Insanity Workout Nutrition Guide: Part 1 Review

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Today I want to share my review of the Insanity Workout Nutrition guide/plan with you. The basic concept behind the nutrition plan is very simple, which will hopefully agree with anyone who chooses to take on the Insanity workout program. Not only is it simple, but I think that users will find it that it really works.

The Insanity Workout Nutrition guide is broken down into Month One and Month Two (Insanity is a 2 month/60 day program). The guide encourages 5 meals a day, which would have you eating a meal every 2 1/2 – 3 hours. There is a section for each meal of the day. Within each meal section there are 10 choices/recipes to choose from. This is a total of 50 recipes provided in the guide.

Month #1: Each meal consists of approximately 300 calories, but there are directions as to how one might modify to increase their caloric intake to 400 or 500 calories per meal. This of course is subject to each individual’s daily calorie need. These modifications are referred to as “food blocks” in the nutritional guide. The “food blocks” are measured in 100 or 200 calorie increments, and can be used for snacks as well.  So if you need 400 calories per meal.  Add a food block. etc.

Month #2: Eat more! Your body’s metabolism has been ramped up and will burn more calories than before due to the insane workouts you’ve been doing. Also, the workouts are more intense during Month 2, so your body will need even more fuel to function. An easy fix for this increase in calories is to add 1-3 of the 100 calories complex carbohydrates that are found on page 59 of the guidebook. It also helps you to find out what your particular daily caloric needs are. You can find the formula in the guidebook, or go see our previous article “How to Get in Shape”.  This article will help you determine the daily calories you need, even if you don’t have the Insanity Nutrition Guide.

Also, the Insanity nutrition guide provides nutrition fundamentals for beginners. The meaning and examples of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. They also include an extensive list of food substitutions that are broken down in the following categories: dairy, protein, breads/starches, fruits, and vegetables. A copy of Michi’s Ladder is also included. And, last but not least, a small nutrition trouble shooting section that gives answers to questions like: “What if I feel hungry” and “What if I’m not losing weight.” Overall, this is a great nutritional guide, and really could be used for just healthy eating.

This review will take part in 2 sections, the next and last section I will provide some examples of the recipes found in the nutritional guide. I hope that you have enjoyed this small, but hopefully informative review of the Insanity Workout Nutrition guide. Part 2 of this review will be available next week. :)  Be sure to check out all of our Insanity Reviews.


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  1. Jim Thomas

    Hi Robert,

    Just wanted to say thank you for the reviews. I’m 47 years old and wondered if I could do Insanity given all I was hearing. I bought it the first day it was available and started the workouts the same time as you and have been reading your reviews. Your reviews are spot on not only in describing the physical aspects but also the mental part. Good job.

    One other thing others may find helpful… I travel a lot for work and I like P90X because I can at least take bands and do the workouts in my hotel room. Just pop the DVD’s in my laptop and get after it. Insanity also does not require a alot of space and there are no weights or bands so this routine is also great for people who want to stay in shape when they travel and not disrupt their routine. I went on a trip to China last week and had no problems doing the workouts. The hard part travelling is the diet….

    Tomorrow is the last workout of the first four weeks of the program for me (Plyo). Next week should be interesting. Then into the second round…. I’m getting nervous and at the same time looking forward to it. Ha.


  2. Robert Harden

    Thanks Jim. I took a week off for vacation, so you are actually ahead of me now. :) So true about the work out space. I have a 6′ x 8′ section that I use for Insanity, and it works great. So you are absolutely correct. No weights, no bands, no equipment….. Just a small workout area. Glad you enjoy the reviews!

  3. Jim Thomas

    Oh my. If you don’t hear from me in two weeks assume I did not survive. :-)

    Hope you enjoyed your vacation. And you’ll find next week to be easier because you know the routines. For me though I found my form was even better which resulted in working out even more strenously. Which in turn left me as much or more worn out and happily sore.

    By the way… The arches of my flat feet were absolutely killing me the first week. In a good way. I can say I’ve never done anything that even made my arches sore. I’m on carpet with good shoes like you and still sore.

    Love it!!

    Take care,

  4. Fred Washington

    Hi Robert, just wanted to say thanks for the reviews. They are spot on! And it’s good to be able to relate to what you are going through.
    I’m currently on week 3, day 3 tonight (I think I’m at the same part you are??)
    Still have 2 weeks to go and I’m already anxious about month 2. Will you be review the max portions as well?

  5. Robert Harden

    Thanks for the compliments on the reviews. Please pass them on and share them with others. :) I think we are on the same day, very cool. Yea, month 2 gets harder. Like month 1 wasn’t. lol. We’ll make it. I’m reviewing all the workouts including the max. Thanks again,

  6. diet plan

    Great blog. I find myself reading a lot here. Keep up the good work!

  7. T'Liza

    I am currentyl in Iraq and a group of us has just started the Insanity challenge! We are on day 4, and I’m already feeling pretty good. Us, soldiers can tend to gain weight on these deployments and i have fallen guilty of it my self. I’m hoping to see outstanding results by the end of this challenge! We are all keeping count of our calorie intake and everything. I will send a before and after pic, so I can get my shirt! lol

    Great Work outs so far!


    SPC T’Liza Monique Garcia

  8. Robert Harden

    Excellent! Good luck! As a former Vet from Desert Storm, I’m always willing to help the military any way I can! Let me know how/if I can ever help. Stay safe, Robert

  9. T'Liza Gsrcia

    Thanks, will do! Right now, we’re all just hangin in there! Today we completed day 6 of the program… Thank God tomorrows the rest day! lol

  10. Stacy

    I just started phase 2 and lookout!! Your quick workout just became 1 hour!! That’s something they didn’t mention on the infomercial. Darn! Just as I had gotten used to mind over matter and telling myself, “It’s just a 40 minute workout” they went and changed it up!.

    Also, am I the only person who’s weight has stayed exactly the same? I could really use a good 15-20 lbs off and find it difficult to believe it’s new muscle? Is it because I’m female? My body looks and feels different after 5 weeks of Insanity, but the scale says something different, I’m afraid.

  11. Robert Harden

    Stacy, Don’t give up! How is your diet and nutrition? Are you following the nutrition manual carefully? It should help you figure up your daily caloric intake. Then use a free tool similar to to help you keep track. Sometimes people eat more than they think, or are not eating enough. Double check your numbers and try tracking calories if not already, and see if that helps. Feel free to contact me at, happy to help.

  12. Rosalva Thillet

    I really like the fresh perpective you did on the issue. Really was not expecting that when I started off studying. Your concepts were easy to understand that I wondered why I never looked at it before. Glad to know that there’s an individual out there that definitely understands what he’s discussing. Great job!

  13. albert maria

    whats up guys just getting my videos today im ready for the intense work out but just wanted to realistically know figures that normal people are getting in terms to body fat loss not just numbers

  14. Chris

    Stacy you may not be showing weight loss because you could be gaining muscle and it does weight more then fat.(not that im calling you fat) You need to more then likely pay attention to how many inches you are losing. I actually gained weight because of muscle growth.

