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shakeology sampleWhat could possibly be BAD about a FREE Shakeology Sample?

If you’ve been hearing all the good things about Shakeology, and decided you wanted to try some for yourself, if so, then you may have run across a few Beachbody Coaches offering a free Shakeology sample.

The GOOD news about a FREE Shakeology sample:

1. It’s FREE. And who doesn’t like FREE. 🙂

2. You get an opportunity to see if you like the taste, before committing to an entire month.

3. One serving, one taste, no financial commitment. (But there is a commitment involved).

The BAD news about a FREE Shakeology sample:

1. Because a single Shakeology sample costs about $4 or so, most coaches won’t mail you a free serving, until you first sign up for a FREE Team Beachbody account. The account is free, but this also assigns you to them, and they become your coach. (More on this below).

2. You get a single Shakeology sample. This is perfect if you are wanting to try the taste. Let’s say you are committed to your nutritional health, and want to see if you like Greenberry, Chocolate or Tropical best. Perfect. But you will not see all the other benefits from one serving. You’re not going to lose weight, reduce your cholesterol, improve your digestion, and increase your energy levels from ONE Shakeology sample.

3. You ONLY get a single Shakeology sample. Because you only get a single serving, you don’t get to try it in its many recipes. There are so many ways to try Shakeology, you just can’t do that with one Shakeology sample. You only get to try it ONE way only.  But there are so many ways to try Shakeology.  You can blend it with fruit, add milk (skim, almond coconut etc), add ice, so many recipes. I can drink Tropical plain with water. But I love it in my favorite recipe. I can’t drink Greenberry at all, yet others love it. Chocolate is good, but it’s too chocolatey for me. So I like to blend it with almond milk, a banana, and natural peanut butter. Now its a MEAL. If you try it plain, and don’t like it plain, then you dismiss the product due to taste.  However, a recipe can change that taste to something you do like.

Let’s Go Back Now… What do you mean “They Become my Coach?”

If you request a free Shakeology sample, you may be asked to sign up for a Free Team Beachbody account first.  Once completed, then your new Free Team Beachbody account will be “tied” to the Beachbody Coach sending you the Shakeology sample. Getting a FREE coach is SUPER COOL too, and Beachbody has MANY great coaches committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals. But just make sure you are getting coach that is a good “fit” for you. If your program of choice is Insanity or P90X, and the coach you are assigned has never completed either, than that’s something to consider. If you visit your potential coach’s Beachbody profile, and it looks like a ghost town, with no activity, than that’s something to consider too. Most active coaches, will have before and after pictures on their pages. You can click on their workout calendar and see completed workouts.  You can find out if that coach will be best for you in reaching your goals.  In short, you want a coach that is actively working out and working towards their fitness goals too…. Not just working the Beachbody business. They don’t have to be “ripped”, or personal trainers, just someone that will help you when you email and ask for help. Someone familiar with your fitness program.  Someone that can encourage and motivate you to success!  If you don’t get the coach that will do that for you when you sign up for a FREE account, is that $4 free Shakeology sample really worth it in the long run?

So What’s a better option than a FREE Shakeology Sample?

First of all, I don’t send out free Shakeology samples. I do provide Shakeology samples in my store. My Shakeology samples come with a recipe card, an informational brochure, a DVD, and your sample. You can buy 1, 2 or 4, and in various flavors. You might want to try more than one flavor, and compare them all.  I want you to be fully informed in your decision to purchase Shakeology. You don’t have to sign up to be my customer either.  It’s simply point, click, one time buy. I offer this for the “taste test”. But I really recommend the 30 day supply. Here’s why…

Why I Recommend a 30 Day Supply over the Shakeology Sample.

Most importantly, you get to try Shakeology for 30 days! You get to experience the benefits… the nutritional benefits… and that’s what it’s all about. You want to improve your health, get more energy, reduce your cholesterol, improve your digestion, LOSE WEIGHT. The best thing about it, you get a 30 day, bottom of the bag, money back guarantee. So try it, if you don’t like it, before your 30 days is up, call/email for a refund. If you purchased from us, visit our Customer  Support for a no hassle return/refund.  Simple.  You can buy a 30 day supply here, no recurring orders, no hassle return, no free account to sign up for.  Point, click, buy.

Want a 25% Discount? Free Shipping? A Way to Get Your Monthly Shakeology Bought For You?

For this, I’m going to direct you to my Beachbody blog.  This informative blog post will show you a way to get a discount on Shakeology, how you can get free shipping, etc. These options require you to become one of my customers. Yes, that means I’ll be your coach. With me or any coach, you can request a “coach change”, it requires an email. (I can show you, if you decide I’m not the coach for you. OR, if you decide the coach you have currently is not for you and you want to change to me). But if you want to know more about me, search this blog, read my posts… search my Beachbody blog. Read my about pages. Look at my Beachbody page. Click on my workout calendar. Read about my fitness journey. See if I “fit”.

For Discounts on Shakeology, Free Shipping, How to Earn FREE Shakeology, Read this blog post. This will explain everything, and even walk you through step by step with pictures along the way.

Before I close, I want to mention that I am in NO way trying to say coaches giving away free Shakeology samples are not good coaches.

There are so many great coaches out there, its incredible. But there are some bad apples. I know this because I often hear from customers that need help, and there coach is MIA. That’s why I mention your research. For example. My Team Beachbody coach page is: “rtharden” is my Coach ID. If you click that link, then “My Profile” on the lower left, you can read all about me.  For any coach, look for their coach ID, and just replace mine with theirs.  If you find a coach offering a free Shakeology sample, and after looking over their pages, believe they are a good “fit”, then take them up on their offer for a Shakeology sample, and take the first step to reaching your fitness and nutritional goals!

If you want to contact me, if you have questions, or need help, or want to change coaches to me, email me here, I’m happy to help.

Good luck in your fitness goals, and if I can help, let me know!

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