workouts will get better, as I adapt.  So in an attempt to give you the best of both worlds, I will write my initial review from a “first time” perspective.  Then as I progress through the month, I will come back and comment down below, with additional thoughts as I go through my 30 days.  So subscribe to the comments as well.  You can do that down below.  The easiest way is to post a quick comment and then subscribe to replies.  I wholeheartedly believe that the workouts will always be intense, but it won’t be as big of a shock on my body as I move forward in the month.

I feel like I’m jumping around a little in the review, but I hope you are able to stick with me.  If something is not clear, or you would like me to elaborate on something, just comment down below, and I’ll clear it up, or answer any questions!  Ok, moving onward!

So today’s workout was Insanity Asylum: Speed & Agility.

The workout begins with a warmup and the clock on the screen says 45:10. The warm up last approximately 10 minutes.  I think its funny what a misconception that is.  I thought 45:10 (sweeeet, under an hour).  Somehow 2 hours passed, or at least it felt that way!  But I can say the workout is actually engaging.  It’s fast paced, and interesting.  The warmup lasts about 10 minutes or so, and during the warmup you perform various jump roping drills, and ladder drills.  I was somewhat dreading the jump rope.  But I think with some practice, I will see big improvements here over the month.  They also had someone without the rope if you need to start without it.

At approximately 34:50 on the clock, you go into a much appreciated stretch,which lasts about 3 minutes.  I actually stretched for a few minutes before pushing play.  Just a minute or two to limber up the hamstrings, which were angry from the previous day.

At around 32 minutes on the clock, you begin the first part of the workout.  This lasts about 8 minutes, give or take.  In previous reviews, I would give a “play by play”, but in this review….you get a less detailed version.  Just know that you do approximately 5 drills in this section, and they last approximately 1 minute.  The agility ladder is used quite a bit.  And a lot of the moves are not revolutionary, but using the ladder to enure proper form takes the workout to a whole new level.  I love/hate this ladder!

Your new friend, the agility ladder.

At approximately 23:40 on the clock, you get a very short break.  Not long at all.  And then you begin about 13 minutes of round 2.   This round involves 10 moves, at about 1 minute each.  It’s during this time, that you really have to dig down.  Waaaaay down.  Shaun T says: ” If you don’t push yourself past the barriers, then there’s no way you’re gonna progress!”  No one is there watching you.  I though numerous times, what if.  What if Shaun was here watching me.  Would I want him to find me on my knees taking a break?  Don’t get me wrong, I took breaks, I had to take breaks.  But I tried to push as hard as I could within my limitations.  You’ll have to find your own motivation, your own happy place, something that keeps you going!

At approximately 10:30, Shaun T says you’re going into the Power Round.  4 moves in this power round that lasts about 7 minutes.  DIG DEEP, and finish STRONG.  The last move was agility shoulder taps, he said get 5.  I got 4 and a half, it took the last ounce of my being.  I’ll get 5, that’s a promise, and I’ll get 5 without taking a break.  (It might take 30 days…. but I’ll get there).  Now you get a water break, and finish with a 3 minute 30 second cooldown/stretch.

At the end of this workout, I was soaked front to back, and exhausted.  My calves were on fire, and I noticed my upper back was starting to get sore.  Funny how these workouts tend to weigh on all of us differently.  You may have other muscle aches.  I’m sure tomorrow on Strength, I’ll put some muscle aches on top of the old ones.  🙂

So now it’s your turn, post a comment below, what did you think of the Speed & Agility?  Did I miss something?  Have a question?  Comment or contact me anytime.  Also don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook.  We’ll be talking Insanity Asylum!

Insanity Asylum

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  1. Lisa C

    Yay! Bring it on! Agility is tough ! I can’t wait to begin…

  2. Shauna

    The one thing I did notice about Asylum is that it requires a bit more space to do quick transitions than did Insanity. When I’ve had to use a small space for Insanity, it generally didn’t become an issue, but using the same amount of space for Asylum required me to move the ladder in order to jump rope (especially in the Speed & Agility and Plyo workouts). So when it’s time to switch between the two, it takes a little time away from that segment. It’s not that big of a deal, but I do like to make sure I get every second of torture that I can!

  3. Robert Harden

    Good point Shauna, I meant to cover that as well. I actually have to do the same thing. It does take a few seconds to make the switch. You can certainly get by, as you and I do, but a larger space would be nice.

