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P90X:MC2So you’re ready to tackle P90X:MC2, and you’re wondering what equipment you need. Like P90X, Beachbody works very hard to make the program easy to do anywhere, even hotel rooms, so equipment is not overly complicated. But let me give you the details. What’s required, what’s optional, and what would be nice to have.  So if you’re one of the people asking, “Do I need to buy and additional P90X:MC2 Equipment?” Then look no further!

Required P90X:MC2 Equipment

P90X:MC2 Resistance Bands1.  Resistance Bands. You can use dumbbells too.  I use both, and I enjoy both, but you can easily use one or the other.  Resistance Bands are more affordable.  I’ll talk more about dumbbells in the Optional Equipment needed.

Doorway Attachment2.  Door attachment. I like one similar to the one on the left.  You’ll use the door attachment if you don’t have the P90X chin-up bar, or if you’re traveling.

That’s all that’s required.  You can make do without the optional equipment shown below.  But you may want to review the optional equipment, and decide what you can or can’t live without.  When traveling, however, grab some bands, your door attachment, and your DVDs, and hit the road!

Optional P90X:MC2 Equipment

1.  Dumbbells. You can buy dumbbells anywhere, or another option is PowerBlocks.  I have been using the same set of PowerBlocks since 2006, and have had zero problems.  Well worth the investment if that’s an option for you.

2.  Stability Ball. P90X:MC2 intentionally wants to cause you to be unstable.  It forces your body to fire off its stabilizer muscles, which reduces muscular imbalance, AND helps reduce injuries, in short, get a ball.  You can improvise, but why.  🙂  If you have too, just about anything can cause instability…couchs, chairs, beds…. If you decide on the stability ball, make sure you get the right size!

3.  Medicine Balls. Medicine balls can be replaced with lots of stuff in the garage… basketballs, soccer balls, etc…. but as you start to add more weight to your routine, medicine balls will likely be more stable.  I’ve tried to save a few bucks on medicine balls… they’re all made the same right?  Wrong.  I have since invested in some good ones, and love them.  I use Valeo.

4.  Foam roller. Once you start using a foam roller, you’ll wonder how you survived without one.  But if you’re going to get by without one, try crazy ideas like pvc pipe, rolling pins, baseballs, etc… yikes.

5.  Plyo boxes. You can buy something official like step boxes etc, but the boxes will not be jumped on, so anything sturdy like a chair or stair way.

6.  Pull-up assist. While we got by without one in P90X, by using a chair, it also allowed for “cheating a bit”.  The assist will allow for better form, keeping your alignment, and help to use the proper muscles.  This is something that we will offer at extremely-fit in the near future.

7.  Weighted Bar. You can get fancy and buy a weighted bar, or you can get a broom.

8.  P90X Health FormulaA good multivitamin. I put this as optional, but I really feel like it is required. Get on a good solid multivitamin. I take the P90X Health Formula, but the ActiVit Multi Vitamin will work too.  You need a good quality multivitamin to help your body recover from working out. Don’t skip this. Of course there are options for other brands or cheaper brands. I trust Beachbody, that’s why I say go with at least the ActiVit, or the Health Formula (if you can afford it). I know these are top grade quality supplements, much better than other brands.

P90X Recovery Formula9. P90X Recovery Formula. This stuff tastes great! Take a minute and check the link for more detailed information on why you need this stuff!   I started off taking this supplement have been taking it ever since. I really enjoy the benefits. It does what it says it does, helps the body recover. You lose a lot of nutrients during a workout, and this gets you back to where you need to be. It also has nutrients to help your muscles recover faster.

And that’s all you need for P90X:MC2 Equipment. You can see the required list is very easy. Weights or bands and a door attachment.  The optional list can certainly be helpful, but not required.  Click the link now to learn more about P90X:MC2!  Contact me anytime, I’m happy to help you on your fitness journey! Good luck!

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