  15. Laila

    Been contemplating on starting with Insanity. But I’m not sure if I can do it on a daily basis. I have a full time job and a 10month old baby. Will the program work if its on a two-three time a week basis? Will it target building some bulk on my butt?

  16. Robert Harden

    Some exercise is better than none. However, your best results will come from at least 4-6 times per week. Insanity has a lot of leg work, so I think you will get some muscle tone to your glutes. :)

  17. Roy

    I’ve decided to turn this into a family challenge at my Home! It is going to be a tough program and we can support each other the whole way. This will also be a good way to introduce a different level of “good eating” habits and exercising for life. We look forward to the challenge and especially the results!

  18. Robert Harden

    Excellent! Be sure to come back and tell us how the family is doing!

  19. Pam

    I’m waiting for my workout to arrive. I am 43 yrs old and I’m starting to wonder if I’ve jumped in over my head, even before beginning. I read somewhere that this is a workout for “young people”. Other than being out of shape, I am in basically good health, so I hope I’ll be able to do this. My son plays high school football and is going to do it with me this summer. Wish me luck :)

  20. Robert Harden

    Hi Pam, if you will allow yourself to “grow” with the program, you’ll get through it, if you are determined to. Just take as many breaks as you need to as often as you need to. Just do your best, whether that’s keeping up with the DVD or not. You’ll do fine! Good Luck. :)

  21. Iesha

    I will starting the The Insanity Program on Sunday and I so excited. I am hoping that I can finish this and will not be discourage. Any tips on how to keep me motivated and not wanting to give up when it gets to hard????

  22. Robert Harden

    Lesha, Insanity will test your physical and mental strength. But once you complete it, you will have successfully completed the hardest workout ever put on DVD. :) Now I know that may not seem like encouragement, but it really is. Everyone needs to push themselves to the limit at least once in their life, and why not with Insanity. When it gets tough, reach out for support to friends or family, or come back here. Or email me if I can help. :)

  23. Pam

    My workout arrived, and I just did the “test”. I gave it everything I had, and have set goals for the next test in two weeks. I was very disappointed in my upper body strength. I have strong legs, but my arms are pathetic. I could only do two pushups! I hope this improves. Other than that, I was able to hang in there. Not bad for a grandma! :)

  24. Debbie

    Thanks for the blog. It is very helpful to hear of other people’s experiences with Insantity. I got the DVDs a couple of weeks ago and loved the first couple of workouts. It is really the first workout that has challenged me to the point where I have to take breaks in the middle. I agree with the sore arches comments. I have high arches and find I have to take breaks because my arches are hurting. Anyway, I have had a hard time with consistency. I did slim in 6 a few years ago and was able to remain consistent with my workouts the same time each day. So usually I can commit and stick with it. This time, my schedule has been a bit crazy and something seems to come up no matter what time I schedule my workouts. If I do it in the morning, I am too tired and if I do it at night I am too tired. Maybe I need to change my nutrition a bit so I have more engergy and can get consistent with it. Once the ball is rolling for a couple of weeks, I think I will have more energy. My plan is to start over this week since I have been so inconsistent. Any suggestions?

  25. Robert Harden

    It’s hard to get enough energy for Insanity. :) I did Insanity first thing in the morning. It was hard to get up and around early, but it was the only time of day that would work. I woke up, took a fat burner for an energy boost, which kicked in about after the warmup. As far as being consistent, just plan on coming back here in 30 days with a half way through Insanity update. We’ll be waiting for it. :)

  26. Debbie

    Thanks for the ideas and the encouragement Robert. I agree, mornings are the best times. That is my plan of attack at this point. I will check back in 30 days and give you my update. Thanks again!

  27. Hayley

    Hi I’m 20 years old and I LOVE to work out! I just ordered Insanity and I am expecting it in a couple days now. I am very excited but nervous at the same time! I don’t know what to expect but i appreciate the blogs because it gives me an idea of what I am getting myself into!

  28. Robert Harden

    Good luck Hayley! Keep us posted on your progress!

  29. Michelle

    Hey everyone! I’m on day 2 of phase 2 and I love insanity!!! I’ve found that nutrition is the biggest key to this workout and more importantly water!! If I drink anything else but water I will not be able to finish the workout or in some cases the warmup. I have also reduced as many carbs as I can. I havent seen many results yet but my body feels fantastic. I have so much more energy. I recommend insanity to everyone regardless of age. goodluck!!

  30. Robert Harden

    Thanks Michelle for stopping by with your words of encouragement! Keep us posted on your progress as well! Good luck!

  31. Savvi

    Hey guys, I just ordered my Insanity set, my best friend/roommate and I are doing it together, I seriously hope I can keep up, im not exactly in the best of shape. But here goes nothin!

  32. Robert Harden

    Savvi, Just stick with it, take breaks, and do your best. You guys can do it! Keep us posted, we’re here to help!

  33. Roy

    So, I’m in my recovery period, Week 5. I would recommend to anyone to actually complete Week 5 before even starting the actual program. I don’t mean complete Week 5 and then skip it on actual week 5 either. This, I believe it would give your body a chance to strengthen and stretch itself, thus being more prepared for the serious INSANITY exercises ahead. INSANITY will be a shock to the system and I believe completing the Week 5 workout prior to, would help lessen the chance for injuries and also put you in the right mindset of what is up and coming. Just my thoughts from my experience. GO GET EM!! DIG DEEP!!

  34. Brian

    Hey i was just wondering which workout do you think is the hardest/burns the most calories?

  35. Robert Harden

    Insanity, followed by P90X. Of course those are also the hardest, that’s why they burn calories. :) You can find both in our store, and we have free coach support.

  36. Brian

    I’ve completed p90x and I am currently trying Insanity. I meant which of the Insanity workouts do you believe burns the most calories? I did the first month, currently doing the recovery week, and I start the Max workouts next week. I would like to get an idea from you which of those max ones is the hardest. I read your review of each workout before I do it. Your work is greatly appreciated, at least by me haha

  37. Angela

    My best friend and I did day 5 of week one today. I am 5 ft 2 in and very overwieght at about 230 lbs I am 31 yrs old. She is about 5 ft 3 in and about the same wieght and 21 yrs old.

    My question is, even though we feel like we are doing an awesome job considering we are only taking a few more breaks than the fit people on the video. There are some excercises we can not do like the push up ones, but we improvise and keep moving. After reading some reviews online, some other sites are actually telling people in my fitness range to start with something else to avoid injury. Should we stop attempting it? Or push through? We have also greatly altered our diets but are not fully following the diet guide. Since we have so much wieght to lose, is it ok to lessen the recomended calorie intake? Now I am concerned, we didnt consider the fact that it could be dangerous, I assumed my body would let me know if it was too much, am I wrong in thinking that?

