P90X Reviews: Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps

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P90X Reviews: Chest, Shoulders, and TricepsMy first P90X workout was in January of 2006. After 4 years of doing P90X, I’m finally going to start my P90X Review. Now I did write a short review some time back, but it was an overall review. This P90X review will be different. I will be reviewing each P90X DVD individually. Since this is day 1 of my new rotation, I will be reviewing each DVD as I progress through the 90 day program. P90X comes with 3 rotations: Classic, Lean and Doubles. Since I have already been through these rotations, the rotation I do this time, will be in a slightly different order, but don’t worry, each DVD will be covered, and reviewed. Regardless of which rotation you are currently doing, or will be doing, you can simply look for related reviews at the bottom of this review, and each review thereafter for the different workouts. Each P90X Review will give the exercises performed in the correct order. I may comment on various exercises, some of them, you’ll just have to experience for the first time when you try the workout. The reviews will be written with the intentions of giving you an overview of each DVD, not to take you through the workout. The only way to experience P90X, is to buy the program, it’s well worth it, not to mention you need the fitness and nutrition guide. P90X cost me $119.95 4 years ago. That’s only $2.50 per month. No gym membership is going to cost less than 3 bucks a month! Not to mention, the P90X workout is a program you can do over and over, and it works better than any other gym or home workout, hands down. Not to mention the equipment needed is minimal. Weights or bands. Chin up bar or band attachment. For details on the required and optional equipment needed, check out my article on P90X Equipment. Ok, enough intro, let’s get to the first workout in my rotation.

P90X Reviews: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

This workout is approximately 55 minutes long. It has an approximate 9 minute warm-up and stretch, followed by a 43 minute workout, then ends with less than 4 minutes of cool down and stretch. This DVD demonstrates many different variations for those using bands or weights. And variations for men and women. The DVD is a strength and definition workout which emphasizes two classic upper-body exercises.

  1. Slow-Motion 3-in-1 Push-Ups. Slow push ups in three different hand positions.
  2. In & Out Shoulder Flys. Two different shoulder flys combined into one set.
  3. Chair Dips. Tony Horton shows you several variations of the chair dip to keep it interesting.
  4. Plange Push-Ups. This is one you’ll have to see on the DVD.
  5. Pike Presses. A great shoulder exercise that requires no weights, just your body weight.
  6. Side Tri-Rises. A great triceps exercise which requires no weights.
  7. Floor Flys. A push up move, which requires you to move side to side.
  8. Scarecrows. I’ll let your imagination run with this one, until you see it for the first time. Its a shoulder move.
  9. Overhead Tricep Extensions.
  10. Two-Twitch Speed Push-Ups. This move combines fast and slow push ups.
  11. Y-Presses. Like shoulder presses, but slightly out to the sides, forming a Y.
  12. Lying Tricep Extensions. Like "skull crushers" if you used to go to a gym.
  13. Side-to-Side Push-Ups. More push ups going side to side.
  14. Pour Flys. Use light weight on this one, good form is required.
  15. Side-Leaning Tricep Extensions. One of my favorite tricep exercises.
  16. One-Arm Push-Ups. Don’t let this scare you. Tony shows several modifications. I never thought I would be able to do an actual one arm push ups, but guess what, I can do several, and you will too in no time!
  17. Weighted Circles. Another shoulder exercise, again, you’ll want light weights.
  18. Throw the Bomb. A triceps exercise, and another favorite of mine. Most guys, want big arms, did you know that building the triceps gives your arms an overall increase in size? Most guys think the biceps is the only way to add size to your arms. Not true.
  19. Clap or Plyo Push-Ups. I’m sure you have seen some one do a clap push up, but when you see a plyo push up, you should be truly impressed. Especially this late in the workout. Dig deep, and soon you’ll be getting "airborne".
  20. Slo-Mo Throws. This is a great combination workout for arms and shoulders.
  21. Front-to-Back Tricep Extensions. More triceps. Remember, bigger arms. For the girls, don’t worry. Girls are not made to put on a lot of size. So don’t think you will get bulky! Nice and tone, exactly what you want.
  22. One-Arm Balance Push-Ups. I love this move, its a great chest workout and core workout. That’s one of the great things about P90X, Push ups not only builds and strengthens your chest, but also your core. You can’t build your core lying on a weight bench doing the bench press! Push ups do both!
  23. Fly-Row Presses. Another combo exercise.
  24. Dumbbell Cross-Body Blows. Last move, lots of reps. And when you’re done, you’ll know you just finished a real workout. Congrats!