  4. Mitch

    Keep the reviews coming!!

  5. Robert Harden

    I did Speed & Agility for the 2nd time. This workout while still physically demanding, I felt like I was able to push harder for two reasons. 1. I knew the routine a little better, and 2. I didn’t die the first time, so I knew I could survive the second. If you are doing Asylum, keep pushing harder each workout. Remember Shaun T says, “The training doesn’t begin until you start to get tired.” Go go go…

  6. Robert Harden

    Finished my 3rd Speed & Agility workout. I was extremely tired at 5 am, but managed to get the PLAY button pushed and start the workout. Once you start the workout, there is only one way to go, and that’s forwards. Which the bright side is, the longer you go forwards, the closer you get to the end. Still a crazy cardio burning machine of a workout. Fun, challenging, and rewarding, once you get finished…. 🙂

  7. Sidd

    Hey Robert, Yet another Awesome review brotha! I have a question for you, I am currently in the second week of Asylum and while working out during(speed & agility, Vertical Plyo) I find myself on knees and heart racing at million miles per second and what I want to know is apart physical aspect of it, how do you mentally prepare to overcome barriers. How do you push so that you are as good or better. Any comment or help is greatly appreciated.

    thank brotha!

  8. Robert Harden

    Sidd, Thank you on the review. Nothing like a Shaun T workout to give yourself a mental challenge, as much as a physical one. While I still am forced to take breaks on Asylum, I try to live by Shaun’s “Asylum rule” take two breaths, and get back in it. No matter how slow you go, keep moving. Keep your form, but keep moving. I do everything I can to improve each workout. I know that on Vertical Plyo, I have trouble on certain areas. On those areas, I do everything I can to hold out longer than I did the time before. To prepare, well, that’s just where you have to get mentally stronger, as you do physically. Each time, push yourself, move forwards, put Shaun T in the room with you. If Shaun was circling the room, and you hit your knees, could you find the strength to get back up? We all hold back naturally, we protect ourselves, its human nature. You have to resist that temptation, and just push harder. You can do it. We all can!

  9. Kristi white

    Hi Robert
    Thanks for the honest and detailed review. I love Insanity and really can’t wait to try Asylum. I have never done a more intense workout series. I’ve done all of Chalene Johnson’s and now Shaun T. Are there any other (besides p90x) that you would recommend for an intense workout? Thank you,

  10. Robert Harden


    Thank you for your comments on the review. If you have tried Insanity, then you’ve done the hardest of them all, except now Asylum is a top contender too. 🙂 That’s my opinion. I think you have tried most everything in the Beachbody family, P90X is a great program too, so you should consider that. But sounds like you are ready for Asylum next! Please consider coming back to our store when you decide to tackle Asylum!

  11. Robert Harden

    So I finished Asylum. Yea!! But on my last workout of Speed & Agility, I heard something I have not heard any other time. After the Agility Shoulder Taps, the very last exercise, he makes a comment about doing more shoulder taps. How did I miss this the entire month. (Probably exhausted, lol). Listen for it, the very end, he says do more if you can. So my last time at Speed & Agility, I did 3 more rotations at the very end!

  12. Nappytdy

    It was tough, but my biggest difficulty in any and all of these workouts is finding the right atheletic shoe to do the task. I just have not found a do all shoe. Anyway, on the real note, that doggone ladder moves around so much. I think, it may work better on carpet.
    My jump rope touches the ceiling alot. I measured according to his standards, but I am 5’9″ and the ceiling is a little lower. It was indeed a hinderance. However, the workout was tough, but I didn’t realize when the clock was down to almost 5 min for cool down. That is how engaged I was.

  13. Robert Harden

    Nappytdy. On some of the moves, like double jump, I just drop the rope and do the moves. The others I just focus on keeping the rope low and jumping low. The ladder is part of the challenge. 🙂

  14. Nappytdy

    Hi Robert,
    I don’t know if I had the opportunity to come back to visit with you, but I have about 5 days left for Asylum and by the way, I am now a Beachbody Coach and I am truly enjoying it. I have even signed up a coach. Again, I thank you so much, because you are such a great coach and great motivator. You set great examples.

  15. Rob

    Can you add each exercise please for Asylum,I found your insainty review on each exercise very good….

  16. Robert Harden

    Rob, thank you for the kind words on the Insanity Reviews. At this time the individual moves is not on the schedule. Too many reviews and not enough time. 🙂 Thanks for visiting the site.

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