  38. Robert Harden

    Angela, I have some people that contact me and tell me that they are beginners, and that Insanity was too tough for them starting out. Which is not too hard to believe. Insanity is tough. Then I have others contact me that are beginners and tell me that it’s tough, but they are pushing through. Now I don’t believe there is a right and wrong here. I believe that if a person wants to push through and do so in a smart way, I ENCOURAGE them to do just that. They need to rest as needed, jump back in when they can, drink water, and watch their heart rate and stay in an acceptable zone. The ones that feel more comfortable going to a program that is not as intense, well, that’s okay too. I SUPPORT them 100%. Do a program they are comfortable with and jump in on Insanity when they’re ready. Exercise and fitness is about what works for the individual.

    So if you are happy with Insanity, and want to continue, GO FOR IT. Just be smart, listen to your body, rest, take breaks, push yourself, but be smart. If you feel something that is something OTHER than just being sore, and it feels like a potential injury, monitor it closely and back off if necessary. Only you can tell when that time has come, so be safe.

    I think you can also lower your calorie intake some also, but keep in mind, as you improve, you may need more calories to sustain your body as you workout. Don’t go too low, otherwise you will risk more harm than good. If you eat too low you go into starvation mode, weight loss stops and then your not doing whats best. So watch this closely too. I think you will be fine, stop back by and let me know how you are doing!

  39. John

    Hi I just today recieved my insanity workout. I was reviewing the meal plans and I’m having a problem with them because I work on the road and stay in hotels alot. So I eat out alot. Can I sub out meals with
    some fast food like subway ect… As long as they’re under 300 calories and around the same nutritional value? Thanks for your advice.

  40. Robert Harden

    John, You are likely going to need more calories than 300 per meal. There is a calorie formula in the elite nutrition guide. So once you determine your calories, you will divide those into 5 meals. So it may be around 400 per meal, etc. Once you get the total, you can figure that out. You can go to places to eat on the road, but be careful what you get. Even though they are low in calories, some are loaded with sodium, not ideal for all the time. However, you have to do your best with what you have to work with too. So just educate yourself on whats safe. Chicken and grilled veggies are always safe. Check our site and look at Shakeology too. Its easy to take with you on the road. Let me know how it goes!

  41. John

    Thanks for the advice. What should I try and keep under for the sodium intake? Also it would be helpful to know how many fat/carb grams I should stay under. Doing the math on my calories I should stay under 1500 calories a day to loose weight. I have been doing low carb for a while so it will take some getting use to. Thank you

  42. John

    Sorry I was mistaken. I didn’t do step 2 so my calorie intake is higher. More like 2300 or so

  43. John

    I am sorry for all the questions but I never could make sense out of the 40%20% formula. Can you explain how to figure it out or the amount of grams I should stay within. I do much better with boundries. Again sorry for the so many questions. I just really want it to work for me. Thanks again.

  44. John

    Hi again. Will insanity work with a low carb high protien diet? I’m having trouble with the meal plan. It is hard on the road to fallow. I do much better with low carb. But will it work? Thanks for you help

  45. Stephen


    I just picked up the insanity workout today and will be starting it this coming Monday. My concern here is that I am in college and staying on campus. While the dining hall here is very good about offering very balanced nutrition and a good variety of fruits and vegetables, I myself do not have the time or ability to prepare most of the meals given in the food plan. I already drink about a gallon of water a day at least and try to incorporate as many whole grain foods and grilled meats into what I eat. So what I’m asking is do any of you have any good alternatives to the food guide that might be a better fit for me? I took a look at the Michi’s ladder given in the back of the food guide and I feel like I can stay within the 1st two tiers but, I’m not so sure that I would know how to balance it properly to get the full effect of this workout.

    From what I calculated, my daily caloric needs would be about 2,950. (I’m 20 y/o, 6’1″, and 189lbs.)

    Thanks for all of your help!!

  46. Robert Harden

    Stephen, I would go with michi’s ladder, and the campus dining hall. Use something like (they also have an iphone app that I use), and that will keep track of your calories. If you eat in the top two of michi’s ladder, you will be just fine! The Insanity guide meal plans are about 40% protein, 40% carbs, and 20% healthy fat. If you stay close to this you should be okay! Keep us posted!

  47. zwicked19

    I just bought the Insanity workout. I tried P90X last year with some success but never finished the program. I did maintain the weight loss by working out at home and the gym. I did the fit test last night and I did as much as I could. I’m looking forward to the first workout tonight. After reading the reviews, I get the feeling that it will be intense.

  48. Robert Harden

    It will be intense, but worth it! DO your best, take breaks, and push yourself. You can do it! Come back and let us know how you are doing!

  49. brittany

    I am considering ordering the insanity workout, but am not sure if it is something my body could handle at this point. I honestly havent worked out at all in the past 5 years. I’ve been a stay at home mom for the past 2 years and my body pretty much has no muscle strength at all. I weigh 110lbs and have to push myself to do 5 pushups. I really want to get back into shape and have strength and energy back again, but im worried that I wont be able to keep up with the workout. if it cant will getting this benefit me at all? also, im breastfeeding, so im suppossed to take in more calories than i usually would, so would i even be able to use the meal plan?

  50. Robert Harden

    Brittany, While I have always said that a beginner could start AND finish this program with the right attitude and commitment, I have also said that I believe a person can benefit just as much from an actual beginner program. Not to be confused with easy, or one that doesn’t get results. I think sometimes people are in such a hurry to lose weight and get in shape, that they think they have to do the hardest program out there. This is the right choice for some, but not others. I think the best choice for you, might be a program called Power 90.

    I started with this program and lost almost 30 lbs in 90 days. I have just received a report from another client that lost 16 lbs in the first 30 days! The most important part of anyone’s new fitness program is nutrition and consistent exercise. So, browse around our store, go to the Compare Fitness Programs, and find something that is right for you. I can help you get your diet lined out too. For breastfeeding, you do want to eat more, because you are burning more calories, but you just want to eat more of the right food.

    For anyone thinking about Insanity or fitness, or starting their weight loss journey, it’s okay to start with a beginner program, fitness and weight loss is a life journey, not a 60 day race. I would rather see a person start with Power 90, then do Insanity, then a person do Insanity, burn our because its so challenging, and never workout again. You’ll do great with whatever you decide to start with, but just be consistent on improving your diet and fitness every day! And if others read this post and want to start with Insanity, that’s OK too. I have had several beginners contact me that finished. Find whats right for YOU, and the rest will work out perfectly. :)

  51. zwicked19

    I am on Day 8 of Insanity and I must say….wow. I didn’t think I would get through the first week but I did it. It is very encouraging to see everyone on the Insanity message boards going through the same thing as me. I do improvise some of the moves and take breaks as needed. I’m encouraged to keep going :)

  52. jon

    does anyone know where i can get a copy of the Insanity food guide? I bought the complete program and have had been pretty successful, well, my father in law, who is a diabetic with unhealthy eating habits, can to visit and left with the book…I am now at a loss and was wondering if i can order just the book or if i can download it as he is elderly and if asked to mail it back, i’d get it in 6 months!

