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Survive Asylum and Get Free T-Shirt!

If you SURVIVE 30 Days of Insanity ASYLUM, you get an “I’m Committed” T-Shirt! Just send in your BEFORE and AFTER pictures, download this form. Additional Instructions: We want to make sure you get your free...

Insanity Asylum Available NOW!

What is INSANITY ASYLUM? INSANITY ASYLUM is the first in-home sports-specific training program based on drills used by pro athletes. During this intense 30-day program, you’ll practice moving like a football running back, serve...

Insanity Asylum, Vertical Plyo

Steve Edwards, over at Beachbody, has released another great article about the upcoming release of Insanity Asylum.  This time, he’s blogging about the Vertical Plyo workout.  Take a look. Jack LaLanne used to have a...

Insanity Asylum, Back to Core

In case you missed the article by Steve Edwards about the CORE WORKOUT on Insanity Asylum, I am copying it for you below. Steve Edwards is one of the fitness trainers at Beachbody, and does quite a bit of work with Tony Horton,...


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