One final note, if you want to get the absolute best results, follow the P90X nutrition manual closely, and next… track your progress. Make sure to use the P90X Worksheets, we also have the advanced excel P90X worksheets as well.

You can watch all of the videos by visting our P90X Videos page.

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  1. Jonathan

    Just thought I’d leave a reply on my opinion of P90X since i’m a graduate from the program. I actually loved the program, I did find Tony annoying at times, can’t stand the 5,4….3,2…..1 count down. Hated that. The wobbly camera going from floor to ceiling and looking like it totally lost focus at times got me dizzy. I think it was the idea to make it look more realistic but all it did was make me nauseated. After several weeks I knew when some of the areas in the dvd’s would do those wacky camera tricks and i’d turn away. It must be a California thing but here in Pennsylvania we don’t say “My Brotha” all the time. Very annoying. I think Tony was a great motivating instructor but as someone you’d like to hang out with, I’d think most people would get sick of the goofing mannorisms quickly. I still loved the workout and recommend it to people, I just say don’t mind the dorky guy who is the leader.

  2. Robert Harden

    Jonathan, Thank you for posting your comments. I hear both sides about Tony Horton. I’m glad you liked the program and got some good results!

  3. Peter

    I have been trying to do the P90X workout for about a month and have been doing the first week every week. The reason for this is because my diet sucks and I have very little will power with food. So my question is, can I continue to do this without my body becoming used to it and not building muscle? I have improved my diet a lot since I began and will move forward with the program once I have cleaned up the diet completely. Thank you

  4. Robert Harden

    Peter, The P90X workout program incorporates “muscle confusion”, where in order to continue to get results, the program changes to put your body back into a “confused” state, which breaks the plateau, and gets you back to getting results. If you haven’t noticed already, the workout is probably getting easier, you’re not as sore, and you are adapting. Time to change it up. 🙂 I would go ahead and move into the week 4 recovery week, and then on to week 5. You can continue to clean up your diet, and repeat the program, or start over. But at very least, vary the program at least every 4 weeks.

  5. Peter

    Thanks! I needed the push to move forward.

  6. Mark

    I love your reviews. I’ve read them for Insanity, which I’ve completed, as well as P90X, which I’m doing now. I don’t really follow the program exactly, as I find the cardio boring after doing Insanity. So I do Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday cardio with Insanity and skip the P90X cardio. I do my own stretching so I also skip the very annoying 90+ minute yoga. I do follow the resistance workouts exactly as spelled out in the program. In high school I thought I was in shape; I was 5’6″ about 165 and could bench 225 a few times while bouncing it off my chest. Now, I’m 5’6″ and 145, after getting up to 195 before Insanity just five months ago. For the first time I have confirmation that I do possess abs! I have veins in my arms showing that I never knew existed before. I haven’t lost a single pound since beginning P90X (didn’t want to lose any more after Insanity), but let me tell you, the muscles weren’t rippling like they are now. I attribute the tightening of my body to all the various angles of the exercises and movements in P90X. My waist has gotten a bit smaller since starting P90X and I’m stronger than before I started. In just six weeks I went from 3 pull-ups to 11 when fresh. Push-ups went from 38 to 48. I’m stronger, leaner, and more toned. I’m getting the “V” shape I never thought I could have. All of this is due to a great diet, muscle confusion, and intense interval cardio. I love it!

  7. Robert Harden

    Mark, AWESOME results! The programs truly work, when combined with determination, hard work, and a clean diet! I’m sure you’re an inspiration to those around you! Have you considered the Beachbody business? http://bit.ly/bb-business We are always looking for motivated, dedicated people to join us!

  8. Rob James

    Great Read! started trying the p90x hybrid workout that i found on reddit.

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