  53. Robert Harden


    You could try calling Beachbody direct, but other than that, I don’t know where you could get a copy.

  54. Nicole

    Does anyone know if you can select a few of your meals from one section, or do you have to choose one from each section for all 5 meals? For instance I like more of the meal selections from “meal 1” and “meal 2”, although I make sure to eat a couple of meals that provide green vegetables. I have been eating the yogurt bowl a couple of times a day and I would like to know if that works with the full plan.

  55. Robert Harden

    Hi Nicole.

    I would venture to guess that selecting from each section is best, however, I wouldn’t get too concerned with it. You have to do what works for you! Just eat clean, push play, get lots of good food, fruits and veggies, and keep pushing play! The bad thing about yogurt is the kind you eat. Some of them, if you’re not careful, have a lot of sugar, and/or high fructose corn syrup, etc in them. So I would be careful and watch your labels carefully. Keep me posted on Insanity!

  56. Nicole

    I have been eating the nonfat greek yogurt with an apple and walnuts. I like the meals, but I have had a couple of nights over the past few weeks that I have gone out and completely not stuck to it. I know this slows progress, but I get right back to it the next day. I wanted to ask about lifting in addition to the videos. Is it too much to lift weights and do the Insanity workouts in one day?

  57. Lizz

    I just started yesterday Day 1 with my Fit Test, it was awesome! However, I really feel it today. My problem is, my friend only gave me the DVD’s and I had to search online for the calendar and tracking forms, no big deal. I don’t have the nutrition guide and I don’t believe it would work for me anyhow. I am a vegetarian and I was hoping someone would have some good insight or advice on what to look at as a diet plan. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  58. Robert Harden


    There is really only one good solution. :) Read my blog post on the Beachbody Meal Planner. This is a meal planner specifically for Beachbody programs such as Insanity. It also has a power vegetarian plan! Definitely worth looking at. You get a customized meal plan specific to your age, height, weight, and fitness goals. A daily meal plan, AND a grocery list. Plus its customizable. Have a look, and good luck with Insanity!

  59. Carlton

    I have received the program and will start it May 1st. Does anyone have any ideas?

  60. Robert Harden

    Carlton, Just push play everyday and do your best on each workout. If you keep your diet clean, and push play, you’ll get some great results!

  61. AmySue

    I am on day 13…and I am loving it…havent lost any weight yet, but I feel my legs and arms and stomach firming..I took pics and my measurements down..becuz they say u should go by measurements instead of the scale..which is what Im doing..becuz muscle weighs more than fat…but I do have a question…I do enjoy a cocktail every once in awhile..I was just wondering if I do have a night out with drinks will it ruin my whole day?

  62. Brian

    I also embarked on the insanity tour, totally hooked, but really messed up in te beginning with the vast amount of food I suddenly had to consume. Sadly I recently had to stop because of necessary travel, but will be starting again coming week.

    My question here is about the nutrition guide. I used that formula and I come out at 3427 calories for weight loss!!! I wonder if this is correct. Is anybody else seeing these high values? I currently weigh 242 lbs, 73 inches and am 28 yrs old. I naturally have a big build, so it would be logical. But just checking. This would mean that I have to take in around 650 cals per meal!!! Anybody else same experience?

  63. Robert Harden


    I think this is too much personally. I would be happy to run some numbers for you, but would need a couple of answers. With whatever number you get from me or decide to go with, naturally you will want to monitor your progress. Take pictures (front, side, back). Take measurements. Get some body calipers. Then as you see your progress, you adjust downwards/upwards according to your goals. 200-300 calories per day up/down. But give it enough time to work to see where you’re at.

    1. Is this your first Beachbody program, or have you graduated from a Beachbody program already?
    2. What are your goals? A. Lose a lot of weight. B. Lose some weight. C. Lose last few lbs. D. Same weight but tone up.
    3. What is your activity level BEFORE exercise. A. Sedentary. B. Occasionally active. C. Moderately active. D. Active. E. Very active or athletic.
    4. You already provided it, your age, height, and weight.

  64. Robert Harden


    You’re going to get some mixed results on this question. I think you should look at the overall picture. If you are seeing results, and reward yourself for your hard work, and it’s done only once in a while, then you earned it. My big rule is, earn your occasional cheat. In the grand scheme of things, it will help you stay focused, and keep your sanity. But also know that most cocktails are loaded in sugar, and calories. So don’t go overboard either. Will it help you, NO. But will it kill you either, NO. Others may completely disagree and say NO cheats, your whole day is ruined, and don’t do it. :) When I earn a cheat, I try to keep the rest of my day 100%. I get in a great workout, eat 100% clean, and then sneak in a cheat. The next day, I’m right back to 100% all the way around.

  65. AmySue

    thank you very much Robert…I was asking that question becuz the 4th of July is coming and I have a big bash to go too…but yes definetly will still be doing 100 percent on my workout and eating..and continue to start my next day 100% :D….I will be contacting you alot through my journey..I hope I dont get annoying :D..but every little thing helps…and by the way I have finally dropped 3lbs…but I wont know about my measurements until Saturday :)

  66. Brian

    Dear Robert,

    Thanks for the fast response. I’m happy that you are willing to take some time. Here are my answers:
    1: This is my first program
    2: I want to lose all the access fat! I have always been rather active and have very strong muscles, but because of a recent rather sedentery lifestyle (office-job), I’ve put on some pounds. According to my BMI I need to lose about 40 pounds. But because of my build (broad shoulders, etc.) and my muscle mass this seems much. I need to tone down.
    3: Besides Insanity I will also be swimming twice a week, jogging 3 to 4 times a , I ride the bike 5 days a week to go to work, about 20 minutes active biking one-way.
    4: 242 lbs, 28 yrs, 73 inches

    Greetings from Amsterdam!

  67. ayesha sohale

    I just started insanity. but the only thing is I take too much breaks almost every five minutes. I push myself but after 5 or 7 minutes I feel like if i don’t take the break my heart will blow out . Is it ok to take those many breaks.

  68. Jehovah

    insanity is crazy prob the hardest exercise i have ever done in my life but its fun at the same time im on my secound week its just great im 200 pounds im mostly muscle but im trying to get down to 180 to have that perfect six pack its gonna be hard but worth it and i feel soo much better after just one week soo its worth it every penny

  69. Robert Harden

    Jehovah, Thanks for the feedback! Good luck with reaching your goals, and let us know if we can help! Keep us posted!

  70. Robert Harden

    Ayesha, It’s definitely okay to take breaks. You want to push yourself, but NEVER NEVER past your limits. I would encourage the purchase of a heart rate monitor, then learn the safe levels for your heart rate. When you get too high, you can take a break. Stay safe, workout hard, but stay smart too. :)

  71. Tai

    So I bought Insanity a year ago and didn’t touch it until last December 2010. I lasted about a week and then my “schedule” got in the way and I never caught back up..

    I am trying to start it again today and will start from the very beginning with my fit test. I just, I guess I see the end result in my mind, but this starting off beginning thing is just Tough.

