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P90X Chin Up Bar One of our most popular products is the P90X Chin Up Bar. Since this is such a popular product (with good reason), I thought I would write up a review regarding this chin up bar. I’m going to try my best to remain objective. I see this product from two different view points. The seller and the buyer. Some of you may read the review, and say, “Well sure he’s giving it a good review because he wants us to buy it.” Well, of course I want you to buy it. It’s a great chin up bar! But I also own this chin up bar, and it has served me well for 3 years!

The P90X Chin Up Bar requires assembly. It comes in eight different pieces, and requires you to bolt the chin up bar together in about ten different locations. Inside the box, you should also receive a hardware box (that contains your two wall brackets and the bolts and nuts). You should receive installation instructions inside the box. But if not, don’t worry! If by a slim chance you don’t get the instructions, you can view them from our product page. Or, alternatively, you can visit the following link for the P90X Chin Up Bar Instructions and P90X Downloads page. On this Download page, you may find some other P90X goodies you may want to download as well. 🙂

So you take the P90X Chin Up Bar out of the box, assemble the eight pieces with the included ten bolts/nuts. Now you should have the bar assembled and ready to use! Now all you need is a door frame.

Important Requirements for the P90X Chin Up Bar:

Fits doorways up to 32″ wide (sturdy doorframe with trim required—minimum 5″ width, maximum 6.5″).

So if your door frame is in the “standard” or “average” category, you’re more than likely in good shape. But please make sure. I don’t want you to get stuck with a chin up bar that doesn’t work for you. We’ll help you return it for a full refund, but since return shipping is not included by Beachbody (the manufacturer), please double check!

Now you have the required door frame and the assembled chin up bar. Inside your hardware package, you should find two wall brackets. These brackets will go on the inside of your door frame at the top. The brackets come in an “L” shape, so the bottom of the “L” will rest on the door frame trim. With your chin up bar, you should have eight screws and eight wall anchors. You’ll drill into the sheet rock, and tap in the wall anchors. Then place the bracket over the holes and the anchors and screw both brackets into place. Simple. Easy. I’d say “easy as 1,2,3”, but it’s actually 1 through 8. 🙂

So now the assembled chin up bar will slip right into the brackets and use the door frame to secure it into place. On my P90X Chin Up Bar product page I have two videos. One shows the bracket installation, and one shows the actual use of the chin up bar. Be sure to take a moment and check those out as well.

The chin up bar is rated to hold up to 300 lbs. I have personally used this bar at 205 with no problems at my home. I’m no longer 205 (P90X tends to cause weight loss). 🙂 But even still, I have been known to use a weight belt and add 35 lbs back onto my chin ups. Which makes up for the 30+ lbs I lost using P90 and P90X

This chin up bar has multiple hand positions, which makes it more convenient than a straight chin up bar. The multiple positions are important, because the P90X program has you performing multiple exercises, suing all of the positions. After all, it’s call the P90X Chin Up Bar for a very good reason.

Each hand position has a nice foam grip. Not all chin up bars come with the softened grips. Which is nice, when you are doing numerous pull ups.

You can easily remove the chin up bar when you’re done. It slides into place in SECONDS. So the only thing remaining is the brackets. Since mine is mounted on the inside of a bedroom, these brackets go unnoticed by everyone that visits. So don’t think you have to look at a chin up bar every day. 🙂 Although I have tried to leave mine up, so I could knock out a pull up or two while walking down the hall. But my wife put her foot down! So mine is only mounted on the days it’s needed.

Now, being objective, there are a couple of things I don’t like about the P90X Chin Up Bar. One, the black handles that rest on the door trim, can leave some slight (non damaging) black marks. I’m a VERY observant person. So this may not be enough to matter to anyone. It may also depend on the color of your trim. This is an easy fix, just take some old wash rags, and when you mount the bar, slide them between the trim and your chin up bar.

Two, I like the old feeling of jumping up and grabbing a chin up bar, and allowing my legs to remain straight. Since I’m tall, 6’3, I have to bend my legs a little to keep my feet from touching. My legs never touch while doing the chin ups. Again, this is a personal preference and may not matter at all to you. I think most people bend their legs anyway.

Overall, the chin up bar is great, I’ve used mine for 3 years , and have had no problems. Not to mention it’s convenient. I work out in my home, like most of us will/do, and this allows me to workout and go to the “pull up station” within ear shot of my television where the P90X DVD is playing.

Chin ups are a part of P90X, so you need a chin up bar or a place to do chin ups. This is an excellent option, and when you look around, it’s rather affordable. Not to mention the shipping price for a longer, heavier box (as this comes in) is amazingly low, which starts at $5.95 for standard UPS here in the store. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, and I am readily available if should have any problems. We are happy to help you with your products, whether you have questions, problems, or just need some fitness advice.

On a closing note, if you are using a chin up bar, whether it be a P90X Chin Up Bar or other bar, you might be interested in an article I wrote entitled, How Chin Up Exercises Can Be a Complete Upper Body Workout. Thanks for reading my P90X Chin Up Bar Review! Good luck with your training and nutrition. Talk to you soon!

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    I recently had suffered an injury with the Bell Sports Muti-Bar which is a chin up bar that works like the P90X. The injury was caused by the breakage of the equipment that goes over the door trim on the opposite side of the chin up bar. My concern is the safety of the P90x. What is the bar that goes over the door trim made out of? Can this break?

    Thank you.

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