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P90X Reviews: Cardio XToday’s P90X Reviews will be for P90X Cardio X. This is really a great workout. It’s not super intense, and it’s not crazy hard. It has a little bit of Yoga, some Kenpo X, Plyometrics, and Core Synergistics. All of these “mini” workouts, make up the Cardio X workout. This workout is not seen in the Classic rotation. The Classic rotation uses Plyometrics instead. The Lean Version does use Cardio X, instead of Plyometrics. And the Doubles rotation (meaning you do P90X in the AM and the PM), uses it as one of the second workouts in a given day. I hope that last little bit of information didn’t confuse you. (Further down the page I also want to share with you how you can download P90X, so read to the end to get all the information).  In the most simplest terms, Cardio X is either a secondary workout, or its used instead of Plyometrics. If you are doing the Classic rotation, and you are not quite “Plyometrics ready” than just use Cardio X until you’re ready.

Just a quick note on Yoga. Before I started doing P90X, I was skeptical on Yoga. I thought I would be in some strange position, doing some strange chant. Let me put your mind at ease. None of that. Yoga at the beginning of this workout is “power yoga”. It’s meant to strengthen your body, develop flexibility, and get your body loosened up and warmed up. Nothing to it, but it will cause you to sweat. For more on Yoga, read an article I wrote called The Benefits of Yoga, and How it Improves Your Fitness.

P90X Reviews: Cardio X

This workout is approximately 43 minutes in length. Tony Horton runs you through about a 5 and a half minute warm up, which includes a nice stretch. The main part of the workout is about 34 minutes, and is concluded with about a 4 minute cooldown and stretch. The most interesting part of this entire workout is that you get to “sample” four different workouts. You may also want to try this one before Plyometrics. P90X is meant to be an advanced program, however, we have several customers that are so dedicated (maybe crazy) that they start with P90X. I say go for it, if you are willing, and are smart about it. Take breaks, and modify as you need to. If you are just starting out, definitely give Cardio X a try before Plyo. The workout breaks down as follows:

Yoga portion:

  1. Astanga Sun Salutations.
  2. Runners Pose.
  3. Warrior One.
  4. Warrior Two.
  5. Reverse Warrior.

Kenpo portion:

  1. Ball Kick.
  2. Hook/Upper/Side Kick.
  3. Knuckle/Ball Kick/Back Kick.
  4. Jab/Cross/Hook/Upper.
  5. 3 Direction Kicks.

Plyometrics portion:

  1. Airborne Heisman.
  2. Swing Kicks.
  3. Jump Shots.
  4. Tires.
  5. Wacky Jacks.

Core Synergistics portion:

  1. Squat Cross X Press.
  2. Steam Engine.
  3. Dreya Roll.
  4. Squat Run.
  5. Superman Banana.

This is followed by your cooldown and you made it, another P90X workout. Don’t forget, track your progress! P90X Worksheets and/or the advanced excel P90X worksheets.

You can watch all of the videos by visting our P90X Videos page.

You can watch the Making of P90X here.

As always, if you have questions, comments, of if you would like to send us your P90X Review or Success Story, you can contact us below.

I also wanted to mention our Insanity Reviews. We have reviewed this entire series as well, feel free to jump over and check them out. Insanity is a great program after P90X, something to think about!

How You Can Download P90X

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