    I really want to tone up and I really want to get in shape. I am currently: 5’3, about 135lbs and would love to get my stomach/arms in shape. My birthday is 9/8 and I would love for once to have a great body that I am proud of. It took me a while to understand and appreciate my body (realizing that my thighs weren’t fat, but muscular because I am a dancer and have been since I was little).

    I just am nervous and don’t want to fail and give up again. I hate not giving it my all and makes me frustrated. That’s why I don’t like to tell people I am going to start something, because then I am setting myself up to fail. And I really don’t want that…

    I guess, wish me luck!

  72. Robert Harden

    Tai, It’s a tough program, but you just have to dig deep, as Shaun T would say, and stick to it! I printed me off a calendar, and marked down all my workouts. Then I crossed off each day. I didn’t want to see a missed day, so I pushed play every day. You can do it, just get mentally prepared to push through. It’s tough, read my reviews of each workout, and you’ll see that I was working hard too! The next thing is your nutrition. Eat the right amount of calories, so you can lose weight, then you’ll be tone and lean, and you’ll look great! Visit this link, and sign up for my free fitness tools, this will help too! Good luck!

  73. Tai

    Thanks Robert! I didn’t think I would get the courage or energy to do the Fit Test today, but I did! :-) It sucked, but I pushed through it. It is only the first day, but I am hoping I can dig deep! Thanks for the words of encouragement!

  74. Jackiee

    Hi, I have a question about the nutrition plan, Curently I am working a full time job 10 hour a day at work so with eating 5 meals a day I would have to eat at work 3 times but I only get one 30 min break the whole day! I was wondering if I could compact 2 meals into one. I am really stuck here I want to do the 5 meals a day but I just dont have the time, and cant even get away for 5 min to eat something quick really. Any suggestions are much appreciated!

  75. Robert Harden

    Hi Jackiee, Combining meals wouldn’t necessarily give you the same benefits as eating 5 small meals. The idea is, 5 small meals keeps your metabolism going steady througout the day, resulting in more fat loss. My recommendation would be look at Shakeology or one of our MRP shakes. Take the powder with your in a shaker cup, then mix it with water or almond milk etc. Then drink it on the go! If you need more calories for that particular shake, add in some protein powder. Then I would look at the P90X Bars. Both of these would work for quick snacks, and help you get in a quick snack. I hope this helps!

  76. Tai

    i’m on day 9! wahoo! i started keeping a blog to make myself more accountable. let’s see how things go! :-)

  77. Bailey

    I lost 50 pounds doing the south beach diet and I am now on a constant yo yo of gaining 5 pounds when I add carbs back in to my diet. So I do phase 1 (no carbs) to lose it and as soon as I go off gain it I gain it back. I am starting the Insanity program and am worried that with adding the carbs back in my diet I won’t lose the last 10 pounds I want to do. Do you have any experinece with someone gaining weight once they add carbs back in from a low carb diet?

  78. Robert Harden

    Bailey, I can see adding some weight back on from adding back in carbs, but it shouldn’t be too dramatic of a change. You might just add them back in a little bit at a time. Unfortunately, everyone is different, and will respond differently to various diets etc.

  79. Jessica

    I am starting tge Insanity program this Monday and u am really excited. I am going on a trip in October so I will only get through week 5…will be gone for 2 weeks. When I get back should I start from the very beggining or start from start of month 2? Which would give me the best results?

  80. Robert Harden

    Jessica, Personally… I would start from the beginning again. Month two is a big step in intensity, you’ll want the first month to get back in the swing. :)

  81. Kelly

    I am 48 years old and started the insanity program 1.5 months ago. While I don’t have a major amount of weight to loose, My challenge is I have been unable to change the shape of my lower abs. After c- sections and years of neglecting my body with junk food eating, etc, the doc told me id never change the shape of those lower abs, i should see a plastic surgeon! Yikes…sooo i just decided to work on being healthy. An avid beach body fan, I’ve spent many months in past using Various programs in thier line-up such as slim in six, p90x and many others which I believe were fantastic in building up my strength. I have to say however that insanity has changed my life and yes I’m actually beginning to see results in the lower abdominal area!! Not easy. … I’ve adjusted some moves so I can actually push through, I take brief rests, and while I still attempt to get my knees high I give myself permission to not necessarily jump as high as those 20-30 something’s …just keep moving! Don’t give up. If you have to miss a day or two that’s ok just jump back in. Sometimes I get satisfaction at yelling at the hottie coach when he says “faster ….one more time…you can do it!”. Lol! I yell “no I can’t!” but keep moving anyway. Good luck.

  82. Robert Harden

    Kelly, I am super excited that you took a moment to post. What an inspiration you will be to our readers! Keep digging deep!

  83. Michelle hunt

    I weigh 276 lbs I am 38 and have bn a stay st home mom/teacher for 20 years! I just recently decided I needed to spend done time on me and joined the gym last January. My friend wants me to do insanity with her. I am worried that I am just to big to do some of that stuff. I am also worried about the food guide is it hard to follow and is it gonna be stuff we can’t get in our small town! What kinda stuff do u eat! Ps I have lost down from 310! I had weighed 256 but the holidays! :-((

  84. Robert Harden

    Michelle, You ask a tough question. One that I can’t give you a straight answer to. It comes down to a few things. How determined are you? How disciplined are you? I know many people that wanted to tackle Insanity, this was their first program to try, and wanted to lose weight. They were determined and disciplined, and graduated! Others, however, wanted to try, but quit because they were NOT determined and disciplined. Insanity is a crazy tough program. You can modify and take breaks of course, but to be honest, it’s still challenging to say the least. If you have it in your heart and mind to not be defeated, and you set a goal to finish the program no matter what, then you can finish Insanity. If you feel that it might be too much too soon, then let me recommend Power 90. There is nothing wrong with either path! I started with Power 90, and it changed my life. I then went on to other programs like P90X, Insanity, Asylum, Chalean Extreme, and now P90X2. I lost 30 lbs with Power 90. People often feel that the harder a program is, the faster they can lose weight, and that’s not necessarily true. A good solid program like Power 90 and a clean nutritional diet will serve the same purpose. If the decision were left to me, I’d start with Power 90. But nothing is ever impossible. Of course, you should always consult your doctor, and use caution with any program. Take breaks, and watch your heart rate. I always use a heart rate monitor personally. Hope in some way this helps you, good luck!!

  85. david

    Hey. im 19 years old, and wanted to start the program. I weigh 150 pounds and im about 6’1. im doing it because i just want to get more cut up and have more of a beachbody, but at the same time i want to gain weight aswell… is it mandatory to follow the diet throughout the whole program even if your not trying to lose or maintain, or can i just straight out do the program and eat whatever..

