P90X Reviews: Ab Ripper X

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P90X Reviews Ab Ripper XWelcome back for another P90X Review. Today I’m going to review the P90X Ab Ripper X workout. Ab Ripper X is a very thorough, well rounded, intense abdominal workout. As if the name doesn’t say it all, Tony Horton refers to Ab Ripper X as… "I hate it, but I love it". This is a quote, which in time, you will also repeat yourself. Although at first, it might just be, "I hate it". lol. Today was the first time I have completed the P90X Ab Ripper X in about 8 weeks. It’s not uncommon at all for me to cycle through several ab workouts. Beachbody has numerous ab workouts that come with their various programs. So today’s ab workout was much like the first time. Your abs are going to burn, and it’s going to get tough. But if you want that 6 pack, if you want the ripped abs, you have to dig deep, and really push yourself. Chances are, you will need to take breaks, and don’t be discouraged. You have 12 weeks or so to tackle this workout, and each time you will get better. So take breaks, Tony encourages it, and I encourage it. Just get right back in as soon as you can. This is the only ab workout that comes with the P90X program, but since there are so many ways you can modify it, you can always make it easier or harder, depending on where you are at in the program. Before I start the review, I want to address a couple of questions I get asked fairly often.

The first question. "Do I have to do the Ab Ripper X workout immediately after the workout?"

My answer is no. When starting out, sometimes you are exhausted at the end of your regular workout, which causes your ab workout to be less than 100%. So my advice is, just do it in the morning or evening opposite of your main workout if you want. Or wait a little while after you finish the main workout, catch your breath and get your second wind, then start the ab workout.

The second question comes in two forms, but has the same answer. "Can I do the Ab Ripper X workout every day?" Or, "How many times should I do Ab Ripper X?"

My answer is, no you should not do it every day, and at most, 3 times per week, giving your abs a full day of recovery in between. Just as Tony says in the video, you don’t work your other muscles ever day, so you shouldn’t work your abs every day.

Last thing before I jump into the P90X Review. If you haven’t read my P90X Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps review, you should. The Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps review was the first review in this series, and it might contain some information you want to read. So with that aside, on with the review.

P90X Reviews: Ab Ripper X

This workout is approximately 16 minutes in length. No warm up is really necessary, and you get started right away. The workout has a total of 11 moves, and by the time you finish (if you perform all exercises) you will have done 349 total core/ab moves. At the end of the workout, there is a 1 minute stretch. Or if you want, a much longer stretch. 🙂 Tony Horton shows various modifications to make all of the moves either harder or easier, depending on your level of fitness. Even though this is the only ab workout in the P90X program, you will be able to benefit the entire 13 weeks because of the different variations. I have listed the moves for you below, but most exercises require you to see it to understand it. Not to mention, the best way to get the maximum benefits of the workout is to follow along with the DVD. At times, I have done this workout without the DVD, but found myself flying through the workout at a faster pace, therefore, making it easier. The slower pace of the DVD makes it harder. All in all, the only thing I can really say about this ab workout is, "I hate it, but I love it". 🙂

  1. In and Outs.
  2. Bicycles. Two sets here, forwards and backwards.
  3. Crunchy Frog.
  4. Cross Leg/Wide Leg Sit ups.
  5. Fifer Scissors. This is my least favorite of the entire DVD. Just my personal thoughts, it may be your favorite.
  6. Hip Rock ‘N Raise.
  7. Pulse Ups (Heels to Heaven).
  8. V-Up Roll Up Combos.
  9. Oblique V-Ups. Two sets, for each side.
  10. Leg Climbs. Two sets for each leg.
  11. Mason Twist. Like shoulder presses, but slightly out to the sides, forming a Y.

In closing, there are a couple things you might need or find beneficial. The first is my article on required and optional P90X Equipment. The other thing is the article where you can download the extra P90X Worksheets and/or the advanced excel P90X worksheets.

You can watch all of the videos by visting our P90X Videos page.

As always, if you have questions, comments, of if you would like to send us your P90X Review or Success Story, you can contact us here. Be sure to check back for our next review, or subscribe to receive our blog in your email. Now….. Go get that 6 pack!

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  1. Nappytdy

    Hi Rob,
    I know that you did Insanity and the days that we did Max Cardio, we also did Cardio Abs. Is this workout sort like that? You know, where you have to push yourself to do a second workout. I did it, even though it was tough.

  2. Nini

    how many calories does the ab ripper burn? How long will it take me to see results? I recently lost 30lbs and plan to lose 25 more. I am having trouble with belly fat I walk 4miles a mon-fri , do the ab ripper mon, wed, and fri, and eat 1,200-1,800 calories a day.

  3. Robert Harden

    Nini, I wouldn’t say that many calories. Maybe 100-200, just a guess. You’ll start to see results as you lose more body fat. You’ll want to continue to build your ab muscles, and as you lean out, you’ll start seeing the results more and more.

  4. Ed

    “Mason Twist. Like shoulder presses, but slightly out to the sides, forming a Y.”


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