Les Mills Pump: A “Weighted” Intro and Overview

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Les Mills Pump BannerLes Mills PUMP.

This is a barbell based weight loss and strength training fitness program that helps you get lean and toned faster.  If you like weights and like picking your cardio workouts, this is the one for you.  My goal for the upcoming posts is to familiarize you with each DVD that is included in the Les Mills PUMP series.  The beauty of the Les Mills PUMP program is that it’s a simple concept, but not always simple to execute.  🙂  Today, I’m going to cover the first half of DVD #1, PUMP Basics.

Les Mills PUMP Basics is simply what the title reads.

This 10 minute, 23 second video is an informational bit.  There is no actual workout for this section, just education.  You are introduced to 3 of the Les Mills PUMP trainers: Joel, Susan, and Sheldon.  They are just a few of a much larger international team of trainers that guide you through the program.

Well, there are several versions and add-ons available.  But, for the purpose of this series of posts, we will be talking about the entry-level version that retails for $165.85 (plus shipping and handling).  So, what do you get when you order Les Mills PUMP?  You will receive the following:

  • 7 DVDs containing 7 different workouts:  PUMP Challenge, PUMP and Burn, PUMP and Shred, PUMP Revolution, PUMP Extreme, and FLOW.
  • One barbellLes-Mills-Pump-Header
  • Two 5 lb. weight plates
  • Two 10 lb. weight plates
  • Two safety clips
  • Lean, Strong, & Unstoppable Fitness Guide
  • Get Lean Nutrition Guide
  • Tape measure
  • Measurement tracker
  • Unlimited online support
  • A BONUS DVD workout: Les Mills PUMP Core

The instructors will walk you through how to assemble your equipment: the barbell will be in two pieces.  Those two pieces will screw together to form the full barbell.  Slide a weight plate on each end of the bar, all the way to the collar.  Then, slide a safety clip on each side of the bar.  There is an open and close latch on each clip.  Simply close the clip shut until you hear the “click.”  The click means your bar and plates are secure and ready to use.

They also cover the form that should be used for a safe and effective Les Mills PUMP workout.  Always start in the “set position”, which is hip feet width apart with your toes pointed out slightly, small bend in the knees, and back straight.  Your shoulders should be up and pulled back.  Remember to always lift the bar and weights with your knees, not your back.

And, of last but not least, they explain the 2 reasons that Les Mills PUMP is a successful workout program.

  1. The Rep Effect: this is the secret….the root of it all.  The Rep Effect is simple.  Doing more reps with lighter weights.  This allows you to increase your heart rate, which in turn burns more calories and fat.
  2. Rhythm and Timing: each section of the workout is typically 4-6 minutes.  Squats, chest, shoulders, etc… Les Mills PUMP uses various tempos while working out and they do it in time with the music.  The fast tempo allows a lot of reps in a short amount of time which we know increases heart rate and calories/fat burned.  The slower tempo allows you to work deeper into the muscles.  This deep work aids in chiseling and shaping the muscles and increasing your strength.  The slow, controlled, even tempos work your muscles in different ways.  You can even feel the differences as you’re doing the exercises.

So, in a nutshell, Les Mills PUMP Basics is meant to be an educational, informative video.  It’s meant to boost your confidence before you even begin the workouts.  This confidence will help you to exercise safely, efficiently, and effectively.  Check back in a couple of days, my next post will cover  Les Mills PUMP Challenge.  See you soon!  🙂





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