  86. Robert Harden

    David, Nutrition is 75% or more of any exercise program. While I’m not a nutritionist, or anything like that, I have found over the years that to get that ripped look, it’s a matter of cutting bodyfat. You have to eliminate excess bodyfat to get the muscles under neath to really show. To do that it’s all about nutrition. To gain weight, you have to bring in more calories than you burn in a day, so you have to eat more. If you don’t eat the right kind of foods, you’ll gain more fat than muscle. So again it’s all about your nutrition. Its also hard to do both at the same time, lean out and gain muscle. Typically you are better off, getting your bodyfat where you want, then gradually add calories to gain LEAN muscle. Now if you just “eat whatever” and do the program, you’ll be in great shape, you just may not see the results of your hard work.

  87. Megan

    I have only done the fitness test of this so far but have an issue to work out in my head. I am in the military and we always do and hour and a half workout Mon-Fri mornings. Well I dont run too fast so they put me on a program that exercises in the afternoon Mon-Fri along with the morning workout. They decided to do Insanity. I wonder, is this safe to workout this much in a day? I have already experienced pain in my legs from a previous injury a year ago. Also they dont seem to be stressing much on the meal plan side of this program. I would love to do this on my own when Im out of the military but its not going to do me any good if Im hurt.

  88. Robert Harden

    Megan, Life in the military! I’m not sure how to address your concerns. Nutrition is super important to get the most from the program. As far as food. Food is fuel, you want to eat clean, healthy meals, and get enough calories to sustain two workouts.

  89. porsha

    im 240 pounds. Will this program work for me being as big as I am!

  90. Robert Harden

    Porsha, Go for Power 90. This is a fantastic program designed for those just starting out. I started with this program, and got great results!

  91. Danie

    I am just going to do my fit test today. I have been trying to stick to the meal plan today, but I spent all my money on groceries for this week (I am in college so I don’t have a surplus of cash). I am really hoping that this will make a big difference in my life.

  92. Robert Harden

    Danie, Nutrition will be a big part of your overall results. Do everything you can to make sure you are eating a healthy diet. Save your money, and toss all the junk food (if you haven’t already). Good luck!

  93. Aleksandra

    I started Insanity this past weekend. (today will be by 4th workout). I must say it’s very challenging. I have been attending bootcamp classes for the past 1.5 years at a facility that trains athletes (SST-Sports Specific Training), so of course I thought I was fit…until I did the first workout!
    I do have one question though, last year I was able to slim down to around 120 pounds (I’m 5’3”) and was about 15% body fat attending the bootcamp classes. (I’m now back to 132 ) However I was on a very high protein low carb diet. I noticed that with the insanity meal plan, I’m eating way more carbs. I’m just wondering if adding all these extra carbs will affect my weight loss under insanity?

  94. Robert Harden

    Aleksandra, I like to recommend following the Insanity meal plan. However, doing higher protein for a month would probably help you lose some extra weight. Around 50% protein. But you’ll have others argue that the extra carbs allow you to push harder through a workout. SO you have to weigh the pros and cons and find what works best for you. Make sure you calories are in the right ball park to promote weight loss as well. Good luck, let us know how you’re doing.

  95. davey

    just started . did the fitness test today 6 feb omg that was tough enough , but i cant wait to get into it , i have to say been watching all the guys n girls on utube, some great results there and thats my inspiration .

    iam 5 f t8 263 lbs been to gyms and that on a regular on off basis so not as if iam not going to be unfit to do insanity but the meal programme looks a little lacking in recipes for me , i dont no but time to crack on and get going and digg deep

  96. davey

    hi again any 1 got any good ideas for recovery drinks???

    at the moment iam drining

    250mls water
    50mls milk
    2 sccops or recovery protien fomula
    also added into this is,,,,,,,,,,,
    tsp of each
    barley greass and anf alfafa

  97. Myra

    I’m in my third week of insanity and so surprised i’ve kept it up. The dvds and Shaun T saying ‘i’m with you, you can do it’ are what’s kept me motivated. My question is what do you do to maintain your body once the program is finished?

  98. Robert Harden


    Just keep going. YOu could always repeat Insanity from Day 1. But I have some other programs that you might be interested in too. For example, my all time favorite is P90X. But if you like Shaun T, go for Insanity Asylum. Browse around our store. P90X2 is a new program. Les Mills Pump. All great for life after Insanity. :)

  99. Kath

    I was an avid keep fitter until I had my baby and have not been able to keep up with the fitness. After 5 years of nothing serious, I started insanity 3 weeks ago. First week I thought there was no way anybody could do it. I could hardly breath after 5 minutes. I kept thinking to myself “this is not happening”. I could not laugh, my core hurt so much. My friend and I encouraged each other and kept up with it. I started at 166 Ib, I would like to go down to 143Ib. After 3 weeks, I am at 164 Ib. My problem, I have a big bum, my biggest biggest problem. I need it smaller and toned. Help Insanity!!! At 40, I have decided to look like Tina Turner by the time I am 50. Insanity is painful, I swear and curse when I have to do the push up drills. My body will not listen to Shaun on this one, no matter what I try. I guess I have no core strength. Don’t laugh but I think of Harry Berry in that Bond movie (even though her body is way beyond my reach) and somehow, my knees go a little higher on those jumps. lol. But I will keep up and believe me, I have been sleeping like a baby since. I have to say, it is the best workout out there!!!

  100. Robert Harden

    Kath, Keep up the hard work, and thank you for stopping by! I’m sure others will appreciate knowing that they’re not the only ones working hard! Come back and let us know how you’re doing!

  101. Jenn

    Contemplating insanity….I’m 5’5 and weigh 170ish….i find that I’m very pumped up when
    I start an excercise program and end up quitting soon after cuz its so hard to do the exercises from being over weight and out of shape which makes me depressed and eat and get even bigger….I realize it’s all up to me to do the work to see the results
    But do you have any advice to help get thru insanity? My sister and her husband are in their second month and rave about how it works but they have each other to keep one another going and Motivated I on the other hand have only myself and my depressed over weight self conscious mind!

  102. Robert Harden

    Jenn, Don’t think you have to do a extremely challenging workout to get results. I would recommend a program like Power 90 for you. Its a great starter program, and will be easier for you to stay motivated if the workout is not as challenging as Insanity. If you will get on a proper diet as well, you’ll lose weight guaranteed. Get a calendar and cross off the days for each workout. You have to motivate yourself, I had to do the same. Be determined, and do whatever you got to do to get results. Find a friend to workout with you!

  103. Aleksandra

    So I just started my second week of MAX insanity. The first 6 weeks were rough, but I didn’t skip any workouts and followed the meal plan (aside from a couple of cheat days). Overall I only lost 3 pounds so far, which is less than what I was hoping for. Is there anything I can do different for the last 3 weeks in order to lose a few more pounds? I assume the diet is where i will need to make the change, since I’ve been pushing myself quite a bit during the workouts. Let me know what you think!

  104. courtney

    I have been on the insanityworkout for 15 days now. Wow is it insane. I am pretty over weight and very unhappy. I have never eaten right or worked out on a regular basis. When I started insanity I weighed 218 lbs and I’m 5’3″. Two weeks down and I’ve only lost a lb. I have lost about 1/2 an inch everywhere. I don’t feel that its enough. I have also changed my eating habits with a few cheat days of course. (I actually think that’s harder than the workout). Is there anything I could do to increase the weight loss or am I on the right track??

  105. Robert Harden

    Courtney, the DIET is going to be instrumental in your weight loss. Make sure you use the nutrition guide to carefully determine your calories per day, and then use an online tracker like to make sure you are staying in line with your daily calories. A few cheat days is going to SLOW you down considerably. Try to take a cheat meal once or twice a week, not a cheat day. The workout WORKS, but you have to loci in your nutrition too. Good luck!

  106. Robert Harden

    Aleksandra. How many calories are you eating per day? Let’s refigure your calories and make sure you are set up correctly. Let me know!

  107. Aleksandra

    I’m am consuming about 1500-1700 calories per day. This is divided into 5 meals each meal being approx 300-350 calories each. I also drink a good 5-8 glasses of water a day.. with a morning coffee and green tea.

  108. ismael

    I threw up after i was done with the fit test but i felt great the rest of the day and energetic is this norrmal? Keep in mind i have not worked out in like 4 years and went staright to insanity.

  109. Robert Harden

    I don’t believe that has happened to me before, although I have been close a few times. ;)

  110. Natalie Allen

    I started Insanity 3 weeks ago and have been trying to follow the nutrition guide but I dont find it as easy as some seem to. It has me eating 2100 calories a DAY!! Im 5’0 and 110lbs, that is a TON of food for me….i barely make 1200 on a normal day, before starting this INsanity-ness ;) Now i get to about 1800, but omg am i full!!! Also, I have also recently added kickboxing twice a week and im an avid runner starting about now, so I totally understand that i SHOULD be eating a lot…I just am not that hungry of a person. Lately ive been feeling EXTREMELY tired, and im thinknig it has a lot o do with not eating enough/right. Comments? Suggestions?

  111. Robert Harden

    Hi Natalie! Would you mind swinging by my free coach page, and sign up for a free Team Beachbody account. It will be easier for me to communicate with you one on one. Once you sign up, you should see my email. I think you’re eating too many calories. Talk to you soon! Free Coach Sign-up.

  112. Natalie Allen

    Robert! I didn’t realize you were a coach, rather just a club member chattin’ in a blog! I’m new to this site so I didnt realize I was posting to a coach! I actually already do have a coach, Monica Ward, so I can ask her, too. I was just browsing the website, getting different feedback. I dont know that we can have multiple coaches, although I wish we could seeming as how the more feedback the better.

  113. Kyle Mierzwa

    Ive been doing the insanity workout for 6 weeks now and is it ever amazing! ive lost 21 pounds and feel like i have more energy than ever before. Being a mechanic its challenging to stay motivated after a 10 hour days worth of work but i somehow make it through. To anyone who is having difficulty sticking to the workout don’t give up. If the results aren’t what you expected that’s okay because you will see a difference in the end. We all took the challenge lets all see it through to the end :) GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

  114. Robert Harden

    Awesome Kyle!! Keep digging deep!

  115. brittany smith

    I am about to start my insanity training, I actually did it for about 2 weeks and hurt my shins which i dont know if they have even recovered. But now me and my fiance are in a competition to lose weight he has to lose twice as much. I am 5’6 and 170 pounds and i have never really worked out but i am very determined and want to do insanity. Any suggestions? so i can kick his but =) LOL

  116. brittany smith

    I also need help in the sense I am doing my workouts on carpet and not a hard surface, so some of the workouts i cant do or the carpet makes it 10x harder then it should be even with tennis shoes on what should i do?

  117. Robert Harden

    Your diet. If you follow that nutrition guide, maybe even cut out a few more calories from the book total, and follow it, you’ll do great. That means, you gotta eat CLEAN. If you want to kick his butt, you got to give up the junk food, cheat meals, sugar, pop, desserts, sweets. The CLEANER you eat, the better, faster your results! So just how bad do you want to win? :)

  118. joshua

    Ihave just started the insanity workout 3 days ago, and I am feel better each day. My body is hurting (haha) but nothing i havent dealt with before. My 5 meals a day is going well too. I took pictures for the before and I can wait to see where I end up at. I am 5’8″ , 251lbs…

  119. Robert Harden

    Excellent Joshua! Come back and let us know!

  120. Harp

    Hi Robert. I just ordered the insanity workout. I’m 36 saleman in the food industry. I’m 5’9″ 275. I was very athletic in my 20’s, I wheeled beer for 11 years and maintained weight (210 215 i have a big build) and ate and drank whatever i wanted. Now, close to 40 I have high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes. I’m worried that this workout maybe too hard to start back to get into shape. What do you recommend ? Like I said I was very active until I started working in the food business. I’ve been very sedentary for 5 years. Thanks for your input.

  121. Robert Harden

    Harp, Did you order Insanity from us here at We give free coach support to our customers. If you didn’t order from us here, you can still sign up for a free customer account at this link.

    Once you get signed up, you’ll get my personal email and you can email me your questions. Talk to you soon!

  122. Daniel montalvo

    Hello im on day 4 ..Can I eat 3 meals a day and do insanity n still get results? Yes I eat healthy all water and protein shake after I do my workouts. It just work just can’t fit in all 5 meals I’m a cleaner i work hours morning n night n can’t take a break to eat even if I prepare it.. So 3 meals? Help!

  123. Robert Harden

    Daniel, I think you can at very least still find time to fit in a Shakeology (which is jam packed with a full meal, mix it with almond milk or skim, or even water). BAM! 4 meals per day. Then take you a protein shake and a handful of almonds or a P90X Bar. Both of these have no prep time, you can consume them in no time. The logic behind 5 meals per day is to rev up your metabolism, and keep it going, which burns more calories. That’s what you want! Sure you can do 3 meals per day, but your overall results won’t be the same.

  124. Jacqueline Levy

    Hello everyone! I am taking my fit test on Monday the 28th and starting my 60 day journey. I’m 37 yo and super duper motivated. My ultimate goal is to lose 25 lbs, but also to just become a healthier person in general. I love to jog and take kickboxing classes, so I am curious to see how this program works for me. I still at this point plan on taking a few runs here and here as well because they are a part of my normal routine!

    I am very concerned about the nutritional part of the program. I have had success following a South Beach type of eating plan, and am hopefully able to switch to this one. I posted at the Beach Body site in hopes of finding a buddy to compare notes with and motivate one another, but the site seems a little slow and I haven’t had any luck as of yet. I hope everyone accomplishes their goals and please if anyone wants a buddy in crime to boast and moan about Insanity, please think of me :) I’m working to find a coach, but the 3 I emailed haven’t respond yet.

    Happy sweating everyone,

  125. Robert Harden

    Hi Jacqueline. If you can follow the nutrition of Insanity, you’ll get fantastic results. You’ll just want to make sure you get your calories right. I’m happy to help any way I can. Visit my free fitness tools page and then contact me if you need any help with your nutrition, calories, etc. You might also want to check my Insanity reviews page. I reviewed each workout in the program. Good luck!

  126. Stu Shniken

    I find the meal plan to be hard to follow for a diabetic trying to stay off meds. For me it is way to carb heavy and would spike my numbers like crazy. Any one of the meal plans has more carbs in it than I like to eat daily. Any advice for a low carb meal plan?

  127. Robert Harden

    Stu, Sign up for the Beachbody Club. It has customized meal plans. It takes all the important things into consideration. Your age, weight, height, activity level, etc. One of the options is Low Carb. I wrote a review on it here: Beachbody Meal Planner Review.

  128. Kylie

    I just received my insanity workout! But problem is I have a one year old. I don’t know if I can do the five meals a day. Plus I am also a CNA. So the only time I can workout is at night. Is there anything I can do at work and still get results? I’m 5’11” and 175.

  129. Robert Harden

    Kylie, I’m not going to lie. It’s a sacrifice. Many people have the same busy schedules, children, and work shifts. The important thing is, don’t let this hold you back. You have to find a way to make this fit into your lifestyle. The five meals a day are comprised of 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and then two snacks. I’m a big fan of Shakeology as ONE of my snacks, and then P90X Bars as my second. These are both super fast, healthy, and get my 5 meals taken care of. The phase 1 workouts are about 45 minutes. I know its hard, but it all depends on how much you want to reach your fitness goals. Make time, and the effort, and you won’t regret it!

  130. Kylie

    Im super dedicated. I am so ready to get my body back, before I had my son. I’ll look into those! I also didn’t get the meal/nutrition guide with mine. What could I do for work? And for meals.

  131. Robert Harden

    Kylie, If you purchased Insanity and didn’t get the fitness and nutrition guide, you did NOT get an official copy of the program. I would contact the seller and ask for the guides, or your money back. Then I would purchase an official copy from an authorized retailer (like us). :) Unfortunately, I see many people purchase these programs off eBay, craigslist, or knock off pirate sites that they miss a very important part of the program, the nutrition guide! I’m sorry if this happened to you. Here’s a link to our site, we are authorized by Beachbody to sell official copies of the program.

  132. Bee

    Below is what I eat typically every day. Can someOne help me and give me feedback on what I should be getting more or less of?

    3 slices turkey bacon
    Half whole wheat English muffin
    1/2 slice of reduced Swiss cheese

    ON 100% whey protein
    1/2 cup blueberries
    1 apricot

    4 ounces chicken breast
    2 cups of romaine lettuce

    ON 100% whey protein
    1/2 banana

    Baked tilapia
    2 cups of veggies
    1/2 cup brown rice

    120 oz water

    My husband thinks I might be lacking in the whole grains area. Any advice would be appreciated!

  133. Bee

    I forgot to mention I’m doing the insanity program, week 2.

  134. SalernoV24

    I am on week 2 of Insanity and definitely feel the workouts!! They kick my butt everyday. I absolutely love it though. I lost 10lbs my first week. Of course I contribute this mostly to water weight. Also I recalculated my calories and it went up pretty drastically for the first week. Is this actually right? I’m sure I’ll notice once I get on the scale (which I only do once a week). I try to stay off the scale because weight gain can definitely deter me but I know that with this workout I’ll gain muscle which may reflect weight gain on the scale. HUGE reason I don’t like to weigh myself more then once a week. Also I know there are quite a few different selections for each meal however, I seem to get bored easily with food. I like certain ones and dislike others therefore I eat what I like. Do you have any suggestions as to how to vary my meals? Variety helps me stick to the diet much easier. Also the easier it is to make the better. My schedule is very hectic and I like things that are easy. The protein shakes or the Nut Butter sandwich. Things like that are fantastic. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  135. justin

    i started insanity recently,i am 6’4″ 207lb and a novice cyclist and the insanity workout gives my whole body a great workout, i’m not fat by any means i just want to tone up my core,we’ll see how it goes!

  136. Letty

    I’m thinking of buying the program but am undecided. I’m afraid of the meal plan. I dont like to follow recipes. What do the meal plans consist of? Any suggestions?

  137. Laura

    I just started the Insanity workouts a week ago and have been following the Nutrition Guide eating 5 meals a day. I was just wondering if you could eat 2 meals from Meal #1

  138. Suge

    I’m starting week 2 of Insanity and so far so good. The main struggle I have is the eating, I know I’m not consuming the 1700 calories I’m suppose to. I know we should track with a tracker but any advise how to track and keep up with recipes you make yourself?

  139. Robert Harden

    Letty, The meal plans are very simple, and easily modified. You get to pick from 4 or 5 choices for each meal. Don’t let the nutrition slow you down. Go for it! I’ll get you a bonus DVD for buying at this link:

  140. Robert Harden

    Laura, I think that would be fine, just make sure you stay within your total calories per day. :)

  141. Robert Harden

    Suge, I love Huge database full of foods etc. It makes tracking your calories super easy. Once you use it for awhile, it will be super easy to do.

  142. Suge

    Thanks for the website, I’ve used it before in past time and never went back but I did and I started tracking; however, how do you track your daily workouts or do you just use it for calorie counting? Also, my knees are taking a hit any suggestions on relief so I don’t have to take down day?

  143. Suge

    I thought you left the message for me to log-in and sign up for the free fitness tools on the beach body but I don’t know where to navigate to find you.

  144. Georgina

    I purchased the Insanity workouts about a year ago when I was pretty fit as I had been regularly attending spinning classes etc. I didn’t do it straight away as I couldn’t fit it in with college commitments so I am starting it today! The problem is I have been pretty sedentary for the last year. I hope I will still be able to do it without doing myself any damage? Also, I have prepared all of my meals for today from the nutrition guide, but I found it quite complicated and time-consuming. I’d really like to use Shakeology and the P90X bars to make it simpler but I can’t find anywhere you can buy them in the UK. Could you recommend anywhere? Also, my partner has to eat over 3000 calories per day and we found it was really expensive to buy all the ingredients. Do you have any suggestions to make it cheaper?

  145. Georgina

    I have just tried to apply for a free fitness coach but it only gives the option to enter an address in the US or Canada. Is this facility available for people in the UK?

  146. Robert Harden

    Georgina, I’m so sorry, right now they only allow US and Canada. I hope to get to the UK soon.

  147. Robert Harden

    We’re not in the UK yet, SORRY. I wish we were. I only know of the basic means to make it cheaper. I supplement with protein powder, and buy in bulk when possible, and freeze items. Look for sales in the grocery store etc. Good luck!

  148. Colton

    I was thinking about trying insanity, i weigh 234 and im 5’7 im overweight bad and im really wanting to go to the military so i have to get down to like 170 by like may so im looking for something cant can for sure do that for me, PLEASE HELP!!!!

  149. Robert Harden

    Colton, Insanity is super intense, but so is the military PT! Be smart, take breaks, and watch your heart rate. If you really want to get the best results, you MUST eat clean food too! Cut out the junk food if you’re serious about getting in shape!

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